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Fermented Foods and Weight Regulation


Gruit Ale

By Rob Archangel, staff writer Today at the Real Foods Summit, I listened to Jenny McGruther talk about the practice and benefits of fermentation. This is a topic near and dear to me. Around six years ago, I stopped eating a vegan diet and found the Weston A Price Foundation. Through them, I found a guy named Sandor Katz. Sandor is awesome.  He wrote a book called Wild Fermentation, and it inspired me to get into the practice of making things like sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough bread and kombucha. Maybe it was psychosomatic, but I also found that as I started eating meat, especially fatty meats like sausages, having a like bit of ‘kraut or kimchi helped my belly like me more afterward. A year or so later, I left the… Read more »

Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Welcome back to the Real Food Summit roundup. Today, I spent a couple hours listening to Gray Graham of the Price Pottenger Nutritional Foundation talk about epigenetics and the hereditary aspects of illness. That dude really doesn’t like high glycemic foods. He mentioned their alleged dangers probably a dozen times or more, and targets them for messing up our self-regulating good health. As Matt mentioned in a recent video, glycemic index is a lousy way to determine what you should eat or what sort of impact a given food is likely to have on you. Even if a given food spikes our insulin really high and really fast, it is our insulin sensitivity that determines whether this is problematic.  If we’re insulin resistant, we… Read more »

Primitive Wisdom, Raw Dairy & Why We Are Not What We Eat



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Back again with today’s Real Food Summit Roundup.  I listened to part two of superstar Chris Masterjohn’s talk about Weston A. Price and what his research can tell us about how to live today. I like Chris because he’s a man of science, and measures his words and conclusions deliberately.  And while he certainly is on board with the Weston A Price Foundation, I never get the sense that he’s twisting data to meet his (or the Foundation’s) preconceived dogma. A couple quick comments from today’s talk:  Price never said that it all “primitives” had the wisdom to avoid modern ills, though some did. So it’s wrong both to assume primitives are necessarily dumb, and to adopt a hard-line paleo stance that always valorizes… Read more »

Paul Chek Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self



By Rob Archangel, staff writer  … ’cause Paul is good for your health. Welcome back for another quick take on the Real Food Summit. Listened to Paul Chek yesterday, and as several folks forecasted, dude was out there. I usually dig that stuff, and Chek is obviously a bright and thoughtful guy, so I’m not hating.  My approach with those esoteric sorts of fields is to never get caught up or convinced of the rightness or wrongness of any of them, but let those perspectives illuminate new ways of thinking about things.  If those ways offer some functional benefit for me, if say, it’s useful to believe in an etheric body in order to hep accomplish some goal or live in a more satisfied way, then groovy.  But I… Read more »

Real Food Summit Roundup



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Party people, what’s happening? Rob here again.  As Matty mentioned in the comments of the last post, he’s finishing up a project and on the road until July 16th, so I’ll be stepping in for a few days giving a roundup of the Real Food Summit. Caught Joel Salatin’s talk, and as usual, Salatin was pretty rad. I used to live in The Shanandoah Valley of Virginia, about 30 miles from PolyFace Farm, and he’s a big deal down there. People love him or hate him.  Given that that region is home to lots and lots of industrial food processors, and a huge chunk of the local economy goes through companies like Purdue, he strikes a lot of people as threatening. He makes some… Read more »

Real Food Summit



Sean Croxton is up to his usual extreme interviewing prowess, and is at it again with another online summit featuring nearly 30 interviews.  His eardrums must be made of some kind of titanium alloy. None of that Paleo stuff this time.  This summit is the REAL FOOD SUMMIT.  The speakers look good.  If you have never heard Joel Salatin speak, who is first in the lineup, I promise you it is worth your time.  I’m particularly excited about his talk, not necessarily because of his beliefs but because he is just such a rare character that tricks you into thinking deeply while you’re having a ton of fun.  In 2008 I seriously contemplated spending a year apprenticing at his farm to learn about his revolutionary “polyculture.”  But then I came to my senses and remembered… Read more »