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Being Yourself


Self Confidence

By Julia Gumm There’s a scene from the 1997 film “Contact” that pops into my head every so often. Following her dramatic discovery of a communication sent to Earth from the Vegan (that’s VAY-gan, not VEE-gan) star system, Jodie Foster’s character is strapped into a spacecraft set sail for Vega’s glittering shores. The craft’s design is based entirely on blueprints sent in the alien message- all except certain precautions the Earthers added in. For starters, they supplied a chair with a seat belt for Foster to sit in. Safety first, of course. Those little green Vegans must have been space happy to overlook something like that. Where was she gonna sit? What if the ship collided with an asteroid?! What if she got pulled over?!? The ride starts out rough…. Read more »

Eat for Heat Audio Edition


Audible full size

By Rob Archangel Another quick update everyone: Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink is now available in audiobook format on Audible. Narrated by Matt, this is a great way to learn about how best to interpret your biofeedback so that you can tweak your food and beverages for the greatest metabolic impact. If you’re tired of dealing with middle of the night bathroom trips, cold hands and feet, dry skin and scalp, even migraines and anxiety, Eat for Heat offers tools to address these problems and more using simple diet and lifestyle interventions. And no crazy dietary dogma to swallow- these tips will work for everyone from bodybuilders to vegetarians and vegans, to fast food fiends and the die-hard farmer’s market shopping real-food eaters. Best of all,… Read more »

Pee All That You Can Pee



By Rob Archangel And rounding out this weekend’s guest posts outside of 180 is this gem from Matt,  Pee All That You Can Pee? How Much Should You Drink? This one is brought to you by Krista Scott-Dixon over at Stumptuous. In it, Matt talks about the fundamental but seemingly dumb idea that how often we pee impacts how we feel, and that we might do better paying attention to it. And that, rather than overthinking and trying to outflank our internal cues, that heeding them will serve us better. Crazy talk, I know. Anyway, head on over here, and go check it out.

Eating the Food- An Overview of the 180 Approach



By Rob Archangel Howdy campers. Recently regular reader Joey Lott interviewed Matt for his website. The plan is to feature several other writers alongside Matt on the topic of helping people restore their metabolic rates and take back their health. It may be compiled together as a printed resource one of these days, but you can access the 180 goodness right away here. It’s a good interview both for new readers and long-time followers. They talk about how Matt’s work has evolved over time to where he is now, thoughts on coffee, iodine, the Buteyko Method and Bill Murray. All that and more, right here: Joey Lott Interviews Matt Stone.

Stress and Metabolism Webinar


Stress and metabolism webinar

By Matt Stone Lianda Ludwig – some of you who participate on the 180D facebook page might recognize her name, has stuck with some of the basic principles of this site for quite a while.  It was tough going at first.  It’s hard to eat enough food to raise your metabolism and function well when it just sits there like a friggin’ rock.  But eventually her metabolism rose, her health returned, her gastroparesis vanished, and her body fat levels reached their peak and have now started slowly falling.  This is always nice to hear, but even nicer to know that a woman over 60 years of age can even pull it off successfully. Anyway, she has a lot of lessons from this experience to share and is hosting a webinar on stress, metabolism,… Read more »

Hot Water vs. Cold Water Thermogenesis


cold water thermogenesis weight loss

There is a growing trend in health circles about cold-water thermogenesis.  Cold water thermogenesis, or the idea behind it, is to submerge yourself in very cold water for a prolonged period – let’s say 20-30 minutes.  The objective is to encourage your body to produce more heat in response to this cold stimulation via increased thyroid output.  It’s theorized to be an effective weight loss tool, or at least Tim Ferriss says so, therefore it must be true, and be useful for other things too.  Jack Kruse has proposed using it for all kinds of medical purposes, such as recovery from surgery and other miscellaneous things.  It could be yet another, non-invasive tool to have in the toolbox for use against disease. On one hand, it’s logical.  I have spent a lot of time in cold… Read more »

