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Sodium – How to Tame Your Low-Salt Habit



By Matt Stone The Mayo Clinic put out an article entitled “Sodium – How to Tame Your Salt Habit.”  I figured the “180 Degree Mayo Clinic” needed an article about the many powerful benefits of sodium, when you might need more salt, how much you might need, and some foolproof ways to get lots without taking in too much lifeless, depleting water with it. Before we begin, I must point out that it is the nature of those who spend way too much time perusing health articles on the internet to take things to extremes.  If you eat enough salt, and take in too little fluids to balance it out, you will die.  Likewise, if you take in enough water, without enough salt to accompany it, you will die.  Life… Read more »

Ray Peat – Salt


“Protein, salt, thyroid, and progesterone happen to be thermogenic, increasing heat production and stabilizing body temperature at a higher level.” ~Ray Peat If you know anything about Peat, you should know the basic 5 things that Peat feels are vital to stimulating the metabolism, increasing cellular metabolic rate and respiration, and improving health and extending the functional lifespan: Progesterone, thyroid, protein, sugar, and salt (and Pepa too let’s hope). Protein, particularly animal protein, when eaten in true excess (more than 1g per pound of lean body mass per day), tends to have a much more negative effect on the rate of metabolism and mitochondrial respiration. But getting insufficient amounts, according to Peat, is a huge drain on the metabolic rate. This shouldn’t be surprising, as the leading advocate of a… Read more »