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Why Healthy Diets Fail


Health food sucks

By Matt Stone There is a lot of hype surrounding various “healthy diets.” I too had a religious faith that a nutritious and wholesome diet would deliver unspeakable vitality. The science seemed to be there, testimonials left and right, and it “just made so much sense.” But, when I tried various versions of what seemed like the optimal diet at the time, it didn’t always work out the way I assumed it would. After many years of communication with people about health and diet, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the exception, but that the long-term success of puritanical eating endeavors fail more often than they succeed. Although I could easily construct a 50-item list of reasons as to why that is, I’ll keep it to the top 10…… Read more »

Soy Sauce


soy sauce

Well I guess it’s meant to be.  I did a long-winded post about soy sauce, pulling nerdy nutrition crap out of my rear end, and when I went to preview it the whole thing got lost into an internet black hole.  Nothing remained.  So be it.  Instead I’ll leave that out and just say, simply, why I wanted to do a post on soy sauce specifically… After recently seeing the powerful importance of salt in increasing metabolic rate and keeping the nervous system calm, I bought some soy sauce for the first time in a long time.  I was excited to have some because I know it’s super salty and super good.  Imagine sushi without it.  Eesh. In some parts of Japan and China salt consumption exceeds 20, and sometimes even 25… Read more »

Ray Peat – Protein and Vegetarian Diets


“Vegetarians often notice temporary exhilaration when they stop eating meat, probably because their thyroid has been suppressed. But a more serious hypothyroid state often follows, from a low protein inadequate vegetarian diet. Low protein diets definitely interfere with the liver’s ability to detoxify estrogen and other stressors.” “A few years ago, most of the nutritional problems that I saw were caused by physicians, by refined convenience foods, and by poverty. Recently, most of the problems seem to be caused by badly designed vegetarian diets, or by acceptance of the idea that 40 grams of protein per day is sufficient. The liver and other organs deteriorate rapidly on low-protein diets. Observe the faces of the wheat-grass promoters, the millet-eaters, and the ‘anti-mucus’ dieters, and other low-protein people. Do they look old… Read more »

Val Kilmer McCully


Okay, his first name is not Val. I added that. Whatever I can do to squeeze in an 80’s movie photo, damnit I’m willing to do it!  He was a “real genius.” Let’s focus more on McCully. It’s an Irish name. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Pretty awesome huh? Yeah I know. What’s the difference between Mick Jagger and an Irish farmer? Mick Jagger says “Hey you, get off of my cloud.” An Irish farmer says, “Hey McCloud, get offa my ewe!” Okay, serious faces now everyone. Thinking caps… Kilmer McCully was one of “those” good scientists who challenged the status quo about heart disease. Instead of merely looking at the hypothesis that saturated fat raises cholesterol and then cholesterol jumps into coronary arteries because it has nothing better to do… Read more »