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Starch Lowers Insulin


Can you eat potatoes on the paleo diet

“It is of interest that diets high in fibre-rich cereals and tuberous vegetables tend to result in an improvement in basal blood glucoses.” p. 281 Burkitt, Denis, Hugh Trowell, and Kenneth Heaton.  Dietary Fibre, Fibre-Depleted Foods and Disease.  Academic Press:  London, 1985. It is a common belief that starch, or any type of carbohydrate – particularly high-glycemic starches like potatoes, raises insulin.  In the low-carb circles you see the idea floating around that carbohydrate ingestion raises glucose, which in turn raises insulin.  Insulin increases fat storage, therefore carbohydrates make you fat and are the cause of the obesity epidemic. Gross oversimplifications that the human mind can easily grasp are always popular – regardless of the what the oversimplifications are intended to explain.  In the health sphere, they are prevalent.  The carbs =… Read more »

Overfeeding Reduces Insulin Resistance?


I had to laugh as the Mayor of Hair Danny Roddy contacted me, wondering if I had heard what was being said about me at this year’s Weston A. Price Foundation conference this past weekend. I had not, but I followed his lead and snooped around on Twitter where there was a tidbit about Stephan Guyenet being asked about overfeeding reducing insulin resistance. “Ah, you’ve been reading Matt Stone,” he said, or something along those lines. “Overfeeding does NOT decrease insulin resistance. I don’t know where he got that idea from.” Well, I figured this was a good opportunity to share exactly where I got that idea from, and why I believe it to be so as it is defined here. First of all, “overfeeding” is a misnomer and I… Read more »

Lower Triglycerides


Here are a couple of fresh new videos about Triglycerides – little fat molecules that hang out in our blood, tissues, and liver.  The first is an ode to what you can do to lower your triglyceride levels if that is an issue, and what metabolic effects can be expected if you do (reduced leptin and insulin resistance and a corresponding decrease in the appetite to metabolism ratio, increased energy levels, and so on). The gist, for you video haters out there, would be to: 1) Increase the starch to simple sugar ratio in the diet – particularly fructose found in soft drinks and juices 2) Reduce alcohol consumption 3) Increase fiber intake (unrefined starches instead of refined starches) 4) Decrease the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in your diet… Read more »

Resistant Starch


potatoes and weight loss

By Matt Stone Not trying to promote resistant starch as the next Acai berry or something like that, but the studies done on resistant starch show that, like fiber – and perhaps to an ever greater degree, resistant starch is something that sets refined carbohydrates apart from unrefined carbohydrates – and that sets starch apart from sugar, particularly refined sugar. For losing weight, there’s no question that the studies on it reveal a rise in metabolism and a spontaneous decrease in food consumption that is patterned by drops in triglycerides, insulin resistance, and other facets of metabolic syndrome as would be expected with big improvements in insulin sensitivity.  This is most likely due to the increase in production of butyric and propionic acids in the digestive tract, known to exert… Read more »

Improve Insulin Sensitivity


In 180 Degree Diabetes: Preventing and Reversing Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes – I reveal some bold and daring information about reversing insulin resistance and thus lowering fasting and postprandial (post-meal) blood sugar readings.  It’s bold and daring because my core recommendation for improving insulin sensitivity flies in the face of every single belief held in all fields of both mainstream and alternative health, medicine, fitness, and nutrition.  Those recommendations include: 1) Eating more saturated fat, and less polyunsaturated fat.2) Eating more calories.3) Eating lots of carbohydrates, but trying to eat mostly high-glycemic carbohydrates.4) Not exercising at all (not for everyday health per se, but as part of a targeted strategy for improving insulin sensitivity in a short amount of time). And that’s just the beginning.  I also… Read more »

Milk Does a Body Good


Not-so-little anymore Martin has been contacting me for quite a while now.  He doesn’t play around in the comments section, but hits me up directly.  He’s a good kid, and already has two very extreme diets under his belt, which you’ll hear about shortly from the kid himself.  Anyway, he’s undergone quite a body transformation since the vegan/fasting combo. of his late teens.  Look at that little Belgian stud over there chugging some milk, up 23 kg (50 pounds).  Now that’s something to “Bragg” about.  Why eat the green grass he’s standing next to when a cow will turn that into milk for you – and enjoy doing it?  My comments on his post are IN RED. Hello 180-followers ! I’m Martin, I’m 22 and I’m from Belgium. You have never… Read more »