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Consults and Classes 2

Get Help thumbnailThe 180DegreeHealth Get Help Program. Consult or take an online class with one or more of several health professionals at 180DegreeHealth. Work with 180 Founder Matt Stone to troubleshoot your diet and lifestyle for better results and a higher metabolism. Work with Meta Health practitioner Bella Dodds for mental and emotional balancing. Take a fertility awareness class to learn about safe alternatives to hormonal birth control and how to maximize fertility with Hannah Ransom. And more!There is no shortage of excellent services available.Click the Get Help Button’to see what’s currently on Get Help button2 offer.

Books and Audio

master the art of feeding your kids*NEW* Food Ninjas: How to Raise Kids to Be Lean, Mean, Eating Machines?is THE roadmap for raising your children to be the ?lucky? ones who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and be lean and healthy as a result.After reading?Food Ninjas, you will no longer have to control, bribe, struggle, or fight your children to eat this or eat that. You can relax. They can relax.And the whole family can put all that wasted time and effort towards something a Add to Cartlot more fulfilling.Just $2.99 on Amazon. Press the Buy Now button’to purchase. Also available in the Platinum Collection (see below)

Complete guide to restoring metabolism*SALE!* The Platinum Collection is the ultimate set of 180DegreeHealth materials published by the site’s founder, independent health researcher Matt Stone.It includes’the 180 Collection (4 eBooks ? 180 Metabolism, 180 Digestion, 180 Diabetes, and 180 Kitchen, 12 eZines, and 6 hours of audio), the RBTI Introduction Package (2 eBooks, 8 videos, 9 audios), and the newest 180DegreeHealth eBooks -?Food Ninjas,?Diet Recovery,?12 Paleo Myths,?and bestsellers Diet Add to CartRecovery 2?and Eat for Heat.A $332.53 value?for only $27!Only for sale on the site through Sunday. Last chance to buy it!

bundle thumbnailThe Metabolism Bundle?is a 4 eBook bundle by the site’s founder Matt Stone. It contains all the tools to understand the importance of metabolic rate in health and body composition, as well as the most current and precise methods for boosting metabolism, all in one complete bundle.Includes 180 Metabolism, Diet Recovery, and bestsellers Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2, as well as a 5+hour audio seminar on weight loss and metabolism.A $49.92 value based on Add to Cartthe?current?price of individual items. $20 savings when bundled together.$29.95

Audible_GIFAudiobooks by Matt Stone and narrated by Matt Stone are now available through Audible. The audiobooks currently?available are Food Ninjas,?The Vegan Solution, Diet Recovery?and?Eat for Heat.?Books arriving this fall?include?Diet Recovery 2 and 12 Paleo Myths. Best of all, you can listen to?your first one?at no charge by signing up for a free?30-day trial membership with Audible.?If you would like to?learn more about Audible’s free trial membership, click HERE. Click Shop Now buttonShop Now’to see the current listing of books written and narrated by Matt Stone.

eat for heat thumbnailIndividual Books by Matt Stone are available in many formats, including paperback,?and are’sold at all the major online retail outlets such as Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and others. Books written by Matt Stone include Eat for Heat, Diet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, Solving the?Paleo Equation, and ten others.To’see a full listing of all?books, places where they are sold, and the available formats for each, click HERE. Or you can simply travel directly toShop Now button Amazon’s Matt Stone author page’to see?all 14 listings by clicking Shop Now.


The Great Cholesterol Con?by Anthony Colpo is a meticulously-researched?review of the ridiculous idea that’saturated fat and cholesterol consumption causes heart disease. You’ll learn that?populations consuming high saturated fat diets often enjoy very low rates of heart disease, that?many dietary recommendations made by ‘experts’?actually increase heart disease risk, as well as?cancer, diabetes, and obesity risk, and that the primary Shop Now buttonforce behind the anti-cholesterol paradigm is not public health, but profit. Most importantly, you’ll discover what?does promote heart disease and?how to?prevent it.

FLBThe Fat Loss Bible?by Anthony Colpo takes the same methodical, science-backed approach to the world of fat loss and turns it upside down. You’ll learn how to determine??protein, fat and carbohydrate levels for your goals, how to deal with fat-loss plateaus,?how to eliminate hunger pains and cravings, why ‘small, frequent meals? are unnecessary, the truth about low-carb Shop Now buttondiets, ketosis, vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, food-combining, and how to manage the psychological and social aspects of fat loss to reach your goals.It’s all here, covering every aspect?of fat loss in thorough detail.