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Thyroid Deficiency & Common Health Problems


thyroid deficiency

By Matt Stone Danny Roddy, frequent guest author at 180D with articles like THIS, THIS, and THIS – turned me on to a great interview with Dr. Ray Peat from 1996.  It’s always really cool to see that Ray had put so many pieces of the puzzle together so long ago.  Although Ray is difficult to follow along with at times as he doesn’t speak laypersonese (prompted many times to do it in this interview by Gary Null but Sugar Ray don’t speak no jive), overall it is an excellent sermon on metabolism’s role in proper function.  Most medical doctors unfortunately are very unaware of thyroid deficiency and common health problems that ensue when the body’s cells aren’t producing energy at normal levels.  Peat gives some background on when and how… Read more »

Benefits of Strength Training for Women


go kaleo butt

By Amber Rogers (Go Kaleo) I started strength training 4 years ago because my doctor told me that it can help improve function for people with osteoarthritis of the knee. At 36, I’d recently dislocated my kneecap, which exacerbated the arthritis I’d already developed from carrying around 80 extra pounds for 25 years. I was dealing with chronic pain, stiffness and reduced mobility and couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs like a normal healthy adult. I was desperate, so even though I’d hated exercise all my life I decided to give it a shot. My results far exceeded my expectations. Over the next few years my knee mobility improved and my pain started to subside, my strength and functionality returned, and I started seeing health improvements in areas I’d never… Read more »

Female Masculinity, PCOS, Hirsutism


I’ve been fascinated with female masculinization, particularly facial hair growth or what is called hirsutism, ever since I heard about Diana Schwarzbein’s bout with a syndrome known as Stein Leventhal (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS basically). Okay, it started back before that, when Rebecca Romijn was the bearded lady in the movie Dirty Work, but that’s unrelated. Recently this issue has been popping up again and again. For starters, last spring I had a female roommate who: 1) Was not menstruating 2) Had freakishly hairy arms that hadn’t always been like that 3) Was super thin but stored fat in the lower back area only (male pattern fat storage) Of course, this person was a misguided health fanatic that hadn’t always had these problems. Although I purposefully didn’t get into… Read more »