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Polyuria, Nocturia, Bedwetting, Frequent Urination



Poly means many.  Uria means pee-pee.  Noct means night. I think you get what we’re talking about here.  Ever since I started studying urine a few months ago, and have now examined several hundred people’s urine, some “clear” patterns have emerged. When metabolism starts to buckle, especially in the throes of an eating disorder or extremely restricted diet of some kind, “sugars,” or the amount of solute in the urine or relative concentration of the urine you could say, drops.  Urine becomes very clear and the urge to urinate strikes as often as every 15 minutes in the midst of a “sugar crash.” Some cursory glances into the medical literature revealed something about urine concentrating defect, or defects in ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) coinciding with this kind of thing.  I’ll look into it later… Read more »