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The Calorie Myth Part 2 – Digestibility



Continuing our conversation from the LAST POST, I want to continue to highlight the fact that whole food diets, raw diets, high-protein diets, and other coarse “health food” diets may not have some mystical slimming property, but may be reliant on inadvertent calorie restriction. Now if you have followed my work for a long time, you know that I don’t have an outright problem with “inadvertent” calorie restriction, nor do I have a problem with “unintentional” weight loss.  These terms both imply that weight is lost automatically, without willful force against the body’s natural appetite and energy-regulating systems. I happen to believe that there is a huge fundamental difference between eating less and exercising more as a RESULT of something (change in diet, change in metabolism, increased insulin/leptin sensitivity, change… Read more »