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Circadian Rhythms in Modern Life



By Vladimir Heiskanen This paper discusses the Western human circadian rhythm and its relation to health. 1. The circadian rhythm of a modern man “In 1910, the average American slept nine hours a night, disturbed only by the occasional Model T backfiring. We now average 7.5 and declining.” – Robert Sapolsky (Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers) The typical Western person’s circadian rhythm differs in at least three main ways of which the human species has adapted to in its history First of all, the amount of light during night time. Before artificial lighting popularized, people spent the night in almost complete darkness . Today, most families live in almost constant light even if it is pitch black outside. Second, the amount of light during the day is now lower than it… Read more »

How To Increase Your Metabolism And Weight Loss With Hypothyroidism



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Anyone you know have a thyroid condition like Hasimoto’s thyroiditis? Matt’s got a new post over at Outsmart Disease answering some questions about enhancing the metabolism and losing weight for folks with those conditions. As many of you know, though, functional hypothyroidism (or “Type 2 Hypothyroidism,” in the language of endocrinologist Mark Starr) is widely common, and even those without specific thyroid-related diagnoses can see benefit from raising their metabolism and enhancing their thyroid function. As he mentions in the interview, his recommendations and goals tend to be similar since the benefits of having a robust metabolism apply to all, and can be both therapeutic and preventative. So mosey on down to Marina’s site there, and check out Matt’s interview here.

Male Weight Gain During Pregnancy



By Matt Stone Your average person, your doctor, your personal trainer, even many health researchers believe, foolishly, that weight is a simple matter of moving more and eating less.  Those that are ever-so-slightly higher on the intellectual totem pole (or lower, I’m not sure) believe that weight is a simple matter of eliminating one or several dietary villains.  It’s the wheat!  It’s the carbs!  It’s the fructose!  It’s the “bad” fat!  It’s the animal products!  It’s the hormones!  GM Freaking O’s!!! So it’s not surprising, with the religiosity people have about their dietary beliefs combined with their mental need to simple-mindedly pin it all on one Satanic dietary and lifestyle entity, that real conversations about the multifactorial, nebulous, and complex causes of excessive body fat storage get people all worked… Read more »