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Thyroid Rehab- The Diet And Lifestyle Approach



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey buckaroos- just wanted to give all a heads up that Matt’s got a guest article over at Outsmart Disease, a site hosted by Marina Gutner, PhD and geared toward those with thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Matt’s post is entitled ‘Thyroid Rehab- The Diet and Lifestyle Approach,’ and offers a nice summary of the role of stress hormones and inflammation in suppressing the metabolism and thyroid, and some general guidelines to suppressing that stress response and enhancing the metabolism. Go check it out!

Causes Of Hypothyroidism & Hypothyroid Diet Treatment


Most overweight people, when seeing all the “easy ways to lose weight fast – watch the fat just melt off and stay fit forever!” feel like their failures in dieting are due to a bum thyroid gland.  Well, sort of. The thyroid gland is the primary conductor of the metabolic rate.  The metabolic rate is best described as being the amount of calories your body uses for basic function.  The bulk of the calories that you have available are used to fuel the organs and muscles.  They are active tissues that do work and require energy to do their jobs. So you’re hypothyroid. You have a slow metabolism. Shouldn’t you just be eating a low-calorie hypothyroid diet of lettuce leaves and alfalfa sprouts? I don’t think so. If you eat… Read more »