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Dangers and Myths of Low Carb Diet Plans



The world is drowning in low carb diet plans.  Low carb fever has swept the nation, and perhaps the world.  If anything, with #1 documentary films like Tom Naughton’s Fat Head and groundbreaking books like Gary Taubes’s Good Calories, Bad Calories, the low carb diet has done nothing but gain steam since the days of Atkins. This, in part, is a beautiful thing.  The low carb diet masters of the universe have indoctrinated the public with a totally different portrait of what causes obesity, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other conditions.  Thank God!  That saturated fat causes heart disease thing was starting to get really old, especially after the whole saturated fat and cholesterol theory (the lipid hypothesis) was disproven decades ago. But is the low carb diet the… Read more »

Information about Safe Weight Loss without Dieting


Everyone seems to be looking for a way to achieve safe weight loss and to lose weight without dieting – as in starving yourself.  Can it be done?  Mainstream health authorities believe that it’s impossible. But there is weight loss information out there that is a radical affront to mainstream philosophies on what constitutes safe and effective weight loss.  Perhaps the most radical of all approaches, and by far the safest, is found at 180DegreeHealth.  The official stance on weight loss is that it cannot be achieved unless you are burning more calories than you are taking in.  In other words, there must be a caloric deficit.  I agree with this wholeheartedly. My problem is that the flexible and endlessly complex system known as ‘the metabolism’ is underappreciated in that… Read more »

Causes Of Hypothyroidism & Hypothyroid Diet Treatment


Most overweight people, when seeing all the “easy ways to lose weight fast – watch the fat just melt off and stay fit forever!” feel like their failures in dieting are due to a bum thyroid gland.  Well, sort of. The thyroid gland is the primary conductor of the metabolic rate.  The metabolic rate is best described as being the amount of calories your body uses for basic function.  The bulk of the calories that you have available are used to fuel the organs and muscles.  They are active tissues that do work and require energy to do their jobs. So you’re hypothyroid. You have a slow metabolism. Shouldn’t you just be eating a low-calorie hypothyroid diet of lettuce leaves and alfalfa sprouts? I don’t think so. If you eat… Read more »

How to Lose Weight without Dieting


There is no such thing as an effective diet. At 180DegreeHealth, the diet myths – every single one of them, are executed by firing squad. Learn how to lose weight without dieting. A weight loss program that doesn’t require dieting, starvation and general unhapinness is the best way to lose weight. If eating until you are satisfied makes you perpetually gain weight, leaving you ever-hungrier, then you have a damaged metabolism. You thus have two choices: 1) Try to avoid a food group such as carbohydrates, fat, or meat, starve yourself in a state of calorie deprivation for the rest of your (miserable) life, or exercise fanatically. OR… 2) Learn how to lose weight without dieting by fixing your metabolism, then eat as much as want and practically whatever you… Read more »

Cut Calories to Gain Fat



If you’re looking for a way to gain body fat in proportion to lean body mass, let it be known that the most efficient means of achieving that lofty goal has been known since 1950.  Cut calories. In 1950, an experiment was performed by Ancel Keys on a group of 32 young men in relatively healthy condition.  The idea behind the experiment was to study what happens under situations of famine.  These brave young men were thus put on a 1,500 calorie diet (more than some weight loss authors recommend) that was continued for a period of 24 weeks.  What happened to them was breathtaking – and the 1300-page monster of information that Keys and his colleagues managed to produce detailing the study makes it, quite possibly, the most well-controlled, superbly-documented, and… Read more »

180 Weight Watchers Points


Oh no he di’in!  180 member, follower, and HED superstar Brock Cusick has written a guest post. It’s the best thing since Jenny the Nipper went totally ape shit on Weight Watchers, Venuto, the WAPF, Ray Peat, and Matt Stone a couple weeks ago. I support this points system, with the exception of the overcooked veggies. Cook the hell out of them if you want to. No deductions. The 180 Degree Weight Watchers Point SystemBy Brock Cusick I’m sure everyone is familiar with Weight Watchers – a diet and weight loss system where dieters are allotted a number of “points” per day and can eat whatever they want as long as they don’t exceed their point value. This concept is fundamentally sound, but very poorly executed by Weight Watchers. As… Read more »

Death to Diets!


The comments section on “Weight Watchers Fail” is really inspiring.  Inspiring enough to make this official… I, Matt Stone, am an anti-diet crusader. Like I’ve said, if I find a way that truly allows us all to be lean without sacrificing our health and sanity, you’ll be the first to know. For now, we’re all going to shove a collective fist up the entire dieting and weight loss industry’s arse – perhaps extend a middle finger while we’re there. This will only be radically reinforced as I weave my way through Ancel Keys’s legendary 1300 page low-calorie manual… The Biology of Human Starvation, which I just received from my local library yesterday afternoon. I’m also going to start today on a major overhaul of 180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss. This… Read more »