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Barbie… The Truth Behind the Beauty



I was perusing the kid aisles at Target today with a 7-year old.  She loves Barbie.  We strolled down the aisle, just the two of us.  She mentioned her love of Barbie.  I asked her if she wanted to know a little secret about Barbie.  She said yes.  I told her Barbie makes herself throw up after everything she eats and that her teeth fell out from all the barf acid.  It went way over her head, like most things I say.  I didn’t really say it for her amusement anyway.  There was a decent looking girl within earshot.  But the experience reminded me of all the inside information that I have about Barbie that few others possess.  Today… I tell all. Yes it’s true.  Barbie’s teeth were worn down… Read more »



Most countries in the world have historically had a problem with fertility, not infertility. The big question was, “how do we keep from having so many of these pesky anklebiters to take care of?” However, this question is changing. In fact, if you’re looking for a good indicator that our health and lifestyle are bringing about dire consequences upon our collective health, look no further than the striking increase in fertility issues. Somewhere in the neighborhood of one out of five American couples cannot successfully reproduce – and this isn’t the only place this peculiar trend is emerging. It’s happening in just about every industrialized nation. Perplexing as the underlying reasons behind this occurrence may be, it is alarming nonetheless. Evidence points to disturbances in the hormonal landscape. Endocrinologist Broda… Read more »

FUMP Day 14


Well, so much for feeling run down. When I went to sleep my heart was pounding and my body was achy. When I woke up (with the roosters as usual), I felt next to amazing. Sorry about all the blog turmoil lately. First I changed the domain name, throwing everybody for a loop, and then I totally transformed the look. Along those lines, I did have someone that was very displeased with the black background because it was “hard on the eyes to read.” If you are having trouble, save this under your “Favorites” in the Feed section. Then it’ll pop up nice and plain, simple, with nothing but text – black on a white background. The thyroid has been the hot topic the last couple of days. It’s quite… Read more »