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2011 Reading List


book it

Wow, that time is upon us.  The infamous time of year when I post the titles of all the books I read over the past year.  Last year I hyped up this list to be legendary.  But I didn’t come close to reading all the titles I wanted to read, much less get to many of the great books that many of you 180 faithful suggested I stick my nose in.  I was tearing up the books through about March.  Then I couldn’t be bothered with anything that wasn’t written by Ray Peat.  He is still, despite obvious shortcomings in his ability to put all of the pieces of his knowledge together into something effective and practical, the most interesting living health and nutrition writer on the face of this earth that I… Read more »

RBTI Intro Package



It’s here and it’s queer! Get used to it!I finally released the RBTI Intro Package this morning. I did the best job I could do of thoroughly covering the basics of the program that Challen Waychoff, N.D., uses to help his clients get some pretty remarkable results. The package includes the eBook – Introduction to RBTI, as well as the 180DegreeHealth RBTI Cookbook. In addition to those 2 eBooks, there are 8 videos and 9 audio segments on various RBTI topics – including links on how to get a test kit for as little as $217 + shipping. Note – that’s the price of the TEST KIT, not the package! Anyway, I’ll spare you the whole sales pitch. If you are interested in doing RBTI, you won’t find a set… Read more »

RBTI Lemonade



Still got a half dozen more video clips of Challen on file.  Here’s one with him discussing a few topics briefly, such as why people are “night people,” the A through E ranges in RBTI, and the purpose of the lemonade – as well as the dangers with drinking the lemonade if your chemistry is not right. Also wanted to make some announcements.  Just putting the finishing touches on a dual eBook, video, and audio package introducing the basics of the RBTI program.  It is an organized presentation of the program Challen is using to get such excellent results with the clients who manage to stick with his program long enough to reap the rewards.  Hoping to get this out on Monday, so stay tuned. Pip and I will also… Read more »