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Persistence Is Better Than Perfection



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Last week the the Stoner and I caught up, and I mentioned the idea I’d been keeping close to heart recently, that “persistance is better than perfection.” I don’t know where I heard it first, but Google turns up plenty of hits for that or similar phrases. He liked it and suggested I share a few thoughts on that theme. Matt has this great expression: “The perfect diet is very unhealthy.” I think you can read that a few different ways: the belief in a perfect diet is itself unhealthy a diet that is ‘perfect’ is immune from revision or criticism and long term leads to imbalances that we don’t adjust for so long as we remain fixated on its “perfectness” a diet that… Read more »

Body By Science



Ah, the long-awaited post on Doug McGuff and John Little’s exercise opus – Body By Science.  Let me purge a few of the sour tastes out my mouth first, so we can get into the good stuff - because I do think that Body By Science offers your metabolic rehab “patient” the best of all exercise solutions. My most major complaint is the tremendous overreliance on scientific theory in coming to conclusions, as if science trumps experience and observation, or is infallible and immune to error.  Not that the book really relies upon that as a crutch too much when it comes to exercise specifically, but it has that general air of scientific elitism that I find annoying.  In my experience, science is the most prone to error, because of how it examines… Read more »