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Glucose Clearance



“My high sugar diet has really improved my glucose clearance. My 1-hour post-prandial readings decreased from 120′s to the upper 90′s. My waking temps are 97.8, up to 98.4 after eating (that’s during the first half of my cycle, I get even hotter the second half). Plus I’m happy, energetic, sleeping well and waking up spontaneously and well rested at about 6am. I’m enjoying eating lots and lots of fruit, some milk, a little gelatin here and there, lots of carbs, a smattering of meat and veggies. I avoid [polyunsaturated fats], but not obsessively. And I eat Lemon Sorbet whenever I feel like it. :-)” ~Jessica Johnson I’m in Reno for a couple of months, and, naturally, I went to a casino restaurant where some Asian dude (not Debbie’s husband)… Read more »

Improve Insulin Sensitivity


In 180 Degree Diabetes: Preventing and Reversing Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes – I reveal some bold and daring information about reversing insulin resistance and thus lowering fasting and postprandial (post-meal) blood sugar readings.  It’s bold and daring because my core recommendation for improving insulin sensitivity flies in the face of every single belief held in all fields of both mainstream and alternative health, medicine, fitness, and nutrition.  Those recommendations include: 1) Eating more saturated fat, and less polyunsaturated fat.2) Eating more calories.3) Eating lots of carbohydrates, but trying to eat mostly high-glycemic carbohydrates.4) Not exercising at all (not for everyday health per se, but as part of a targeted strategy for improving insulin sensitivity in a short amount of time). And that’s just the beginning.  I also… Read more »