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Why I Don’t Eat Pork



By Matt Stone In 2006, my natural contrarian tendencies getting the best of me, I decided that fat, not carbohydrates or protein, was the bestest thing ever.  So I embarked on a diet with roughly 70% of my calories coming from fat.  In all the world’s anti-fat hysteria, they must have missed what is truly the optimal human diet.  Or so I led myself to believe as I watched my abs pop out, my moods stabilize, my cravings for all of those “poisonous” modern foods disappear, and so on.  Pork was a huge centerpiece of my menu, especially in Hawaii where tasty pork bellies abound and you can go to a supermarket and pick up weird piggy stuff like the pig’s head shown left (that’s me holding it). But by… Read more »

RBTI – Challen Waychoff Delivers


I went to see Challen Waychoff because I was told he could look at a basic set of numbers ascertained from a series of simple urine tests and tell what was wrong with a person, what they ate and even when they ate it, and precisely what course of action to take to fix their body chemistry. This seemed like incredibly powerful knowledge, and hinted at a more sophisticated understanding of nutrition than anyone else in the world possesses. On the first day I watched a few clients come in. The first was an average construction worker kind of guy. He had a big gut and was just a regular Joe. He had a heart attack at which point he decided to pay Challen a visit. Within 48 hours his… Read more »

How to Reduce Omega 6 Tissue Concentration


Recently I posted a letter written by nutrition researcher David Brown to his local newspaper. The topic was reducing the total quantity of omega 6 polyunsaturated fat in the diet to reduce tissue and blood concentration of this type of fatty acid – which has a lot of negative associations, such as triggering excess inflammation and other key properties. Although I think as long as vegetable oil is out of the diet almost 100%, this is not something to really get your panties in a wad about. But there is certainly some indication that our tissue concentration of omega 6 is so high that it might be worth the effort to be extremely diligent about avoiding omega 6 from all sources to undo this imbalance. To do that most effectively,… Read more »