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Why Healthy Diets Fail


Health food sucks

By Matt Stone There is a lot of hype surrounding various “healthy diets.” I too had a religious faith that a nutritious and wholesome diet would deliver unspeakable vitality. The science seemed to be there, testimonials left and right, and it “just made so much sense.” But, when I tried various versions of what seemed like the optimal diet at the time, it didn’t always work out the way I assumed it would. After many years of communication with people about health and diet, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the exception, but that the long-term success of puritanical eating endeavors fail more often than they succeed. Although I could easily construct a 50-item list of reasons as to why that is, I’ll keep it to the top 10…… Read more »

Bloating, Inflammation and Humidity


Sweat and Bloating

By Julia Gumm Boy, things are heating up here in the northern hemisphere. In my neck of the woods, we recently saw heat indexes in the high 100′s, accomplished in part by relative humidity hovering around 90%. In keeping with the theme of high numbers, my weight scaled up as well. Going with the flow, I guess. Does this happen to any of you? Heat and humidity set in and suddenly you’re retaining so much water you look like you’re seven months pregnant? Because it happens to me. Along with the belly, I experience swelling in my fingers, knees and any place in my back that was giving me mild trouble prior to the change in weather suddenly becomes a debilitating injury of dramatic proportions. It seems there’s an uptick… Read more »

Seizures in Infants and Children


little baby drinking water from the tap during bathing

While I’m not the almighty authority on such a topic, nor is it my bread n’ butter specialty, I feel compelled to share some basic insights on seizures in infants and children.  Plus man, November is Epilepsy Awareness month. I got your awareness right here! This will not be an exhaustive and comprehensive look into this problem.  Rather, the intent of this post is to help parents of children with seizure problems eliminate one simple and frequent cause – what I believe to probably be the most prevalent and easy-to-correct of all causes… low sodium levels.  This article will also highlight some important features of human physiology that can be useful in general health and well-being, and hopefully keep parents from doing dumb shit, like restrict sodium in their child’s diet (or their own diet, especially while… Read more »

How Much Water Should YOU Drink?



By Matt Stone One of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to nutrition is the frequent use of blanket recommendations – many of them made on some theoretical basis, or made due to statistical probability (none of them particularly relevant to a real person living in the real world).  And I feel like, over the years, we at 180D have been picking through these one by one – especially now as we leave this sort of standard view of nutrition in the dust at an accelerated rate. These blanket recommendations really degrade what nutrition, or dietary manipulation, can be – which is an amazing medical tool. The food pyramid is a real travesty, and gives nutrition a bad name.  Dietary needs radically change – sometimes on an hourly basis.  Nutritional… Read more »