8 Badass Ways to Get Healthy


Eat like a badass

Last year I wrote this for a somewhat edgy foreign publication that seems to have been cryogenically frozen, if not gone the way of the Dodo.  I think it deserves a relocation from the files on my laptop to the blog.  Enjoy…    8 Badass Ways to Get Healthy Take a moment to relax.  Breathe in deeply.  My buddy Daniel Larusso does it.  And when he does, wow!  Watch out!  We were once traveling in Okinawa together and he broke like 10 fat slabs of ice with a single karate chop!  Actually, come to think of it, that was a movie.  Sorry.  I grew up in America.  Try as I might, I spent so much of my childhood in front of the television that I honestly have trouble separating my actual childhood… Read more »

Why Vegan Diets Fail


vegan diet

Most people assume that vegan diets fail and cause people to become scrawny, emaciated, asexual, anemic, thin-haired, bloated, and frigid because it lacks animal products.  Or protein.  I’m not so sure.  While we do seem to have a biological need for animal-sourced nutrients like vitamin B-12, and a big deficiency there will certainly cause some issues, my suspicions on why vegan diets (and all diets) so often yield a host of problems and symptoms lie elsewhere… I have recently had the pleasure of working with a young guy in the vegan vlogging vurld.  Yeah I know, that only narrows it down to several thousand vegans who like to celebrate their awesomeness in video format.  He’s a really good kid, smart, honest, and has had great success with weight loss (obviously, it’s very difficult NOT to… Read more »

Migraines and Vertigo from Overhydration



By: Joni Cox from Homegrown Health Two years ago, if you would have told me I may have a brain tumor, I would have likely believed you. The pain from the frequent migraines was so intense, that I would often have no choice but to surrender to them, hoping that my head wouldn’t explode. I usually have a high pain tolerance and could work through any migraine, as long as it was only on one side of my head. But when both sides were affected and throbbing, my ability to cope, resist or do anything other than sob, was completely gone. “Why is this happening to me?” was the only question I could ask during the “off” times. According to all the voices in natural health, I was doing everything… Read more »

Oxytocin – Emotion, Love Potion, Devotion… Plus Fatty Liver and Weight Loss Benefits



By Julia Gumm A few weeks ago I wrote a piece here that encouraged a diet featuring chocolate mousse pie and ice cream accompanied by a relatively carefree, adventurous and active lifestyle as a ticket to weight loss and vibrant health. I had only anecdotal evidence to support my claim: Once upon a time I had an experience where I ate whatever I liked, felt really happy and lost weight. Well, I’m sure that by now y’all have had sufficient time to come back down to earth and realize me for the lunatic I am. “Great” you probably said “So some chick had a fluke experience where she lost weight eating cake. Fat lot of good that does me, because whenever I eat cake I balloon up to the size of… Read more »

Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Ahoy! I’m writing to give you all a heads up that Matt’s got a couple of books in Primal Toad’s Wellness Bundle. If you haven’t picked up  Eat for Heat or 12 Paleo Myths, here’s your chance to, alongside 31 other eBooks, at a heavily discounted price.  Among the bundle are Frank Forencich’s Exuberant Animal, and a whole panoply of recipe and cooking guides, including a coconut oil cookbook. You know how much we love coconut oil ’round here. Deal ends next week, so check it out here!

Your Body is Mostly Water? Not Exactly



“Your blood is like a soup that needs to be seasoned just right. [Eat for Heat] helps to teach you what to watch for so you don’t screw up your “soup” by drinking too many fluids (which waters it down) or not seasoning it enough (with things like carbohydrates and salt).” ~Dr. Garrett Smith; Review of Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink We often hear that our bodies are “mostly water.”  The rough approximation is that an average person with a relatively average amount of body fat will be composed of about 60% water.  Over the course of the lifespan, the percentage of body water gradually decreases.  This is often used as justification of drinking lots and lots of pure water as if doing so will… Read more »

How To Increase Your Metabolism And Weight Loss With Hypothyroidism



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Anyone you know have a thyroid condition like Hasimoto’s thyroiditis? Matt’s got a new post over at Outsmart Disease answering some questions about enhancing the metabolism and losing weight for folks with those conditions. As many of you know, though, functional hypothyroidism (or “Type 2 Hypothyroidism,” in the language of endocrinologist Mark Starr) is widely common, and even those without specific thyroid-related diagnoses can see benefit from raising their metabolism and enhancing their thyroid function. As he mentions in the interview, his recommendations and goals tend to be similar since the benefits of having a robust metabolism apply to all, and can be both therapeutic and preventative. So mosey on down to Marina’s site there, and check out Matt’s interview here.

