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Epic Lunches



I’ll be the first to admit – I’m enjoying Chief-style eating.  By Chief, I of course am referring to sporadic 180 commenter Chief – the One and Only.  Chief has advocated since his first appearance here that one feast per day is all a person really needs, and that this practice is congruent with many traditional cultures (not that I really care about traditional cultures’ eating habits, but that was part of Chief’s reasoning). So by Chief-style, I’m referring to glorious buffet-style eating to the point of maximal fullness, followed by not eating again until I am really hungry (usually sometime the following day).  At first I was resistant to this idea, as buffet-style eating has always shown to increase the number of calories people eat when eating to appetite. … Read more »

Should You Ice an Injury?



I was feeling like a wuss after Martin Berkhan emasculated all the peoples of the earth that don’t do deadlifts for fear of back injury.  So I went to the gym, did some deadlifts, and swiftly injured my back – reminder #1,248 that the world’s greatest expert on Matt’s health is Matt.  I tweaked it, ironically, by changing my form a little after noticing in the mirror that I was doing the movement a little asymmetrically.  Well, that’s probably because my frickin’ back is crooked and I should be doing them asymmetrically!     It wasn’t bad or anything, just a little kink.  But it did hurt, get really stiff, and became fairly swollen and inflamed.  This happens to me every so often.  My back has always been one of my… Read more »

Strength Does Not Equal Size



Hey ladies and gentle men!  Welcome to the new 180DegreeHealth! My brain is about to explode if I don’t get my thoughts out immediately! It’s been 11 long days since I’ve done a blog post! Gasp! I’m having withdrawals! What I love about blogging, and the all-encompassing nature of my work in general, is that I always feel that I have the liberty to write about whatever is on my mind.  Well, the following may seem like a radical departure from what we’ve been discussing lately, but the game I love playing more than any other is spotting very obvious fallacies and pouring salt on them like a helpless, innocent slug.  Today’s fallacy is that strength = muscle development.  It does not.  While I’m no bodybuilder or powerlifter, I do love learning… Read more »




Well boys and girls, this will be my final blog post. I drank the RBTI Kool-Aid and it tasted good. And now, well, there’s not much left to write about. It’s all “in the numbers” you see. Okay okay, you’re not buying that for a second. You know me well. I have a severe writing problem, and there is no known cure. Even RBTI was unable to cure me of my condition. In fact it could be the worst flareup I’ve ever had. I put the RBTI cookbook together in 6 days for example, and will be releasing another book in two weeks – Diet Recovery: Restoring Hormonal Health, Metabolism, Mood, and Your Relationship with Food!But this really will be my final blog post on THIS blog. As soon as… Read more »

Joel Marion


Joel Marion is a likeable dude. What I like about Joel is that he understands and can relate to the common person. While the fringes of alternative nutrition blogs like this one attract a certain nutrition and health geekazoid crowd, Marion’s target audience are people like him – people that live in the real world, socialize in the real world, and do dearly love slamming pepperoni pizzas and Double Stuff Oreos – on occasion. The question is, can you lose weight doing that intelligently, and can you actually improve your health in the process? I believe you can, and that Joel Marion has captured what could very well be the most important concept when it comes to losing weight intelligently – the “cheat” day. Bodybuilders have been practicing “cheat days”… Read more »

Meal Frequency and Intermittent Fasting Q and A


Elizabeth Walling from and myself decided to get a little fancy on you guys and do a little Q and A on meal frequency and intermittent fasting.  As many of you know, there is fierce debate over what constitutes the ideal meal frequency for health, muscle building, metabolism, fat loss, and more.  In the past, it was believed by virtually anyone and everyone that 5-7 meals per day was the only sensible way to eat if you wanted to be a lean and ripped beast.  Hofmekler, Berkhan, Pilon (shown below) and others have issued formidable challenges to this dogma in recent years. But as we have all discovered in many long-winded rounds in the comments section, intermittent fasting and reduced meal frequency – while very effective for blunting appetite and… Read more »

The Catecholamine Honeymoon



This post could be titled any number of things. Originally I had thought to call it Low Carb Honeymoon, as I have referred to that window of amazing energy and effortless, lean-tissue sparing fat loss experienced by many on their first flirtation with carbohydrate restriction. But carbohydrate restriction is really just one way of achieving an adrenal hormone buzz that provides unfathomably good results in the short-term while mysteriously disappearing later on.  Another is rigorous exercise. Another is fasting or intermittent fasting. Then you have just plain calorie restriction – which usually feels awesome and invigorating before the crash landing. Stimulants will do the trick as well. Ephedra was an amazing supplement for many people from what I understand. A happily-ever-after? I don’t think so. Each of these techniques or… Read more »