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Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater


Terrible tragedy of the healthy eater

A while back I posted links to some of the best articles I had recently read.  Readers seemed to really enjoy being directed to these great reads.  Here’s another installment… The first is an absolute must-read.  I love information, but I have a weakness for really clever and creative writing.  This article combines both in one of the best pieces I’ve read on the modern disease known as healthitis… The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater Next is by Scott Abel.  I’ve been impressed with Scott for years, and his material just seems to get better and better.  This is a powerful article about how the dieting mentality influences young kids – certainly an inspiring motivator for ending the diet cycle.  Warning – it mentions some really gruesome stats on… Read more »




In the newest 180 book, Diet Recovery (which you can now order a printed copy of until I run out of them – click HERE for more information), I coin the cheesy name “MAXercise” to describe the basic concept (with a few tweaks) of what Phil Campbell, founder of the Peak 8 or “Sprint 8″ exercise system, discusses in the following interview with Joey “Mad Dog” Mercola.  The Lady Krill-a! This interview came out recently and I found it to be pretty good.  Plus it’s just hilarious for a nerd like me to watch Mercola butcher things like “Tabata” exercises, calling them “Tinata.”  I wonder if he’s also heard of the Mexican interval training known as Pinata?  And Mr. Campbell?  Well, his voice is just so damn money.  He even mentions the motherland in the video… Read more »

Strength Does Not Equal Size



Hey ladies and gentle men!  Welcome to the new 180DegreeHealth! My brain is about to explode if I don’t get my thoughts out immediately! It’s been 11 long days since I’ve done a blog post! Gasp! I’m having withdrawals! What I love about blogging, and the all-encompassing nature of my work in general, is that I always feel that I have the liberty to write about whatever is on my mind.  Well, the following may seem like a radical departure from what we’ve been discussing lately, but the game I love playing more than any other is spotting very obvious fallacies and pouring salt on them like a helpless, innocent slug.  Today’s fallacy is that strength = muscle development.  It does not.  While I’m no bodybuilder or powerlifter, I do love learning… Read more »




Well boys and girls, this will be my final blog post. I drank the RBTI Kool-Aid and it tasted good. And now, well, there’s not much left to write about. It’s all “in the numbers” you see. Okay okay, you’re not buying that for a second. You know me well. I have a severe writing problem, and there is no known cure. Even RBTI was unable to cure me of my condition. In fact it could be the worst flareup I’ve ever had. I put the RBTI cookbook together in 6 days for example, and will be releasing another book in two weeks – Diet Recovery: Restoring Hormonal Health, Metabolism, Mood, and Your Relationship with Food!But this really will be my final blog post on THIS blog. As soon as… Read more »

Oxygen Debt


In Diet Recovery I recently added some new content about the importance of stressing exercise intensity more than duration for achieving metabolic adaptations that help with achieving a better ratio of body fat to lean body mass. Strictly from a body composition point of view that’s neato and all, but there’s strong evidence that doing short bursts of hard exercise has very unique, and potentially unmatched health benefits. The first time I ever paid attention to the term “oxygen debt” was during my review of some of Scott Abel’s stuff. I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure in his 5-Day MET DVD series he says “oxygen debt” while gasping for air in between sets at least 372 times. It seems kind of important to the guy, who I consider to be… Read more »

Metabolic Damage


Metabolic damage, or ruining your metabolism to the point where your body temperature is low, you can’t lose weight and certainly can’t keep it off no matter how hard you try, and so forth – is one of the primary areas of focus of 180D.  In fact, I’ve gone so far as to write an eBook that is basically a road map for restoring metabolic health FOUND HERE. Scott Abel and many people who train fitness competitors have seen this phenomenon repeatedly as well, as figure competitors get very lean with hardcore dieting, immediately balloon up after the competition, and are never able to return to that level of leanness ever again despite monumental efforts.  If they do, it gets harder and harder and harder each time they do it.  My sister was telling… Read more »

The Female Body Breakthrough


You know, I love doing book reviews and I hardly ever do ‘em. This is perfect seeing that my summer exploration into some of the popular bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast ideas regarding weight loss is coming to a close with a ceremonious “Eat the Food.” This is kind of like asking for a Woot Woot or an Amen. Here, I asketh upon the clergy, “Can I get an EAT THE FOOD-ah?!” Actually, if we are going to go into full-blown cult status, we should call ourselves “Fuddhists” and worship Fuddha. Pronounced “Foodists” and “Foodha” of course.  Read the Fuddhist Bible HERE. So anyway, yeah, if I can stop thinking about food for a minute – like this GRILLED CHEESE maybe I could get going on this book review. Here goes. The… Read more »

Training Lessons from Scott Abel


For those who don’t know, Scott Abel ( is a physique training legend. More than perhaps any other, Scott has immersed himself into the complex science of physique enhancement, physical conditioning, personal training, and more. And his results are impressive. Even approaching his mid-40’s Scott looks like he could arm-wrestle Arnold during his prime, and he has trained over 300 fitness competitors to varying degrees of success as a coach – including many National champions. His resume aside, which establishes his ability to help others build commanding, muscular physiques and outstanding well-rounded fitness, what lessons does Abel have, if any, for those in pursuit of a fun, relaxing, enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle accompanied by graceful aging and freedom from chronic illness? (I’m not convinced that hardcore exercise and dieting such as that… Read more »

Carbohydrate Propaganda


Still busy working on a side project, but didn’t want anyone to miss out on some more quality carbohydrate propaganda. First up is Scott Abel, totally abusing his power as the world’s most successful fitness trainer in marketing some bogus supplement.  He claims this supplement boosts leptin, strengthens your immune system, keeps sex hormones at peak function for muscle building, increases athletic performance and more.  Yeah right Scott, like any supplement could to that! And then Riles, a total starch-pusher that thinks carbohydrate is good just because it helps him to be really muscular and lean and feel really good, sent me a video of some kid talking about a study in which 11 out of 20 type 2 diabetics were able to come off of their insulin by eating a high-fiber, high-carbohydrate diet… Read more »

Meal Frequency and Intermittent Fasting Q and A


Elizabeth Walling from and myself decided to get a little fancy on you guys and do a little Q and A on meal frequency and intermittent fasting.  As many of you know, there is fierce debate over what constitutes the ideal meal frequency for health, muscle building, metabolism, fat loss, and more.  In the past, it was believed by virtually anyone and everyone that 5-7 meals per day was the only sensible way to eat if you wanted to be a lean and ripped beast.  Hofmekler, Berkhan, Pilon (shown below) and others have issued formidable challenges to this dogma in recent years. But as we have all discovered in many long-winded rounds in the comments section, intermittent fasting and reduced meal frequency – while very effective for blunting appetite and… Read more »