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Paleo Diet Myth Testimonials



Well boys and girls, the time has come.  In a matter of weeks I will be releasing an eBook entitled 12 Paleo Myths.  I don’t mean to single out this diet and pick on the poor little fella, because I could easily write a book called 12 Vegan Myths, 12 Low Fat Myths, The Weight Watchers Myth, 12 Low-Carb Myths, and so on.  But the Paleo diet seems to be the one gaining the most steam in the alternative nutrition world at the moment.  And if there’s one thing that drives me nuts about Paleo or any diet it is the blind infatuation of the leaders and followers of the movement.  This infatuation needs some counterbalancing, and, more importantly, there needs to be a strong source of information about it for those who are… Read more »

Increased Alcohol Sensitivity



I don’t think I’m allowed to post comments on Mark Sisson’s site.  I was banned a couple years ago.  But I was checking out his most recent post and tried to post this comment on the topic of increased sensitivity to alcohol and caffeine on a low-carb Paleo diet, which I don’t think showed up.  My response was… “Alcohol and caffeine cause sugar levels to crash on a cellular level.  They are perhaps the most potent triggers of these crashes, which you can test by monitoring your urine with an agricultural tool called a refractometer.  A reading below 1.5 denotes a crash.  Below 0.5 is considered very severe. The fewer carbs you eat, the more prone you are to these crashes – for one because you are not offsetting the effects… Read more »

Mark Sisson


Hey, sorry about my absence late last week. Wednesday distraction, Thursday drama, Friday crisis, and weekend recovery explains the last 5 days. Good stuff. All is well now though. Where were we? Ah yes, I wanted to continue our discussion of some popular diets/gurus. As promised, today we discuss Mark Sisson of For starters, I want to make this perfectly clear. Sisson is one of the best health icons on earth – he’s truly the best of the low-carbers. He is running around advocating a nutritious, whole foods-based diet with no truly crippling restrictions – sort of an 80/20 rule approach. The guy drinks coffee at times, eats chocolate, has cheat meals, and otherwise has taken a general health “blueprint” and custom built it into something fairly safe, reasonable,… Read more »

Traditional Diets



Old habits die hard. One that I’ve found hard to kill, and still see others referencing with far too much enthusiasm, is the ol’ tradition-o-philia. Perhaps it was my own over-reliance on traditional diets as a tether in arguments, perhaps it is something else. But, I must say, this traditional diet concept is very limiting, misleading, overly worshipped, and in many ways foolish. So I propose a new rule – stop talking about traditional diets. Seriously, if I hear “Masai” or “Kitavan” one more time I might scream. Or at least run to the nearest McDonald’s. While it’s always of great interest that there were many traditional peoples that had excellent markers of good physical development such as great teeth and skull formation, and that these excellent indicators eroded with… Read more »

Eating Order


In a recent post I promised I would cease poking fun at various dietary cults out there (temporarily of course) and lay some firm ground rules in a post called “Eating Order.” I’ve spent an entire day laboriously chipping away at the idea, but unfortunately, my octopus-like mind has managed to outsmart itself. Originally I had grand ideas – ideas like having a healthy relationship with food means making food choices based on what you know nourishes you. Sounds good right? I mean, if you know a certain food causes your body to react in a negative way, then eating it due to some social pressure or something like that is an unhealthy relationship with food, people, and yourself. But how is one to really know such a thing? I… Read more »

Thin Lizzie’s Diet Bloopers


I’m a busy boy this month, but wanted to give you guys a little something.  Lizzie here has spent nearly two decades dieting and was very eager to share her experiences with the 180 community.  She sounds like a typical case – gained weight due to some law school stress on top of a teenage alcohol, nicotine, and junk food diet.  This she met with more stressful overexercising, undereating, and restricted dieting… One thing led to another and, voila!  Hypothyroidism and a cluster of health problems relating to it!  And this has led to the typical dieter’s predicament… She desperately needs real food, but her long chain of diet bloopers has caused her to gain weight eating well.  Some encouragement please?  Guest post by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jaeger I am a… Read more »

Don Gorske Big Mac Prediction


Truth be told, I’m a little bit of a Don Gorske groupie. In November, on a trip to visit Aurora’s extended family in Wisconsin, I did go so far as to have a Big Mac in Gorske’s home of Fond Du Lac. I looked for the Mac Daddy, did not see him unfortunately, but took great comedic pleasure in enjoying my first Big Mac in about a year at a location in which perhaps the most prestigious fast food eater on earth has eaten literally thousands of Big Macs. Gorske, born in 1953, had his first Big Mac in 1972. From that point on, Gorske has had a Big Mac nearly every day – and has now consumed roughly 24,000. He got married at a Mickey D’s. He has saved… Read more »

Paleo for Population Control!



Attention everyone! There is a massive and urgent problem that humanity faces.  It’s called “overpopulation.” That’s right, with the dawn of agriculture came a huge rise in global population.  It seems that neolithic foods, particularly grain and milk, were such healthy foods that they offered mankind with simply too much of an ecological advantage.  As soon as the fields and pastures gave rise to these new foods, we began proliferating like all species tend to do when health is at a maximum. For years I’ve been incapable of coming up with a solution to this huge problem.  I became even more confused when I read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, in which the overpopulation issue was highlighted as mankind’s primary concern heading forward, while simultaneously reading that vegan diets must… Read more »

Weight Watchers Fail


The other day I posted a nice message sent to me about epic diet failure. Well guess what? I got another message from a lifelong dieter early this morning. The story is the same. A little weight crept in during the early years, which was met with swift Weight Watchers catastrophe. All diets suck, but calorie restriction in which foods of all degrees of quality or lack thereof are on the same playing field is sheer metabolic suicide. Here’s the e-mail, and what I believe is a pretty decent response from cap’n 180 himself… Hi Matt, I recently found out about your blog via Free The (I clicked on your name after reading one of your comments). I have been perusing the archives of your terrific blog for the… Read more »