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Managing Your Weight Set Point



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Quick heads up folks- Matt recently offered a guest article for Tom Corson-Knowles on the bodyweight set point. It’s a nice introduction to the concept and has some ideas about how to impact it. Plus, the cast of Willow, the Swedish Bikini Team and Alf- oh my! It just went live over on Tom’s site, so head on over and check it out here.      

Altering the Weight Set Point


Today is the big day… My interview with Tom Nicoli for Premier Summits Weight Loss Summit is finally up.  You have exactly one day to listen to it for free, so check it out right away if you get a chance.  The subject is the body weight set point, how restricted eating, stress, and endurance exercise tend to raise the weight set point (the weight your body maintains while sedentary and eating to appetite of a mixed diet), and the dietary and lifestyle factors that are likely to be the most effective in lowering the weight set point.  The gist of course is that any weight you lose without a fall in weight set point occurs at the detriment of your health and with a virtual guarantee of returning and “bringing… Read more »

Podcast with Elizabeth Walling


Yesterday Elizabeth Walling interviewed me on The Nourished Life podcast.  We discussed mostly weight set point while diverging into a few side tangents such as exercise, the Paleo diet, and more.  You can listen to the podcast here… The Nourished Life I also regret my response to her last question, which was more or less “where does someone start?” when it comes to lowering the body weight set point.  I rambled a bit, and should have said something along the lines of… “Wake up every day and try to set a new record for how well you nourish yourself that day with quality, unadulterated, nutritious food, a good night’s sleep, plenty of pure water, and whatever else you find to be enjoyable and nourishing on a physical and emotional level.” 

The Flavor-Calorie Theory


In March I did a quick video introducing Seth Roberts, a Berkeley psychologist, and his interesting theory known as the flavor-calorie association theory of body weight set point regulation. I also mentioned Roberts’s pioneering work in 180 Degree Metabolism – in the lengthy discussion about the going theories on what causes leptin resistance and a rise in set point. I am still incredibly captivated by this theory, and really struggle to find loopholes and flaws in it. It’s come to the forefront recently as I have experienced a tremendous anorectic (hunger-suppressing) effect from eating a high-starch/low-fat diet, which contains much lower flavor intensity (it’s bland as hell) and much lower calorie density (8 pounds of potatoes contain the same amount of calories as 1 pound of butter, for example) –… Read more »

Reactive Hypoglycemia



In the last post on Anorexia, I promised to discuss what I believe to be a very common problem for any long-term dieter – particularly one that has taken their metabolism down to the extremes seen among underweight anorexics. This is what is deemed “reactive hypoglycemia.” The telltale sign of reactive hypoglycemia, without using a glucose meter, is tremendous hunger and shakiness within an hour or two of eating a meal. A glucose meter provides more hard evidence of the condition, and typically shows a high fasting blood sugar level that plummets after ingesting food. The basics of reactive hypoglycemia, which are experienced most commonly by people who have lost a lot of weight and have entered into a functional state of starvation (whether going from 400 to 250 pounds… Read more »

Weekly Video Roundup


This week I did 2 videos.  The first is on Jon Gabriel, a continuation of last week’s post on The Gabriel Method.  The second is one in which I hammer home that famous Atkins quote once again – the warning he issues to all dieters that “Prolonged dieting tends to shut down thyroid function.”   You know, the one that I abuse the crap out of.  Next up are a couple of inspiring videos by Jon Gabriel himself.  Lisa Sargese turned me on to these bad boys with a recent blog post of hers.  Thanks Lisa!  Last but not least is a very interesting video that I managed to get caught up watching at Ryan Koch’s excellent blog.  I watched this whole thing from start to finish – all 7 segments. … Read more »