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Why I Don’t Eat Pork



By Matt Stone In 2006, my natural contrarian tendencies getting the best of me, I decided that fat, not carbohydrates or protein, was the bestest thing ever.  So I embarked on a diet with roughly 70% of my calories coming from fat.  In all the world’s anti-fat hysteria, they must have missed what is truly the optimal human diet.  Or so I led myself to believe as I watched my abs pop out, my moods stabilize, my cravings for all of those “poisonous” modern foods disappear, and so on.  Pork was a huge centerpiece of my menu, especially in Hawaii where tasty pork bellies abound and you can go to a supermarket and pick up weird piggy stuff like the pig’s head shown left (that’s me holding it). But by… Read more »

RBTI Update



Apologies for my lengthy silence on RBTI.  If anything, I took a lot of time to let it all soak in, and to see what really stuck.  As you may know, the personal benefits I got from RBTI included fat loss eating to appetite – even eating lots of palatable processed foods, disappearance of chest pain that I had suffered from for years, and tremendous improvement with some pain/weakness I had in my feet that had gotten worse over the year prior.  Plus my nostrils seemed to become less inflamed as well, allowing me to breathe deeper.  I thought my pet allergies were gone forever too, but it turned out that I was only not allergic to the pets I was around during my RBTI education. I of course saw… Read more »

Polyuria, Nocturia, Bedwetting, Frequent Urination



Poly means many.  Uria means pee-pee.  Noct means night. I think you get what we’re talking about here.  Ever since I started studying urine a few months ago, and have now examined several hundred people’s urine, some “clear” patterns have emerged. When metabolism starts to buckle, especially in the throes of an eating disorder or extremely restricted diet of some kind, “sugars,” or the amount of solute in the urine or relative concentration of the urine you could say, drops.  Urine becomes very clear and the urge to urinate strikes as often as every 15 minutes in the midst of a “sugar crash.” Some cursory glances into the medical literature revealed something about urine concentrating defect, or defects in ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) coinciding with this kind of thing.  I’ll look into it later… Read more »

Intelligence Intact


I had to dig into an old eZine I had written two years ago this morning, fetching a recipe that will be part of the RBTI Intro Package due for release next weekend.  And while I was digging, I took a moment to read one of the articles I had written on the importance of critical thinking – and of constantly seeking out opposing viewpoints to your sacred conclusions instead of banding together with like-thinkers and drifting away to crazy town.  Anyway, it made me smile in a nostalgic kind of way, especially in light of the strange new world of the surprisingly-effective RBTI that I have openly immersed myself in over the past three months.  Guess I was born to be a guinea pig, cuz I really love this… Read more »

Ulcerative Colitis Diet



This is a funny video with Challen Waychoff.  One of the attendees mentions something about the RBTI beliefs surrounding how cancer develops, and he stiffens up so as not to reveal anything too libelous on camera. But he goes on to tell an anecdote of a man basically on his deathbed due to a severe case of ulcerative colitis – an inflammatory and “incurable” bowel disease.  Something was obviously quite off in his “chemistry,” but it was something that Challen was able to guide the man to sorting out and fix in short order, like he so often does.  I did not ask him specifically the details of the case, and what was causing the problem, but obviously following one of the simple rules of the RBTI in particular was enough to sort it out (as he… Read more »

RBTI and Junk Food


Awesomeness Test Galleria

Before getting started, I must publicly declare a winner for the two combined road trips. Winner of what? Awesomeness of course. While one guy opened the door adorned in a faded Ghostbusters t-shirt – and believe me, I was impressed and thought this was unlikely to be topped – and another fed me cheesecake, housed me and Pip for an evening, and let me have a couple games of ping pong, there is no question whatsoever that the Croatian giant that I met in Chicago won handily over all the others if awesomeness is the object of the game. I walked in the door and he had an 80’s movie cued up on the television. Before saying anything he pushed PLAY. It was an obscure 80’s film that I didn’t… Read more »




Tomorrow I leaveth the WHIZard and the wonderful paradise city of Wheeling. At least for a few months. I have spent a total of four weeks here and about six weeks on Waychoff’s basic program at this point – with decent but not perfect adherence due to some chaotic road trips. My body chemistry has moved much closer to Reams’s theoretical ideal. And I can honestly say I’ve noticed improvement in all the areas I was having troubles with upon arrival – from improvements in foot pain, chest pain, and back pain to a huge decrease in pet allergies and asthma. My teeth feel noticeably stronger – kind of like what I felt on my extended milk fast over a year ago (which made the other problems listed exponentially worse… Read more »

RBTI, Sleep, and Vegetarianism



In the months leading up to my pilgrimage to Wheeling, West Virginia (where I saw a grown man wearing a hospital gown as a shirt on Saturday - it was tucked into his pants but his fat, hairy, bare back was showing… the thing was faded and frayed as well, as if he had been wearing it as a shirt for years), I was eating a progressively vegetarian diet.  I noticed the more meat I displaced out of my diet, the better I felt in many categories – such as lower levels of inflammation, less tooth pain, no body odor, gums stopped bleeding, better breathing… But I knew it was a dead end and I also knew things weren’t right.  I broke out with two major rashes on my backside in a period of only… Read more »

High-Brix Gardening and Farming



On my crazy road trip, I took the time to swing by the Platte family farm in Rochester, New York.  The Platte family has had a history of many debilitating health problems, but used RBTI, as well as clearing their homes of black mold, to get dramatic improvements – especially since they made the recent switch to working with Challen Waychoff. Their RBTI experiences have been so inspiring that they decided to take the plunge and buy a tract of land to start some “Reams-based agronomy” for themselves and their local community. Reams believed that the Brix reading was the best indicator of the nutritional quality of a food.  The Brix reading shows the total amount of dissolved solids – such as sugar, in a drop of liquid squeezed from the… Read more »

