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Sugar the Bitter Truth


bananas for weight loss

By Chris Randall Okay fine. Sugar, the sweet, sweet truth. I made a smoothie today: a really good one, in fact. “Oh, a super-good one with wild organic low-sugar berries, organic grass-fed no-sweetener-added whey protein powder, and no-calorie Stevia drops?!” Um, no. Gross. Do people actually eat stuff like that? I’m talking a real smoothie. I’m talking the kind of smoothie that would simultaneously put Dr. Robert Lustig (that dude over there) and Gary Taubes into a diabetic coma just from hearing about it. What was in it? Bananas: super ripe and sugary bananas. There were between 12-14 big ones in there. I tend to lose count as I’m more focused on fitting as much as possible into the blender. I also dropped in a small glug of apple juice to… Read more »

Robert Lustig Fructose Friday


Robert Lustig sugar fructose

A couple of days ago, April 1st to be exact (unfortunately this wasn’t an April Fools Joke), anti-fructose crusader Robert Lustig, among others, were interviewed on a special 60 Minutes segment called “Is Sugar Toxic?” 4 years ago almost to the day I was saying “Fruc Fructose.”  But nowadays I find myself saying “Luck Fustig!”  While the case against fructose is very compelling on the surface (de novo lipogenesis, lower leptin secretion, raises uric acid levels, we’re eating more of it, statistically – soft drinks are fattening, sugar feeds cancer, yada yada), I had to face the fact that sugar, in all its glory, did some pretty impressive things for my health when I finally let my biofeedback, as opposed to a neat youtube video, some rat studies, and a couple dozen books, determine whether or… Read more »