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Eating Disorder Recovery Update


Coldmember after back

By Matt Stone In October last year I wrote about a young Dutch kid (Coldmember I called him) who was in really bad shape.  He contacted me through the 180D Get Help program and I told his story (although I botched a few details I guess) in Fat Loss Secret.  Then I discussed the guidance I gave him in Eating Disorder Recovery.  To make a long story short, he’s doing great now.  Not only was he able to restore his hormone levels from the basement (his testosterone is up nearly 1,000%) over the last nine months, but he managed to pull it off looking extremely impressive. While the process may seem relatively simple and obvious, keep in mind that the doctors he went to discouraged him from eating more food!  I won’t… Read more »

Manorexia – Eating Disorders in Men


male eating disorders causes

By Brendan Hannigan Imagine, for a moment, the following scenario: You are a typical American tourist visiting one of the major cities in Spain and/or Italy. You are middle-aged, wealthy, perhaps trying to escape from a stale marriage or reconnect with the dreams of your youth. You have been saving for this trip for months or years, and you’ve resolved to enjoy it to the fullest extent, so you stay in posh, comfortable hotels, take expensive tours, and eat gelato in cafes at every opportunity. You are surrounded, in these cities, by people of every conceivable shape, size, color, ethnicity, background, and socioeconomic status—beggars, buskers, backpackers, fellow tourists, swindlers, hobos, prostitutes, drug dealers, junkies, drunks—but you diligently ignore most of them, unless they happen to be quaint or entertaining. You’re… Read more »

Eating Disorder Recovery


jeremy gillitzer

This is a quick follow-up post to my last article on the big fat loss secret.  After a full year of doing a great deal of one-on-one phone conversations, I keep wanting to share some of the calls.  I get some really interesting cases, and I often find myself wanting to start recording some of the really good calls and publish them for a general audience to listen to.  They really are that interesting, and the lessons often strongly reiterate some of the basic messages of 180DegreeHealth.  I haven’t recorded any calls yet, and I don’t know if that’s something I’ll actually do, but I thought I could at least share some of the things that I discussed with Coldmember – a 20-year old Dutch kid that ran into serious health trouble after pursuing extreme body composition… Read more »

Fat Loss Secret



Everybody wants to know the secret to fat loss.  Today, I’m going to reveal it using one of the people I talk to via my Get Help program as an example.  I will not show this young gentleman’s face or reveal his name.  We will call him Coldmember.  He’s Dutch.  Age 20.  On the left you can see his impressive and very inspiring before and multiple after shots.  Now that’s what I call ripped! He attained much of this “physique improvement,” in a nutshell, by cycling up and down in bodyweight while doing lots of resistance training/weight training.  He would bulk up and build as much mass and strength as possible, and then reduce calories as little as was required to get slowly and steadily leaner.  It was a good strategy.  Slow, steady, and smart.  At one… Read more »