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Starch Lowers Insulin


Can you eat potatoes on the paleo diet

“It is of interest that diets high in fibre-rich cereals and tuberous vegetables tend to result in an improvement in basal blood glucoses.” p. 281 Burkitt, Denis, Hugh Trowell, and Kenneth Heaton.  Dietary Fibre, Fibre-Depleted Foods and Disease.  Academic Press:  London, 1985. It is a common belief that starch, or any type of carbohydrate – particularly high-glycemic starches like potatoes, raises insulin.  In the low-carb circles you see the idea floating around that carbohydrate ingestion raises glucose, which in turn raises insulin.  Insulin increases fat storage, therefore carbohydrates make you fat and are the cause of the obesity epidemic. Gross oversimplifications that the human mind can easily grasp are always popular – regardless of the what the oversimplifications are intended to explain.  In the health sphere, they are prevalent.  The carbs =… Read more »