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Do I Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?


Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis

By Matt Stone Leaky Gut Syndrome is a silent cause of a wide range of maladies. But when the symptoms are so diverse and varying, overlapping with so many other conditions, it’s hard to know if you really have a leaky gut or not. After years of reading articles all over the internet, participating in various forums, consulting with many alternative health practitioners, and engulfing a slew of books by knowledgeable underground health gurus with a keen focus on digestion, I’ve been led to believe that it’s actually fairly easy and straightforward to properly diagnose yourself with leaky gut syndrome. Recently, I put together a helpful flowchart that simplifies the diagnosis. Leaky Gut Dietary Guidelines Avoid all starch, sugar, protein, salt, and fat. Take lots of probiotics. Do lots of coffee enemas. Drink two… Read more »

Reducing Serotonin Levels



I’m not a fan of exhaustive lists that are meant to cover absolutely every possible way that some miscellaneous biochemical, of which there are a bajillion, are affected by our diet and lifestyle.  Trying to simply research one of them recently, serotonin, has nearly turned my brain into scrambled eggs.  Actually, that’s a terrible metaphor as my brains probably look, taste, and have some nutritional similarities to scrambled eggs regardless of my current research project (snoop du jour?).  But you know what I mean. In the last post I discussed some of the dangers of serotonin.  When looking at the big picture of aging, inflammation, mitochondrial respiration, metabolism – that stuff that is a recurring theme in almost all illnesses, serotonin is worthy of mention.  It’s not worthy of mention… Read more »

The GAPS Diet



By Matt Stone I first wrote about Natasha Campbell-McBride and the GAPS diet many years ago, commenting on what an excellent public speaker Campbell-McBride is.  She speaks with a tremendous amount of confidence and fervor.  You are convinced, after hearing her speak, that she really knows something and is eager to bring it to those in need.  But these good intentions and good impressions aside, most find the GAPS diet to be woefully ineffective.  For some, like a young girl who recently contacted me after what seems to be some electrolyte-related heart troubles caused in part by her GAPS experience, it can do a lot of damage. So what, in my assessment, is the good, bad, and ugly of GAPS (with an emphasis on bad and ugly as everyone else… Read more »