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The Gestational Diabetes Controversy


gestational diabetes

This post is not necessarily about how to fix gestational diabetes – elevated blood sugar during pregnancy.  Although, if you are suffering from this condition, I would advise consuming frequent, calorie-dense (warming) high-carb meals and snacks and getting as much rest, relaxation, and sleep as possible.  Anything that you perceive as destressing will help.  And that brings us to the first point that you should know, not just about pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, but most “conditions” and “diseases…”  High blood sugar is an adaptive response.  While this an oversimplification, stress impairs the ability of glucose to get into cells and trigger proper production of ATP.  In response to this, blood sugar rises to overcompensate and deliver vital glucose.  It’s not necessarily a condition to be waged war against.  In fact,… Read more »