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Thyroid and Nosebleeds, Heavy Periods, Bleeding Gums, Bruising, Anemia, and Low Platelet Count/ITP



Wow!  If that ain’t the most Ray Peat title ever!  Beat that old man! Okay, I don’t expect this post to really appeal to a broad audience.  I mean, that’s the most uncatchy title of all-time.  Well, other than the fact that I listed enough health problems that virtually everyone will have had some problem with one of those at some point.  Maybe that will lure in a few readers. This post is important though, as there are some very interesting connections between all of these conditions and metabolism/thyroid.  Understand some of those connections and you will understand the human body better than most.  Be warned that this post will probably jump around a lot and seem a little schizophrenic, but bear with me.  I didn’t want to separate it… Read more »