Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle

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By Rob Archangel, staff writer

Ahoy! I’m writing to give you all a heads up that Matt’s got a couple of books in Primal Toad’s Wellness Bundle. If you haven’t picked up  Eat for Heat or 12 Paleo Myths, here’s your chance to, alongside 31 other eBooks, at a heavily discounted price. 

Among the bundle are Frank Forencich’s Exuberant Animal, and a whole panoply of recipe and cooking guides, including a coconut oil cookbook. You know how much we love coconut oil ’round here.

Deal ends next week, so check it out here!


  1. Although 33 eBooks for $39 sounds like a great deal, I just wonder why any faithful 180 reader would want the other 31 books? Wouldn’t they just contradict what Matt has been saying about all those restricted/extreme diets? I must admit Primal Toad is one of my favorite “Paleo” type bloggers, at least he isn’t as dogmatic as Sissons!

    • Hey Jon,

      I like Todd as well for his open-mindedness. And I hear you, but I don’t think it’s all contradictory. Certainly there’s a lot of stuff 180 wouldn’t get behind, but there’s lots that’s perfectly congruent. We non-Paleos can eat and enjoy paleo food as much as the next person, for example, even if we smash a pizza next meal. And, divorced of orthorexia, the emphasis on nutritious whole food among paleo and primal folks is legit and a good starting point for meal ideas.

      As with anything, take what you read with a grain of salt, and remain discerning and critical-minded. But by all means, expose yourself to different perspectives; I reckon there are gems to be had.

      That said, not trying to go for a hard sale, so no pressure.

      • This makes NO sense. Most people on here-I would hazard to say ALMOST ALL have been through the mill as regards dieting. It seems like a COMPLETE contradiction for Matt to write a post in which he touts 2013 as the year of No Diets and turn around and have a post pushing diet books. Sure, people should have the right to try Paleo or whatever else they like, but you have to admit this sends a mixed, and very confusing, message

        • I’m guessing that most of the 400+ folks who have already purchased the bundle (yes, I am not lying and have no words for this success of this bundle so far) will download at least one of Matt’s books. Right? Safe assumption I think.

          And only a few discuss Paleo directly throughout the entire book. Actually, I think just 2.

          The “Paleo Ice Cream” ebook uses Coconut Milk instead of milk. On Ben’s sales page, who is the author of the ebook, is a huge fan of Matt Stone and specifically says this on the sales page.

          Paleo is just a stupid term that folks use to describe how they generally eat. From my personal experience, most folks are not dogmatic about it. They maybe at first but then they let go of it.

          We all agree that saturated fat and cholesterol are actually vitally important for us humans. Most of the world does not know this yet.

          I am just here to help turn around the health of society. I know Matt has a great message for folks but so do the authors of this bundle. It’s why I included his 2 ebooks.

        • Dude, the bundle is not all diet books. By my count, only a handful of them are explicitly promoting a paleo diet. A bunch of them are cookbooks, which as I mentioned to Jon, pose no restriction on a non-paleo eater as to what they do with the rest of their life. Others focus on topics like natural childbirth, lacto-fermentation, homemade skincare products, music’s effect on the brain, and family camping.

          There are a bunch of interesting topics here that have little to do with promoting an unhealthy diet mentality.

      • “We non-Paleos can eat and enjoy paleo food as much as the next person, for example, even if we smash a pizza next meal.”

        Thanks Rob. Great point :)

    • Thanks Jon! I appreciate your kind words. I’ve been at this game for nearly 3 years and strongly respect many Paleo bloggers as well as folks like Matt Stone (as of more recently). We are all in this together. I thought through 2012 about ditching “Paleo” but the reason I did not is community – it’s incredible if you find those who don’t turn into police. And once you meet folks in person, you learn how open-minded they really are. It’s hard to express how you truly feel on the internet.

      I think Rob said it best: “As with anything, take what you read with a grain of salt, and remain discerning and critical-minded. But by all means, expose yourself to different perspectives; I reckon there are gems to be had.”

    • I asked myself the same, but then I started reading a bit about the other books, and for example, the “21 myths about the Paleo diet… debunked!” doesn’t debunk any of the myths Matt talks about. It’s more like for a common reader who’s afraid of saturated fat.

      Actually, now I’m kinda “worried” about all the other buyers when they get to Matt’s book. :P

      • That’s exactly the point Georgina- Todd invited us to participate so we could reach folks who might otherwise not know about 180, folks who may be having trouble with their supposed perfect diet but who maybe feel trapped since they only hear the success stories and can’t make sense of their challenges.

        It’s always easier to have a bridge from one’s current place to wherever you’re headed, and bundling 12 Paleo Myths here along with pro-paleo books does that.

        • Exactly! I can honestly see a good shift in the “Paleo” movement. And trust me, I strongly dislike this word. It’s a simple label to me that states I believe in saturated fat and cholesterol and other things that the government fails to state the truth about.

  2. I bought the bundle because of you Eat for Heat. I and my children have wheat intollerance, it stuffs up their heads and makes me miserably achey. I was going to try the GAPS diet before reading you books. Now I don’t know what to do. Have many people overcome allergy/intollerrances just eating what they want? I would love to eat wheat again, but hate the constant pain.

    • Ann,

      Yes- folks have reported becoming less sensitive to previously allergenic foods like wheat. When you raise the metabolism, you often see a reduction is sensitivity to innocuous substances like cat hair or pollen or certain foods. I don’t Matt would recommend pounding food that causes tremendous discomfort, but after a little while, you might try incorporating a little bit of wheat (white flour preferably, since it’s easier to digest) along with other foods, and see how you react. There is an element of training your body not to have a hair trigger reaction, so you may experience a little discomfort in that transition, and you should be mindful to not force anything, especially if you’re having an awful reaction. You want to see yourself becoming less reactive, more dietarily free over time.

      There’s no guarantee, and some people do have legitimate celiac or other intolerances, but lot of people see improvements.

    • Ann,

      After low carbing and paleo eating for a number of years I found myself becoming less tolerant of more and more foods until I was down to only a certain number of foods I could eat. I read about Ray Peat and read more of Matt Stone’s work and after ‘Ray Peating’ for a few months, then following Matt’s Eat for Heat – mainly adding sugar and salt back into my diet, I found I could eat more and more foods which I couldn’t eat before. i can now eat wheat every day with out any problems. Before this, every time I ate wheat I had digestive and inflammation issues.

      So it has helped me tremendously in the food allergy area of my life. I still stay away from most fruits and vegetables.


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