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The Case for Low-Intensity Exercise Part I


Benefits of aerobics

The whole world is drowning in the incredible, magnificent, growth-hormone spiking, heart-rate variability improving, lung-expanding, fat-burning benefits of high-intensity exercise. I define high-intensity exercise as basically the type of exercise that you can’t do for more than a minute or two at a time before either a) dying or b) slowing down and catching your breath. The superiority of high-intensity over low-intensity exercise just keeps on rolling in. And the fitness world has been thoroughly hijacked by it. Crossfit, Insanity, P90X, HIIT, Plyometrics, Bodyrock – it’s all grueling work at high heart rates in excess of the lactate threshold (the level of oxygen-deprivation where lactic acid starts being produced at a high rate). The case for high-intensity exercise – interval training, hard weightlifting, etc., is a strong case. So how… Read more »




By Matt Stone I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  My grandfather, age 87 and my last living grandparent, ain’t doin’ so hot.  And yes, he’s old.  He’s falling to pieces.  He’s going to eventually die.  I’m not fighting that, and tend to look at whether it happens now or several months or even years from now as pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  Sure, he’ll miss a few golf tournaments and football games on tv, but from this point forward it doesn’t really matter when the big day arrives.  The world will go on whether he is alive to watch The O’Reilly Factor or not (Yeah I know that’s kinda mean, but he’s at the bedridden diaper stage – the stage where most people promise themselves… Read more »

The Female Body Breakthrough


You know, I love doing book reviews and I hardly ever do ‘em. This is perfect seeing that my summer exploration into some of the popular bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast ideas regarding weight loss is coming to a close with a ceremonious “Eat the Food.” This is kind of like asking for a Woot Woot or an Amen. Here, I asketh upon the clergy, “Can I get an EAT THE FOOD-ah?!” Actually, if we are going to go into full-blown cult status, we should call ourselves “Fuddhists” and worship Fuddha. Pronounced “Foodists” and “Foodha” of course.  Read the Fuddhist Bible HERE. So anyway, yeah, if I can stop thinking about food for a minute – like this GRILLED CHEESE maybe I could get going on this book review. Here goes. The… Read more »