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Food Rewards and Punishments



Don’t be turned off or bored by this title.  This is a monster of a topic that scratches the surface of some ideas so powerful and pervasive that if you were to follow the rabbit hole to their origin, you would be presented with a completely different template for life, love, self-esteem, parenting, business, and human interaction – not just a mended relationship with the things you put in your mouth.     We’re talking, at the core, about “intrinsic motivation” vs. the false presumptions made by the popular and foolishly-accepted psychological theory of “behaviorism.”  In the model of behaviorism, it is generally believed that people need some kind of incentive, reward, or form of praise to be motivated to do an activity.  And, on the other side of that coin, bad behavior… Read more »

The Wind River Diet


Louis Cahill Photography

By Matt Stone “The constant desire to go deeper into the Wilderness is shared by almost any backpacker. There is a relentless urge to travel further into the heart of pristine nature – to become more united with the vastness of it.” “It’s been over two years since I walked out of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, exhausted, depleted, and confused. The Winds, a set of three immense Wilderness areas tied together by a pristine Indian Reservation, comprise one of the most sought after backpacking destinations in the country. My mission was to be lost among this inspiring landscape for as long as possible. Alone, unsupported, without resupply, I stumbled out on the forty-fourth day.” “Strained, lonely, starving, traumatized at times, I experienced the most exquisite earthly connections imaginable in those… Read more »