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Simple Hacks to Fix Your Sleep


don't sleep near your cell phone

By Garrett Smith This article was written for those of you out there who, despite trying “everything” to help improve your sleep, still find yourself having significant problems with insomnia (aka “sucky sleep”).  I’m here to give you something else to try, something you have likely not tried before, and that I have had quite a bit of success with my patients with. I run into people all the time who have sucky sleep patterns.  Poor health and bad sleep spend a lot of time together, apparently.  If you don’t know why sleep is necessary and important, please consult your nearby Google Machine or the past 180D articles on the topic.  For this article, I’m talking to you if your time in bed looks like any of these: “Shallow” sleep… Read more »

A Post Nobody Will Read


health and outdoor recreation

By Matt Stone Here we go again. Another one of those boring posts about outdoor recreation and health. If I’ve learned anything from blogging over the years, it’s that most people don’t give a flying rat’s ass about any connections between outdoor recreation and health. I mean, when I posted 10 Health Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors last summer, I sniffed my armpits trying to figure out why everyone immediately scattered the moment it went live. Do I offend? Yep, people want to hear about some magic supplement or diet that will enable them to sit around doing nothing, staring into the electronic devices they are fatally attracted to for endless hours, and avoid adventure and discomfort at all costs. Hell, on my last trip into the outdoors, it snowed… Read more »

Circadian Rhythms in Modern Life



By Vladimir Heiskanen This paper discusses the Western human circadian rhythm and its relation to health. 1. The circadian rhythm of a modern man “In 1910, the average American slept nine hours a night, disturbed only by the occasional Model T backfiring. We now average 7.5 and declining.” – Robert Sapolsky (Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers) The typical Western person’s circadian rhythm differs in at least three main ways of which the human species has adapted to in its history First of all, the amount of light during night time. Before artificial lighting popularized, people spent the night in almost complete darkness . Today, most families live in almost constant light even if it is pitch black outside. Second, the amount of light during the day is now lower than it… Read more »

How We Get Fat



No this is not a book review of Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat.  Rather, this is a post about the reality of how people pack on extra weight minus Taubes’s incorrect and shortsighted assessment of biochemistry. A question I get as often, or more often than any other, is “Well then, what does cause people to become fat?”  Believe it or not, this question involves more than just a one-word response, such as “carbs” or “fat” or “junk” or “stress” or “calories.” I’m finding it difficult to coax some people who really need a dense calorie supply in order to normalize their metabolic rate into eating common foods.  It seems that many people who gravitate towards strange diets find a lot of comfort in the strangeness of their diet… Read more »

Stalling the Aging Metabolism



My girlfriend’s daughter just turned 7.  We were eating some food at a restaurant the other day and I watched her eat 2 cheeseburgers, half an order of French fries, a small milkshake, and a few good sips of a soft drink.  I looked up all the nutrition data for her meal, and it totaled, by modest estimates, 1,200 calories.  She weighs a whopping 49 pounds.  That day she consumed over 2,500 calories.  No I don’t meticulously count all her calories.  But I did that day because her appetite was extraordinarily large, and well, you know, I’m a nerd.  Metabolism has been the epicenter of my research for the last several years, and that’s just too impressive not to calculate and ponder. To put it into perspective, that single meal… Read more »

How to Get Better Sleep



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Recently, Matt’s been riffing on the topic of childhood obesity and possible causes of it.  One of the factors is getting enough sleep. According to this article, both obese kids and lean kids tend to get insufficient sleep during the week (around eight versus nine or ten hours per night), but lean kids sleep in and make up some of their sleep debt on the weekends, whereas obese kids don’t. The researchers in the mentioned study say that just about all kids would be better off with more and more regular sleep. I’d say that goes for adults too. So what to do about it, for both kids and grownups? I want to offer a few strategies and outlooks that have been helpful to… Read more »

Childhood Obesity



By Matt Stone Recently I had an interview tentatively set up on the topic of childhood obesity.  As soon as I knew about the interview I started thinking about what I wanted to say and got really excited.  Then the interview got canceled.  Well, I had too much that I wanted to say floating around in my head to just let it die.  Below is a faux interview on the topic.  For those that don’t have the time to listen, some of the main points covered are…. Most factors that control a person’s susceptibility to store excess fat when entering into the modern environment is set in motion during the first few years of life and BEFORE life.  Most think purely in terms of genetics, but I’ve always thought of genetics as a misleading term, because there is a great deal that… Read more »