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Dissolving Stress with the Higher Mind


dissolving stress

You have what some behavioral experts refer to as a higher and lower mind, and they function very differently in how they perceive reality. The lower mind is the mental state you may go to when you haven’t had a chance to think things over. We’ve all had experiences where we had an initial negative reaction to something and threw a tantrum. Later, looking at the whole situation from a more reasonable point of view and taking more factors into account, you change how you feel about something you originally perceived as a great catastrophe or annoyance. Maybe you even become very grateful for something you originally perceived as a hardship. This more informed, more enlightened side of your mind is more of what is considered as the Higher Mind. So… Read more »

Earthing: Medical Discovery or Quack Scam?


Earthing quackery

By Matt Stone “What do you think about that Mr. Blue Duck?  That’s Quacktastic ack ack ack ack.”  ~Billy Madison Earthing as a health idea is the practice of connecting oneself to the ground – via direct contact or a mat or sheets that are grounded (or shoes as I wrote about in THIS POST).  The objective, for lack of a better way to describe it, is to protect oneself from all the voltage that we are exposed to in the modern world.  Here is a good demonstration (albeit a shaky one with brain-damaged kids in it) using a voltmeter, showing the difference between being grounded or “earthed” and not being earthed… Clint Ober is the primary force behind this modern movement.  Personally, I think earthing holds a lot of potential and… Read more »

Adrenal Fatigue: Getting Back to Basics


Adrenal Fatigue Sugar

By Julia Gumm Adrenal Fatigue is one of those shadowy - is it real or isn’t it, kind of dis-eases that sort of hangs around the periphery of medicine. Sure, it’s often an accessory to the crimes of high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and allergies- but for some reason, doctors are loathe to pin the patsy on these inconspicuous perps. Nope, they’re off the hook. Sweet deal the adrenals have, unless they’re all in on the crime, they get away scot free. Blame the pancreas, blame the heart, blame the immune system! Don’t blame us! Nothin’ to see here but us chickens! Or uh, glands! So that’s how come you can show up at your doctor’s office with a laundry list of symptoms- weak ankles and knees, muscle aches,… Read more »

Overcoming Psychological and Emotional Stress



In reading more than 300 books on the subject of health, perusing thousands of articles, websites, and studies, and communicating with thousands of people all over the world for the last 6 years on the subject… I have been funneled increasingly in one universal direction.  Like it has for many others, stress has emerged as a repetitive theme in the causation of all kinds of illnesses.  Until now, I’ve stayed away from the psychological and emotional triggers of stress because the purely physiological side is greatly underappreciated.  I mean, just say the word “stress” and people naturally think about work stress, divorces, family deaths, and other things that everyone considers stress.  Very few think of lack of sleep, attempts at dietary purity, pregnancy, fatty acids, or inflammation as forms of… Read more »