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12 Paleo Myths Paperback



By Rob Archangel Happy Monday everyone. Just a quick little update: 12 Paleo Myths: Eat Better Than a Caveman is available now in paperback HERE. Not only does it address some of the most common, off-base paleo ideas floating around, like the idea that we haven’t adapted in any meaningful way since the birth of agriculture, or that hunter-gatherers had sexy bodies, but it also tackles some of the dumb low carb ideas that are frequently aligned with paleo/primal eating.  Like the idea that burning fat for fuel is superior. It’s not. Or that low carb diets guarantee you low blood glucose and insulin levels. They don’t.  Plus it’s got dozens of testimonials from folks who failed on the paleo diet.  It’s a nice counter-balance to all the success stories we… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Grains


wonder bread

By Julia Gumm Grains. Who needs ‘em? Paleo man didn’t need them. The Inuit didn’t need them. Certainly, health-minded people clad in stylish yoga gear don’t need them. But does anybody need them? Today’s anti-grain sensibilities can be tough to swallow for some folks. It wasn’t long ago that the USDA Food Pyramid was advising we eat a whopping 6-11 servings of grains per day, without any differentiation between bran flakes and Wonder Bread! Now, the powers that be have devised some kind of plate looking thing that still gives the nod towards a hearty portion of grains, but vegetables now take up as much or more of your ideal “plate” as grains. In previous incarnations of government dietary suggestions, your grain intake was to be twice that of veggies. Besides… Read more »

Paleo Diet Myth Testimonials



Well boys and girls, the time has come.  In a matter of weeks I will be releasing an eBook entitled 12 Paleo Myths.  I don’t mean to single out this diet and pick on the poor little fella, because I could easily write a book called 12 Vegan Myths, 12 Low Fat Myths, The Weight Watchers Myth, 12 Low-Carb Myths, and so on.  But the Paleo diet seems to be the one gaining the most steam in the alternative nutrition world at the moment.  And if there’s one thing that drives me nuts about Paleo or any diet it is the blind infatuation of the leaders and followers of the movement.  This infatuation needs some counterbalancing, and, more importantly, there needs to be a strong source of information about it for those who are… Read more »

Paleo Fail


I have written about the before and after of eating a low-carb Paleo or low-carb non-Paleo diet for going on three years now. While it is extremely common to lose weight without effort, hunger, or cravings – and have amazing energy levels to boot (and temporary alleviation of health problems), that doesn’t make it healthy, sustainable, or permanent. In what I would venture to guess is the majority of those that embark on a low-carb diet, the results are short-lived, followed by the emergence of a clusterf$%# of new health problems related to adrenal burnout, hypothyroidism, and the hot mess that stems from it. Because of the roughly 3-12 month window of tremendous vigor, vitality, and effortless weight loss that many, myself included, experienced on a low-carb diet – I… Read more »

Mark Sisson


Hey, sorry about my absence late last week. Wednesday distraction, Thursday drama, Friday crisis, and weekend recovery explains the last 5 days. Good stuff. All is well now though. Where were we? Ah yes, I wanted to continue our discussion of some popular diets/gurus. As promised, today we discuss Mark Sisson of For starters, I want to make this perfectly clear. Sisson is one of the best health icons on earth – he’s truly the best of the low-carbers. He is running around advocating a nutritious, whole foods-based diet with no truly crippling restrictions – sort of an 80/20 rule approach. The guy drinks coffee at times, eats chocolate, has cheat meals, and otherwise has taken a general health “blueprint” and custom built it into something fairly safe, reasonable,… Read more »