RBTI Introduction Video – Challen Waychoff


Pip and I will be leaving Wheeling on Friday to tour around New York and New Jersey (starting Friday in Rochester).  Pippa will bring a test kit with her and is willing to swing by and test anyone in the area that is interested, as well as go over all the intricate details of Challen’s program for a reasonable fee.  I’ll be there to make fart noises in several creative ways, do impressions, say GARRRR every time she looks at the refractometer, and otherwise annoy her.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow.  If you are an individual or alternative health practitioner of some kind in the area and know that you are definitely interested you can start the process of lining up an appointment by sending her an email at… Read more »

How to Run an RBTI Test


Well hey, I’m a newbie at this – but a lot of people wanted to kind of know how the testing is done.  The testing is pretty easy.  What’s hard is getting a proper interpretation, especially with the urea numbers – which, on my own, I never would have figured to be a 7/10 as shown in the video.  But for those wondering how the hell to do the test, this is a good place to get familiar. One thing the video failed to show was the proper sound to make when looking through the refractometer.  Looking at your urine through a refractometer makes you a “Pee Pee Pirate” by default.  Thus, you should make a sound like, “Garrr” or “Arrrggghh” when looking through it.  Lord knows I always do.   How to RAISE YOUR… Read more »

Hypoglycemia, Blackouts, Seizures


Here is another interview with the woman visiting West Virginia to work with Challen Waychoff in person.  This is basically an exit interview about her experiences in Wheeling before she heads back home later this afternoon.  Turns out one of the biggest roadblocks that she was running into at home was eating “too much health food.”  She kept trying to do things like make pancakes from fresh-ground whole-grain flour and things at home, only to find out that such measures were not only unnecessary, but counterproductive.  As you listen to the interview, be open to these ideas… a) Whatever she did here obviously helped her out. b) Very ill people may actually recover better eating easy-to-digest refined foods as opposed to hard-to-digest unrefined foods. c) The mineral supplements given may very well make… Read more »

Water: Is it Good or Bad?


I think it’s the nature of the human psyche to be somewhat lazy. By lazy I mean wanting to cling onto simple black and white concepts, declare “case closed,” and systematically file everything into good and bad categories. In the world of nutrition this laziness abounds. It seems everyone wants to create “good guys” and “bad guys” out of different foods, different substances, different therapies, different medications. But you really can’t do that. And when you do file things into categories that are either “always good” or “always bad” you commit intellectual suicide to a certain degree. I have been thoroughly punished by this type of mindset just like anyone else. Many years ago I thought water “had” to be good for you. Pure, crystal clear water. The genesis of life… Read more »

RBTI Testimonial


I’ve made the point before and I’ll make it even more emphatically here – there is only one person that has cracked the code of the RBTI.  His name is Challen Waychoff.  It has recently come to my attention that many people are hearing about RBTI here, googling it, and ending up on the forums of various jagoffs that have no idea what they are doing.  Fail. There is only one person in the world that has developed any degree of mastery using the Reams equation.  Accept no substitutes. For example, the most popular of the “RBTI” practitioners nearly killed the person that speaks in the following interview, by having her drink a bunch of water.  Water is like kryptonite to the hypoglycemic, and this is one of the worst cases… Read more »

Armi Legge


This work with Challen is heating up and getting more and more interesting every day.  I’m away from my beloved Wheeling at the moment, but used one of the simple rules of RBTI today to prevent someone going into a seizure.  In fact, the person was so disoriented that she thought she had had a seizure and rushed to the bathroom mirror to look for bite marks on her tongue.  But there were no bite marks because the vast majority of seizures are incredibly easy to prevent when you know what Challen refers to as, “The rules of the sugar.”  In fact, not only was this person’s seizure prevented, but ten minutes later the splitting headache was gone, there was no sign of disorientation or loss of coordination, and she was talking 90 miles… Read more »

Hypoglycemia – It’s Not All in Your Head, It’s All in Your Urine


While I of course am still very unsure of what to make of my RBTI adventure overall (it’s only been a week, and it is quite a shocking mind funk), I feel comfortable saying that there is at least something of value going on here. How much value? I don’t know. It remains to be seen. I have no doubt that some seriously undesirable body chemistries can be greatly improved, and from the improvement many health problems of all kinds can be improved along with it. This is obviously a very familiar concept here and in the world of nutrition and natural health to begin with. While I am most skeptical that the ideal urine and saliva pH is 6.4, what I am becoming increasingly certain about is the absolute… Read more »

RBTI – Challen Waychoff Delivers


I went to see Challen Waychoff because I was told he could look at a basic set of numbers ascertained from a series of simple urine tests and tell what was wrong with a person, what they ate and even when they ate it, and precisely what course of action to take to fix their body chemistry. This seemed like incredibly powerful knowledge, and hinted at a more sophisticated understanding of nutrition than anyone else in the world possesses. On the first day I watched a few clients come in. The first was an average construction worker kind of guy. He had a big gut and was just a regular Joe. He had a heart attack at which point he decided to pay Challen a visit. Within 48 hours his… Read more »



So why exactly have I journeyed up to the dilapidated town in West Virginia known as Wheeling, where tattooed rednecks walk around with no shirt through city streets, where the Klopeks would be scared of their neighbors – and would have the best kept house in town… …where cars like the one shot with my phone are parked on lawns, where some of the world’s most unnattractive and physically debilitated Americans can be found “wheeling” up and down the streets in wheel chairs like a scene out of Wall-E? Well, because Carey Reams (who looked a lot like Harry Caray, coincidentally – maybe I’ll start calling him Harry Carey Reams) spoke to God and God gave him an equation for the numbers you should score on a bunch of pee pee… Read more »