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The Limitations of Interval Training


I’ve heard a few people make remarks like, “Matt is recommending interval training.” I’m not actually. Interval training is just as retarded as many other forms of exercise, and this is why… If you read stuff like Lyle McDonald, you’ll notice that no such magic status is given to interval training over other forms of exercise. If there are any advantages to it, those advantages are short-lived, expiring after 6-8 weeks or so. I would agree with this wholeheartedly. Any form of exercise that you do that contains no element of progression will cease to continually give you results. Bodybuilders seem to understand this general principle of exercise and adaptation better than anyone else. To continually gain strength and muscle size, the exercise has to get harder and harder over… Read more »

Oxygen Debt


In Diet Recovery I recently added some new content about the importance of stressing exercise intensity more than duration for achieving metabolic adaptations that help with achieving a better ratio of body fat to lean body mass. Strictly from a body composition point of view that’s neato and all, but there’s strong evidence that doing short bursts of hard exercise has very unique, and potentially unmatched health benefits. The first time I ever paid attention to the term “oxygen debt” was during my review of some of Scott Abel’s stuff. I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure in his 5-Day MET DVD series he says “oxygen debt” while gasping for air in between sets at least 372 times. It seems kind of important to the guy, who I consider to be… Read more »