My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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My summer trip ended early, and I had to spend a couple weeks in a hotel room. In hotel rooms I often find myself doing something I rarely do, which is watch television. A LOT of television. Stupid amounts. The kind of TV-watching where you only stand up to dust the potato chip crumbs off of your shirt. I would have bought a bedpan to avoid having to go to the bathroom, but I would have had to...

New Study Invalidates the Law of Thermodynamics

Hey everyone, Rob here. Recently came across an article What If Obesity Is Nobody’s Fault? I thought it was interesting and sent it over to Matt and Ari Whitten to get their take, and it ended up being pretty insightful, and right up the alley of 180D readers. Below is the lightly edited transcript of our exchanges. ROB: Hey Ari, Came across this article- ‘ What If Obesity Is Nobody’s Fault?’...

Stephan Guyenet

Yeah, we talked. It really happened. Matt Stone. Stephan Guyenet. I challenge anyone to find a more interesting and intelligent recorded conversation about  bodyfat regulation, obesity, leptin resistance, and so on anywhere. Listen to it HERE.

Gram Negative Bacteria and Obesity

By Andrew Kim  Introduction As the research evolves, the matter of diet and nutrition is being forced to be recognized as not only the most poorly understood of all the sciences but also one of the most complex, outranking all the others. Weight loss is a recurrent theme on this site and this should be expected, as obesity is the most common “disease” in the United States.1 But herein lies a...

Circadian Rhythms in Modern Life

By Vladimir Heiskanen This paper discusses the Western human circadian rhythm and its relation to health. 1. The circadian rhythm of a modern man “In 1910, the average American slept nine hours a night, disturbed only by the occasional Model T backfiring. We now average 7.5 and declining.” – Robert Sapolsky (Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers) The typical Western person’s...