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Stalling the Aging Metabolism



My girlfriend’s daughter just turned 7.  We were eating some food at a restaurant the other day and I watched her eat 2 cheeseburgers, half an order of French fries, a small milkshake, and a few good sips of a soft drink.  I looked up all the nutrition data for her meal, and it totaled, by modest estimates, 1,200 calories.  She weighs a whopping 49 pounds.  That day she consumed over 2,500 calories.  No I don’t meticulously count all her calories.  But I did that day because her appetite was extraordinarily large, and well, you know, I’m a nerd.  Metabolism has been the epicenter of my research for the last several years, and that’s just too impressive not to calculate and ponder. To put it into perspective, that single meal… Read more »

The Count the Obese Starch-Eater Game


Recently I got into a jovial, light-hearted back and forth on Twitter about obesity, carbohydrates, yada, yada.  Some heavy artillery was slung my way, a recent article that, several days later Tom Naughton of Fat Head dedicated an entire blog post to.  The premise of the article was that the whole obesity thing was a Big Fat Lie!  Well, I agree.  But the author concluded that replacing fat with starch was the reason the epidemic of obesity continued to surge in Great Britain over the last couple of decades.  Read the article here for a good dose of low-carbism.    This conclusion is pretty hilarious.  Has this person ever been to Thailand, or Laos, or Nepal, or Vietnam, or Japan, or Cambodia?  Well, I have been to all of those countries,… Read more »