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Healthy Life Summit


Joel Salatin Healthy Life Summit

 Today is the last day to get all the recordings for the Healthy Life Summit before the price doubles.  Of course, you can also listen to all the recordings on the day they come out for free just by registering your email address.  That’s how all these online conferences seem to work.  There are definitely a few interesting talks amongst the 35 speakers presenting at this online “Summit.”  My talk with the host, AnnMarie Michaels, airs on Friday, March 29th.  Hopefully you can listen in to some of the talks without getting too swept away and cast back into the pit of dietary puritanism.  If you do I’ll swoop in on Friday and rescue you, as AnnMarie and I talk about how the results she got from embracing some 180 principles far exceeded any help… Read more »

Eat for Heat on Dr Marty’s Wellness Experience


Dr Marty's Wellness Experience

By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey party people- Rob here, giving you a heads up about a live internet radio appearance with Matt tonight on Dr Marty’s Wellness Experience . I reached out to Dr. Marty a couple months ago about Eat for Heat and he wanted to have Matt share some of the tips and tweaks for increasing the metabolic rate by adjusting our food and drink patterns. You can call in live at 7pm EST and listen at (347) 633-9769 or tune in later to catch the archived edition here.

Healthy Talk with Dr. Mike



By Rob Archangel, staff writer   Happy New Year Crew! Anyone looking for a little aural dose of 180? Well you’re in luck. Matt appeared recently on Healthy Talk with Dr Mike to talk about Eat for Heat and to discuss how to eat for a long, robust life. Should be a good one. Check it out today, January 2 at 1pm EST, or you can download or stream it anytime afterward at the link above. They also offer a free Life Extension Foundation Magazine, available on their sidebar. Feel free to check that out too. Catch you folks on the flip side.    

Eat for Heat on Homegrown Health


bean pee

Tune in at 3pm eastern time to hear my interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health on Natural News Radio.  If you don’t tune in on time, you can find it in the Homegrown Health archives and listen to it later.  On the show we talk about some of the basic ideas in Eat for Heat, and discuss Joni’s 2-day elimination of migraines that had plagued her for 2 years – all by stopping her ridiculous habit of forcing down water beyond physiological thirst in an attempt to be healthy.  You know, that Water Cure crap by Dr. Batmandumphuck.  Enjoy.  And I apologize in advance for not rapping at the end, and beat-boxing per Joni’s request.  I’m a wuss.  It’s true.

Homegrown Health and Fitness Over Forty



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Greetings 180D party people- Rob here, writing to give you a heads up about a couple of guest appearances Matt has going on.  One of them is a radio interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health Radio, airing today from 3-4pm EST. Tune in to Natural News Radio to listen live or here anytime afterward for the downloadable archived show. Another is an article for Donovan Baldwin over at Fitness Over Forty.  Piggybacking on the recent topic of metabolic decline as we age, Matt outlines why what we eat does not correspond so tightly to how healthy we are, or what our specific health biomarkers will be. It’s an always useful message for those would would oversimplify the complex relationship between what we eat… Read more »

Holistic Survival Podcast with Jason Hartman



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Ahoy, y’all- Matt’s got a new interview up over on Jason Hartman’s Holistic Survival Podcast. It’s a great one covering some of the big ideas behind 180D and what makes Matt’s approach unique and compelling. Especially for those just getting started here, it’s definitely worth a listen.  Check it out: 180 Degree Health with Matt Stone Jason’s got a good site over there as well, helping people prepare for a changing world through proactive, positive steps.  As a former apprentice on a permaculture homestead and assistant to an organic vegetable  minifarm, I dig that a couple of permaculturists have been previous guests.  He’s got lots of other good info there too, so feel free to poke around.

Metabolism, Weight Loss and Getting Rid of Health Dogmatism



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Just a quick heads up here- Matt offered a nice introductory description of what 180 Degree Health is about in an interview with Tom Corson-Knowles for his podcast show. Listen to the interview below and pass it on.  Full podcast page available here. Don’t forget to pay Tom a visit as well.  He’s always searching for new ideas and approaches to health and wellness, and offers a lot for readers to chew on.  Matt wrote recently about the benefits of being outdoors, including the upside of direct contact with the ground, and Tom has a nice recent post of the topic, a review and write up of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? Another recent post describes the Japanese philosophy of Morita, which… Read more »

Hunter Copeland Interview



If you missed my talk yesterday as part of the Paleo Summit, you’re in luck!  For starters, as of midnight last night, you can purchase all the recordings plus transcripts and other bonuses from the Paleo Summit.  If you are at all interested, get it now by clicking HERE.   The price goes up after Sunday to like $99 I think (Warning! You are about to enter the internet sales vortex!).  I hear some of the other talks were really good.  I suspect both Jaminet and Kruse were both pretty interesting, although I haven’t heard a word of anyone’s talk yet.  Just remember to IgNora Gedgaudas haha! Secondly, I just completed a written interview Q and A session with Hunter Copeland – a Johnny Lawrence-esque type of Alabama man (shown left) who comes… Read more »

Mild Water Intoxication



Continuing with the last post on the symptoms of OVERHYDRATION, here is Sean Croxton and I talking on his Underground Wellness podcast about the dangers of fluid overconsumption.  Don’t forget to register to hear Sean and I talking again in the upcoming PALEO SUMMIT, which you can register for by clicking on the big box that is currently afloat in the sidebar off to your right.  Yeah, the one with the caveman falling off the side of a mountain haha. FYI, one of the things I mention in the podcast which is a particularly good example of the physiology behind the negative manifestations of the overconsumption of water, is this study showing that drinking water can induce seizures in infants.  And THIS Write up on it.  To listen, push the play button below. … Read more »

180 Podcast with Jimmy Moore


Alright you guys, the day has finally arrived.  My podcast interview with Jimmy Moore was just put up live early this morning.  It truly is a great representation of 180degreehealth.  Lots of the low-carbers are gonna hate it.  In fact, looks like I’m getting 3.7 stars of out 10 right now.  But I stand behind what I said, and I hope I make you proud.  Whatever ratings or comments that you want to share to let Jimmy know that you’re pleased to hear me over there will be greatly appreciated.  Jimmy is one of the few people on earth trying to bridge the giant gaps between polarized health and nutrition viewpoints.  So show some love for him.  Click Here to Listen