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Anxiety – A META Medicine Perspective


Anxiety Meta Medicine

By Bella Dodds of Higher Mind Health There have been great posts written on adrenal fatigue so I thought we could expand on this topic and look more closely into the body’s bio-logical purpose and response to stress… which then leads to symptoms like anxiety and adrenal fatigue. But before we jump right into looking for the bio-logical purpose, we first need to address the nebulous mind-body-emotion connection. At this point in 2013 we are finally starting to make the slow and steady mass migration away from the 1600′s Descartes belief system that the human body and mind are separate – to the present day scientific understanding that yes in fact, the brain is actually inside the body affecting the physiology, (rocket science here!) and that emotions are neuropeptides –… Read more »

Overcoming Psychological and Emotional Stress



In reading more than 300 books on the subject of health, perusing thousands of articles, websites, and studies, and communicating with thousands of people all over the world for the last 6 years on the subject… I have been funneled increasingly in one universal direction.  Like it has for many others, stress has emerged as a repetitive theme in the causation of all kinds of illnesses.  Until now, I’ve stayed away from the psychological and emotional triggers of stress because the purely physiological side is greatly underappreciated.  I mean, just say the word “stress” and people naturally think about work stress, divorces, family deaths, and other things that everyone considers stress.  Very few think of lack of sleep, attempts at dietary purity, pregnancy, fatty acids, or inflammation as forms of… Read more »

Pets and Western Disease



I don’t always have the answers, but boy do I love asking questions. And honestly, one of the most fascinating questions we can answer if we hope to understand modern disease is… “Why is “Western Disease” something that only humans and their pets experience?” Below I’ve listed what I think are some of the prime suspects – representing a vast array of health ideologies. Feel free to add to the list in the comments, let me know your personal experiences with illness in pets, and please share your own personal thoughts, especially if your thoughts differ with mine. Otherwise just sit back and enjoy having your mind blown. The focus will be dogs because they are a little more predictable, easy-to-understand, and emotional – generally-speaking. 1) Lack of exercise –… Read more »