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Lowering Cholesterol Without Statins



By Matt Stone One of the biggest health wars being fought in the world today is against the rise of what is considered “worsening” blood lipid profiles.  The major risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes are high blood pressure, high levels of inflammatory markers like CRP, low HDL “good cholesterol,” high LDL “bad cholesterol,” high triglycerides, and high blood glucose levels. Note – these are all just risk factors.  They don’t necessarily cause these diseases, but point to an increased statistical likelihood of having heart disease or diabetes.  You can have perfect blood lipids and still drop dead of a heart attack.  And the “experts” can’t even agree on what an ideal blood lipid profile is.  The general public, uninformed and simple-minded, still think that what matters most… Read more »

Natural Testosterone Enhancement


We’ve been talking about women’s hormones a lot lately, but there are certainly many parallels between progesterone (the primary female hormone to try to maximize) and testosterone in men. In men, when the metabolism is low, testosterone levels fall. This all makes perfect sense of course. With a low metabolism you have low energy for exercise, trouble building muscle or maintaining lean muscle mass, less speed, strength, and athletic performance, and typically less energy to divert to sexual desire. This all parallels with testosterone levels, which rise and fall with your overall metabolic rate. To raise testosterone levels, it requires a pro-thyroid and anti-stress hormone diet and lifestyle. Lots of food with an emphasis on carbohydrates, anabolic-type exercise (sprints, weightlifting), lots of sleep, avoidance of catabolic exercise (endurance, “cardio”), and… Read more »