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The Wind River Diet


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By Matt Stone “The constant desire to go deeper into the Wilderness is shared by almost any backpacker. There is a relentless urge to travel further into the heart of pristine nature – to become more united with the vastness of it.” “It’s been over two years since I walked out of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, exhausted, depleted, and confused. The Winds, a set of three immense Wilderness areas tied together by a pristine Indian Reservation, comprise one of the most sought after backpacking destinations in the country. My mission was to be lost among this inspiring landscape for as long as possible. Alone, unsupported, without resupply, I stumbled out on the forty-fourth day.” “Strained, lonely, starving, traumatized at times, I experienced the most exquisite earthly connections imaginable in those… Read more »

Status of the Puzzle


It’s been a year now of concentrated research and tireless pondering on the current human health status, what constitutes an optimally healthy diet and lifestyle, and the best strategy for where to go from here if health interests you. To be able to come to some worthy conclusions, I had to make as much sense out of the endless sea of information as possible. This was no small feat, and the process of putting the pieces of the “puzzle” together is an ever-evolving process of refinement. But as we hit the end of 2007 and celebrate a full year of my self-righteous proclamations, it made sense to commemorate the current status of my overall understanding of the health trends that we’re seeing in the world. First of all, for all… Read more »

Overweight and Starving?


In October I devoured Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, a nutritional masterpiece of sorts, but I’ve yet to share much of the beauty of this book. It is one of the most intelligently written books I’ve ever encountered. Nowhere does it repeat the rhetoric of today’s McNutrition. It seeks, quite objectively, the truth about what causes obesity, type II Diabetes, heart disease, and many of the other most common degenerative illnesses of modern man. With well over 100 pages of references alone, it is one of the most thoroughly researched mainstream books on any subject. Taubes spent seven solid years researching health and nutrition information spanning centuries and continents, and the most reassuring part is that he had no earthly idea when he began that he would come… Read more »

Let’s Get Physical


Yes it pains me to steer away from my preoccupation with Britney and title something after an Olivia Newton John song, but hey, sometimes these things have to be done. This week’s topic is exercise, an essential piece of the total health experience. I’ve dabbled in many forms of exercise at varying intensity levels – ranging from 13-hour bike rides over mountain passes pulling a 50-pound trailer to 15-minute stretching sessions. What have I learned from all this? Well, a lot. Let’s discuss this intelligently shall we? Every nonhuman animal on the face of the earth has two primary goals for survival. The first goal is to eat as much as it can. When an animal is hungry and there is food present, it eats. It doesn’t have this complex… Read more »

Heil Schwarzbein! (New Version)


We are drowning in what I call ‘nutritional minutiae.’ There is an endless stream of breaking news about such and such phytonutrient’s cancer-preventing properties, the latest antioxidant ‘discovery’ and on and on and on. On top of all that, there is a relentless fuss over pesticides, GMO’s, soy estrogens, and more. And then mainstream nutritionists focus on vitamins and minerals as if that’s the only thing that matters when it comes to health. Oh and then there are enzymes in raw food. Gotta worry about getting my enzymes now. And what type of exercise and how much? And am I spending enough hours in the sun, or too much? And how much mercury is in my fish? And did that cow eat grass or grain, and was that grain GMO… Read more »

Spotlight on Coconut Oil


So I’m usually like, “hey, fats are good, eat ‘em suckaz!” This time I wanted to get specific though, because true virgin coconut oil is a powerful substance deserving special attention. Coconut oil’s affect on the body can be so noticeable, particularly for those who have been avoiding fats for many years, that is seems almost druglike. I’d go so far as to say that the only people who wouldn’t notice a dramatic physiological effect from consuming coconut oil are those with a high metabolism, those already eating lots of utilizable fats, or those who have particularly stable blood sugar otherwise. The most noticeable effects are a rise in body temperature, increased energy, and lack of hunger and sugar cravings. Coconut oil has a long litany of other less noticeable… Read more »

Plower vs. Force



There are two distinct paths to proper weight management. One is to be a “plower” who mows down large quantities of nutritious unprocessed food, never skipping meals or watching portion size. The other way is through force – exercising extremely hard and eating so little that the body cannot slow down its metabolism enough to keep body weight from dropping. One of these routes is fully sustainable and keeps the physical/mental/emotional body balanced, strong, resistant to both chronic and infectious disease, etc. The other route is a one-way ticket to bone and hair loss, physical injury, a compromised immune system and the fun that comes along with it, erratic moods, and a damaged metabolism resulting in the eventual inability to eat normal amounts of food without blowing up like a… Read more »