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Holistic Survival Podcast with Jason Hartman



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Ahoy, y’all- Matt’s got a new interview up over on Jason Hartman’s Holistic Survival Podcast. It’s a great one covering some of the big ideas behind 180D and what makes Matt’s approach unique and compelling. Especially for those just getting started here, it’s definitely worth a listen.  Check it out: 180 Degree Health with Matt Stone Jason’s got a good site over there as well, helping people prepare for a changing world through proactive, positive steps.  As a former apprentice on a permaculture homestead and assistant to an organic vegetable  minifarm, I dig that a couple of permaculturists have been previous guests.  He’s got lots of other good info there too, so feel free to poke around.

Erectile Dysfunction, Tooth Decay and Traditional Fats- Oh My!



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Today on the Real Food Summit, I listened to Kim Schuette and Rami Nagel.  Both were big boosters of traditional fats like butter, coconut oil, and animal fats. Kim spent a little time talking about how traditional fats can be helpful for erectile dysfunction, and Rami describes dietary ways to combat tooth decay and some of the problems with modern dental practices. First, the *big* question (haha) – how do fats in our diet help with ED? If you eat low in fat (and cholesterol), your body’s ability to synthesize hormones like testosterone and progesterone goes down.  This is a bad thing. These hormones are the hormones of youth and fertility ( progesterone= pro-gestation), and also aid in other health benefits like building lean… Read more »

Primitive Wisdom, Raw Dairy & Why We Are Not What We Eat



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Back again with today’s Real Food Summit Roundup.  I listened to part two of superstar Chris Masterjohn’s talk about Weston A. Price and what his research can tell us about how to live today. I like Chris because he’s a man of science, and measures his words and conclusions deliberately.  And while he certainly is on board with the Weston A Price Foundation, I never get the sense that he’s twisting data to meet his (or the Foundation’s) preconceived dogma. A couple quick comments from today’s talk:  Price never said that it all “primitives” had the wisdom to avoid modern ills, though some did. So it’s wrong both to assume primitives are necessarily dumb, and to adopt a hard-line paleo stance that always valorizes… Read more »

Fat Is Officially Incurable Response



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey crew, Rob here with my first post at 180 Degree Health. A couple times in the last few days, I’ve had the chance to articulate my thoughts around obesity. One of them was the highly trafficked article Fat is Officially Incurable (According To Science). Vigorous debate rages there and on the 180D Facebook page, and I’ve participated some. I thought I might try to consolidate some thoughts here, in question and answer format. What is obesity and is it dangerous? Technically, it’s having a BMI (body mass index) over 30. It’s not necessarily bad for you. In some cases, it’s protective as we age. On an individual level, health and obesity are not the same. You can be fat and fit, or… Read more »

Dangers and Myths of Low Carb Diet Plans



The world is drowning in low carb diet plans.  Low carb fever has swept the nation, and perhaps the world.  If anything, with #1 documentary films like Tom Naughton’s Fat Head and groundbreaking books like Gary Taubes’s Good Calories, Bad Calories, the low carb diet has done nothing but gain steam since the days of Atkins. This, in part, is a beautiful thing.  The low carb diet masters of the universe have indoctrinated the public with a totally different portrait of what causes obesity, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other conditions.  Thank God!  That saturated fat causes heart disease thing was starting to get really old, especially after the whole saturated fat and cholesterol theory (the lipid hypothesis) was disproven decades ago. But is the low carb diet the… Read more »

Information about Safe Weight Loss without Dieting


Everyone seems to be looking for a way to achieve safe weight loss and to lose weight without dieting – as in starving yourself.  Can it be done?  Mainstream health authorities believe that it’s impossible. But there is weight loss information out there that is a radical affront to mainstream philosophies on what constitutes safe and effective weight loss.  Perhaps the most radical of all approaches, and by far the safest, is found at 180DegreeHealth.  The official stance on weight loss is that it cannot be achieved unless you are burning more calories than you are taking in.  In other words, there must be a caloric deficit.  I agree with this wholeheartedly. My problem is that the flexible and endlessly complex system known as ‘the metabolism’ is underappreciated in that… Read more »

The Best Fat Burning Diets


New fat burning diets are constantly flitting in and out of style, but when it comes to shedding some pounds, many people forget that the objective is not, in any way whatsoever, to lose weight.  In fact, losing anything other than fat has dire consequences.  It brings about physiological changes that stall weight loss by lowering the metabolic rate, curbing energy levels, and greatly increasing the desire to eat more – not to mention increase the formation of body fat out of the food you eat.  In fact, most diet programs are far from the best way to burn fat,and if advertising honestly, would use this as a sales pitch: “We have no idea how to burn fat!Lose 30 pounds in just 30 days!  Drastically slow down your metabolism!  Enhance… Read more »