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Hot Water vs. Cold Water Thermogenesis


cold water thermogenesis weight loss

There is a growing trend in health circles about cold-water thermogenesis.  Cold water thermogenesis, or the idea behind it, is to submerge yourself in very cold water for a prolonged period – let’s say 20-30 minutes.  The objective is to encourage your body to produce more heat in response to this cold stimulation via increased thyroid output.  It’s theorized to be an effective weight loss tool, or at least Tim Ferriss says so, therefore it must be true, and be useful for other things too.  Jack Kruse has proposed using it for all kinds of medical purposes, such as recovery from surgery and other miscellaneous things.  It could be yet another, non-invasive tool to have in the toolbox for use against disease. On one hand, it’s logical.  I have spent a lot of time in cold… Read more »

Mercola Interview with Doug McGuff



Joe Mercola’s exercise journey has been one of the most captivating things to happen over the last couple of years in the internet health underground.  Well, I think so at least.  I like it because it has taken some of the focus off of the neurotic obsession with nutritional minutiae, and put the focus on something far more basic and simple.  Like myself, one of Mercola’s first eye-openers was reading Pace, by Al Sears.  This led Joe to doing maximum intensity interval training under the guidance of Phil Campbell - a form of exercise I discuss at length in the book, Diet Recovery. But Mercola’s interview with Body By Science author Doug McGuff in December was something that really had me re-questioning a form of exercise that I had sloughed off too easily in the… Read more »