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10 Inconveniences of a High Metabolism



By Matt Stone Having a high metabolism doesn’t come without consequences.  Here are some of the common inconveniences one may notice with a significant rise in metabolic rate… 1)      Menstruation Life was good with a low metabolism.  No time of the month.  But then you raise that metabolism and uh oh, not again.  Freakin’ progesterone production goes up, LH and FSH regulate properly, and the next thing you know you’re bleeding, and once again dealing with the embarrassment and expense of buying “feminine products” and having to ask your boyfriend every time you get out of the car if there are any spots showing through your pants.  Sucks. 2)      Sweat Life was good with a low metabolism.  You could go get in a workout and not even have to change… Read more »

Early Puberty


A century ago the average age of menarche, or first menstruation was nearly 17. Today it has dropped below 12, and is becoming increasingly common at ages much younger. Girls younger than ten are frequently developing breasts, having their periods, and other bizarre phenomena. This is totally inappropriate, unprecedented, and is increasing at an alarming rate. There are many competing theories, most of them somewhat ridiculous, but the most ridiculous theory of all is the prevailing theory. Most experts attribute this strange drop in age of first menstruation and early development in both boys and girls to “improvements in nutrition.” Yes, a steady diet of Mountain Dew, macaroni and cheese, Cheetos, and Lucky Charms is quite an improvement in nutrition over local farm-fresh seasonal food, home-rendered fats, and other staples… Read more »