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The Calorie Myth Part I – Raw Food Weight Loss



“When Atwater burned foods in a bomb calorimeter… he assumed that humans could use all the energy present in a food and digested in the body.  If foods burns in the bomb calorimeter, Atwater seemed to conclude, it produces the same amount of energy value in our bodies.  But the human body is not a bomb calorimeter.  We do not ignite food inside our bodies.  We digest it, and we use calories to pay for this complex series of operations.  The cost varies…” ~Richard Wrangham; Catching Fire Tis the season for people to start making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight.  Oh what fun!  And so, I figured what better time to do a multi-part series on the huge scientific fallacy and oversimplification that is, for lack of a better phrase… Read more »