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Cold Hands and Feet



Me:  It’s a W, for Weston Debbie:  You mean like the Westin hotel?  (we were staying at the Sheraton by the way) Me and Masterjohn:  No (conveyed loudly, with large inflection in our voices, and in creative language) I just finished up with the 2011 Wise Traditions Conference, the annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I finally did my talk yesterday in the biggest ballroom, which was pretty flippin’ full – somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 people in there I would say.  Having to wait all weekend to give my talk was tough.  I felt like they were “icing the kicker” as they say in American football, and interestingly, my kickers were quite icy.  So were my hands.  I think of acute and chronic stresses alike as… Read more »

Wise Traditions Conference



Hey buckaroos. Just a reminder that I will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s Wise Traditions Conference – the annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I have been asked to speak about metabolism, and I will also have a booth set up where you can do everything from quiz me on 80′s movie lines (last night I was told to “watch out for potholes” and knew that one right away) to test your whiz. Anyway, several of you are coming and I’m really psyched to meet you. If you do come to the conference and I find out that you didn’t come up to me and harass me in some way you’re in BIG trouble. Hope to see you nerds there. REGISTER FOR WISE TRADITIONS… Read more »

Public Talk in Sarasota


Although the sound quality is less than spectacular – I was in a room full of “moo-shine” filled refrigerators, here is a large chunk of a talk I gave to a local group of real foodies in Sarasota on Tuesday.  Nothing earth-shattering, but unlike Uncle Rico’s flippin’ sweet play action QB video in the movie Napolean Dynamite, it hopefully won’t make you say “this is pretty much the worst video ever made.”  Some of you may recognize the Weston A. Price Foundation reading material on the wall beside me, as this was put on by Sarasota-area WAPF chapter leader Cynthia Calisch.  Topics include metabolism, raising body temperature, overcoming insulin resistance, and the potential benefits of a diet very low in omega 6 polyunsaturated fat.  Please be sure to stir up controversy on my alleged identity as frequent commentor… Read more »

Love and Hate for 180


Wow, what a weekend.I received a thorough tongue-lashing by Richard Nikoley of for suggesting that he is hypothyroid (which he is, and was diagnosed with that disorder many years ago), was ridiculed by Dr. Kurt Harris at the Panu blog for making a “Straw Man” argument and being unoriginal (yes, EVERYBODY is recommending overfeeding on high-glycemic carbohdyrates these days to drop blood sugar levels), and got some bizarre criticisms at for things as strange as what blogs I follow (uh, I follow like 30+ blogs and agree with the general conclusions, sentiments, and mindset of 3 blog authors – Stephan Guyenet, Michael Miles, and Ryan Koch – yet I continue to learn a lot from many others even if I feel their general conclusions are off-base). But seeing myself… Read more »

If Nutritionists Were Mechanics 2



By Jenny Allan *The Weight Watchers Mechanic* Customer: Hi my car isn’t working as well as it used to. I used to be able to use any kind of fuel and have no problems, but lately things have been sluggish and heavy when I put my foot on the gas. The Weight Watchers Mechanic:  Your car naturally will see increasingly poor performance as you get older. Have you signed up for our special support group for cars that are thirty years old? It’s great fun, it doesn’t cost much (unless you have the ability to add your monthly bills together, which is NOT recommended) and will get your car back on track to self-esteem. Remember your car’s lifestyle needs to change. Permanently. It is sluggish and heavy because you are… Read more »