Juicing Q & A with Matt Stone



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Ahoy, buckaroos- Rob here, emissary from the world wide web, letting you know about more happenings from Mattarino and 180D. Matt recently sat down (electronically) for a question and answer session with Rosie at the Natural Maven to talk about juicing.  Is it good? Is it bad? If you know Matt, you know nothing gets so perfunctory and simplified a treatment. In the post, he talks about how and when juicing can be beneficial, the possible dangers, and how to go about incorporating it into your life if you’re inspired to. It’s a great primer, especially in light of the recent research and interest here about the role of fluids and their cellular concentration as it relates to the metabolism and feelings of well-being…. Read more »

10 Inconveniences of a High Metabolism



By Matt Stone Having a high metabolism doesn’t come without consequences.  Here are some of the common inconveniences one may notice with a significant rise in metabolic rate… 1)      Menstruation Life was good with a low metabolism.  No time of the month.  But then you raise that metabolism and uh oh, not again.  Freakin’ progesterone production goes up, LH and FSH regulate properly, and the next thing you know you’re bleeding, and once again dealing with the embarrassment and expense of buying “feminine products” and having to ask your boyfriend every time you get out of the car if there are any spots showing through your pants.  Sucks. 2)      Sweat Life was good with a low metabolism.  You could go get in a workout and not even have to change… Read more »

Homegrown Health and Fitness Over Forty



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Greetings 180D party people- Rob here, writing to give you a heads up about a couple of guest appearances Matt has going on.  One of them is a radio interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health Radio, airing today from 3-4pm EST. Tune in to Natural News Radio to listen live or here anytime afterward for the downloadable archived show. Another is an article for Donovan Baldwin over at Fitness Over Forty.  Piggybacking on the recent topic of metabolic decline as we age, Matt outlines why what we eat does not correspond so tightly to how healthy we are, or what our specific health biomarkers will be. It’s an always useful message for those would would oversimplify the complex relationship between what we eat… Read more »

The Sadder Side of Serotonin



Are you sad?  Depressed?  Tired?  Crave them evil #$%#ohydrates?  Well hell son you just need you some serotonin!  Serotonin makes you happy!  Whee!!! The research and cultural status quo on serotonin doesn’t make much sense, and is full of contradiction.  Strangely, everyone seems to be madly in love with serotonin (people even have tattoos celebrating it – I hope they don’t read this post!) and is fully satisfied with the label of “happy juice.”  Serotonin makes you happy, everyone seems to believe, and if you aren’t happy then well, let’s figure out how to get more serotonin in ya.  Buck up little camper, we’ll beat that slump, together. When everyone in the media, in the health field, and beyond start to collectively believe in a very simple and narrow story about… Read more »




By Matt Stone I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  My grandfather, age 87 and my last living grandparent, ain’t doin’ so hot.  And yes, he’s old.  He’s falling to pieces.  He’s going to eventually die.  I’m not fighting that, and tend to look at whether it happens now or several months or even years from now as pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  Sure, he’ll miss a few golf tournaments and football games on tv, but from this point forward it doesn’t really matter when the big day arrives.  The world will go on whether he is alive to watch The O’Reilly Factor or not (Yeah I know that’s kinda mean, but he’s at the bedridden diaper stage – the stage where most people promise themselves… Read more »

Stalling the Aging Metabolism



My girlfriend’s daughter just turned 7.  We were eating some food at a restaurant the other day and I watched her eat 2 cheeseburgers, half an order of French fries, a small milkshake, and a few good sips of a soft drink.  I looked up all the nutrition data for her meal, and it totaled, by modest estimates, 1,200 calories.  She weighs a whopping 49 pounds.  That day she consumed over 2,500 calories.  No I don’t meticulously count all her calories.  But I did that day because her appetite was extraordinarily large, and well, you know, I’m a nerd.  Metabolism has been the epicenter of my research for the last several years, and that’s just too impressive not to calculate and ponder. To put it into perspective, that single meal… Read more »

Managing Your Weight Set Point



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Quick heads up folks- Matt recently offered a guest article for Tom Corson-Knowles on the bodyweight set point. It’s a nice introduction to the concept and has some ideas about how to impact it. Plus, the cast of Willow, the Swedish Bikini Team and Alf- oh my! It just went live over on Tom’s site, so head on over and check it out here.