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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that I did a short, silly little article on that was posted earlier this week.  It’s about a nasty virus that’s being spread around like raw butter on sourdough bread at a WAPF conference.  The link below will take you there… No doubt inspired by Martin Berkhan’s article “Fuckarounditis.”   Make sure you get vaccinated!!!

180DegreeHealth Hot Chicks Club


Recently I joked around about starting a “180 Hot Chicks Club” designated for the first 180 women who managed to hit a basal axillary temperature (without fever) of 99 degrees F or higher on a Vicks digital thermometer.  First 180 members will receive a free t-shirt (once there are 180 members)! Okay, that t-shirt may be an empty promise.  However, if there really were 180 girls hitting that temperature following my general ‘rest and overfeed’ recommendation for achieving metabolic healing (via HED/RRARF or the milk diet and “chillaxin’”), I probably would take the time and effort to create a t-shirt for that.  That would be pretty outrageous. It is official by the way.  There are now 3 prominent members of the 180 Hot Chicks Club… 1) Recent inductee Kathy C. has gone from the low-97′s to 99 in… Read more »