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Everything is Bad for You


george carlin bad for you

By Chris Randall After a slow, easy run on a beautiful Sunday morning, I decided that the only thing missing was a fat stack of pancakes. Yes, pancakes. Those succulent, golden, sweet, heavenly cakes spawned from the pan. I couldn’t remember the last time I had pancakes, and I was feeling adventurous so I figured, “Hey, what the heck?” They weren’t anything too special, just your basic flapjacks: some flour, some sugar, sweetened coconut milk, baking soda, and a couple mashed bananas. And of course I topped them off with some good old-fashioned maple syrup and accompanied them with a tall, cold glass of orange juice. Solid. As I was digging into my stack, a thought crossed my mind that made me laugh: the notion of some pretentious, snooty health… Read more »

Stalling the Aging Metabolism



My girlfriend’s daughter just turned 7.  We were eating some food at a restaurant the other day and I watched her eat 2 cheeseburgers, half an order of French fries, a small milkshake, and a few good sips of a soft drink.  I looked up all the nutrition data for her meal, and it totaled, by modest estimates, 1,200 calories.  She weighs a whopping 49 pounds.  That day she consumed over 2,500 calories.  No I don’t meticulously count all her calories.  But I did that day because her appetite was extraordinarily large, and well, you know, I’m a nerd.  Metabolism has been the epicenter of my research for the last several years, and that’s just too impressive not to calculate and ponder. To put it into perspective, that single meal… Read more »

Causes of Addiction, Addiction Treatments & Addiction Cures


Addiction and the causes of addiction are among my favorite topics, not because I used to be a crackhead or anything, but because the study of food’s effect on hormones and neurotransmitters related to addictive behavior is infinitely fascinating and complex.  But it’s not just interesting, it suggests an alternate addiction cure.  As it turns out, using a dietary approach to head any problems with alcoholism, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, or even just plain old caffeine, sugar, or white bread addiction – is outrageously effective. Julia Ross, Diana Schwarzbein, Joan Mathews Larson, and most notably Kathleen DesMaisons, have all used various forms to nutritional approaches for addiction treatments.  They all have a success rate that greatly outperforms any treatment program or center on the face of the planet because they… Read more »

The 1909 American Diet


I’ve done more book-throwing this week than any week prior. First, there was a little post-alcohol and refined sugar crash that involved an argument and me throwing, not in any particular direction or with malicious intent toward the author – a copy of Julian Whitaker’s Reversing Diabetes. The book wasn’t the worst I’ve ever read, but after hearing all this miraculous diabetes reversal talk from Whitaker, I almost threw it again when I got to the end and read a selection of his Auschwitz recipes – many of which were under 300 calories. The real tear-jerker was Primal Mind-Primal Body, by Nora Gedgaudas. I was already a little wary of it after it received accolades at world champion artificial sweetener consumer Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb site. But… Read more »

T.L. “Peter” Cleave


That’s right, everybody could use a little bit of TLC – Thomas Latimore Cleave (also known as T.L. Cleave or even “Peter” Cleave). T.L. Cleave is basically some British guy who had some good ideas. The first is Cleave’s Law of Adaptation. Cleave felt that the human body had adapted to certain things, and that when technology outpaced our ability to adapt, disease developed. Although this may sound a little confusing, it’s actually quite simple – modern practices and stuff is killing us, not stuff that we’ve been doing and consuming for millennia. It’s appropriately in line with Weston A. Price’s “mother nature obeyed,” perhaps the greatest concept that anyone can grasp as it pertains to human health. Cleave was unique in that he had the audacity to come out… Read more »