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The following stories are those of followers that have improved their health by following some general guidelines outlined in my work.

This is just a sampling of the feedback and’testimonials that I have gathered over the past few years to highlight the breadth of health conditions that can be alleviated and overcome with simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle. ?Most of these changes took place, presumably, due to changes in body chemistry and/or an increase in metabolic rate from following some of the general guidelines promoted on this website. ?They highlight the power of simple modifications that give the body the tools it needs to perform its healing work ?and conquer even the most obscure and seemingly-unrelated conditions.


100+ Pound Weight Loss

I must agree that eating like a fiend cuts out all cravings -and- I’ve lost 100 pounds over the last year eating like a fiend. The weight is coming off naturally and I’m never deprived and I don’t waste hours at a gym. People think I’m lying to them when I tell them how I lost the weight. :)


14 Pound Weight Loss Doubling Calorie Intake

Hello Matt, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I quit dieting 2 months ago. I eat what I want, when I want, as long as it’s nutritious. I was shocked when I got on the scale the other day. I’ve lost 14 pounds! My family has been on a diet called Isagenix for the past few months. They only eat 1 meal a day and drink meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner. Their average calorie intake is 1,000-1,200 a day! I’ve lost the same amount of weight they have, eating a ton of food! I eat around 2,200 -2,500 calories a day.


Better Sleep/Improved Glucose Clearance

Sorry to bother you gain but you’ve got to know about this!! This morning I had a big plate of potatoes, meat and fat for breakfast (50-60cl of olive oil, 150g of beef, 500g of potatoes and a lot of cabbage) and 55min after my meal, my blood glucose was 114 and 1 hour 50 after my meal it is now 95!! It is not quite your ideal readings you had on overfeeding but it is pretty much amazing I think compared to a few months ago. Keep in mind that I had nearly 120 4 hours after my meal in early march and 95 after a whole night of sleep!!

Looks like I’m getting more and more insulin sensitive !! At least, I’m not getting worse but better. I must be the ideal HED subject: actually lean with improved glucose readings.

Take care,

Weight Loss Doubling Calorie Intake and Quitting Jogging

I followed the Isagenix diet for a month and am so glad that you introduced me to this blog and lifestyle before a went too far in that direction (Tiffany is my sister-in-law). After just one month of the Isagenix diet routine I was completely devoid of energy, my hypoglycemia was at its worst, and my basal temperature was only 96.4 (the low basal temp might also be partly due to a lifetime of dieting mishaps, but I’m sure this recent venture didn’t help much). As soon as I found this site I quit dieting, put a stop to my 5 mile a day running regimen that I hated (but believed was completely necessary for me to maintain my weight), and started monitoring my basal temperature daily. After three weeks living this new lifestyle my basal temperature leveled off at a nice 98.1 and I have had more energy than ever. And it’s funny that you mention that you lost relatively the same amount as a family member on the Isagenix diet because after I stopped dieting I lost twice the amount I lost during the 1 month I was on Isagenix. Hooray for real food!


45 Point Blood Pressure Drop

I was pretty shocked to see my blood pressure drop from like 175/95 three months into the HED, to 130/75 six weeks later, even as I was eating as much as ever. That was the first solid evidence that overfeeding was actually setting things straight in my body, and not just causing damage like the conventional wisdom would have you believe.

Gustav Collden

Whole Family Weight Loss/Better Hair, Skin, and Nails

Just wanted to give you a quick update: My mom is down from 140 to 126lbs and my sister is down from 158 to 140lbs eating the 180 degree way! They are eating thousands of calories a day of fat, starchy carbs, and animal protein. Both have found that a weekly “high sugar day” (pounding natural fruit sugars and some white sugar) has helped keep their metabolisms running super fast.

As for me, I’ve put a little weight back on because I have been eating out almost every day. I try to make good decisions at restaurants (no fried anything, order beef as much as possible, whole wheat, etc) But this is proving to me that sugar and PUFA’s are hiding in everything! I just found out the restaurant I work for cooks their eggs in canola oil! I’ve been ordering omelettes there for months! My strategy now: Go back to eating mostly homemade foods. (I had gone down from 146 to 134lbs and now I’m back up to 145). I would still really like to be 130lbs. I’m 5’9 but also an actress and model, so it’s more for industry standards.

I still notice improvements in my health every day. My hair and nails grow faster and stronger, I’m rarely fatigued, my skin is clear, I sleep like a baby, and my temperature is consistently 98.6 (hot girls club??) My mom’s hair got very thin after she gave birth to all of us, and now her hair is super thick and healthy. Her stylist noticed right away! Now that our bodies have a surplus of plentiful, healthy calories, things like hair, nails, and skin receive more of the body’s attention. Why would a human body care about hair and nails when it only has 1000 calories to work with? It’s only going to be concerned with the most vital functions.

I am constantly referring people to your site. It is a very hard thing to convince someone that fat is good and calories don’t matter. I guess we need to lead by example:) The proof is in the pudding!

Take care,

Fat Loss/Increased Libido

First of all I gotta commend you on the quality of your blog. I first found out about you from Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Low Carb blog where he was mentioning something about your post where you pinpointed the pitfalls of a low-carb diet using his current weight as an example. First I thought “how rude”, but deep inside I was thinking the same thing – how come he looks the way he looks and he’s one of the most famous low carbers out there.

Personally I have been on a low carb diet for a while, and for some 6 months it was great (fat loss, better muscle tone, more energy etc…) but after that I started putting the weight on back (slowly though) and I also became more prone to allergies, afternoon tiredness etc… I also have to say that my diet was basically “perfect” in quality – only grass fed local organic beef, butter and cream, wild fish, limited pastured poultry/nuts and seeds, a lot of coconut milk/oil organic cruciferous veggies and other greens – absolutely no cheat meals, no junk food, no effective carbs basically….and it still started failing me (which took me long while to admit to myself).

Anyway, I began reading your blog just to see what you’re all about…and I was a bit put off at first (being that I was so deep in the low carb dogma) but after a while I started doing a lot of research on my own and started coming to very similar conclusions. I was also doing a lot of research on refeeding, carb cycling etc and two months ago I decided I’m going to start introducing sweet potatoes and yams once a week – that limited carb choice is now expanded to regular potatoes, oatmeal, rice, sprouted/sourdough breads with some fruit and I’ve gotta say it’s been almost a miracle – I feel like the first time I got on a low carb diet, just much more fun:) the fat started burning off, my energy levels and libido are back up, all in all it head a great general effect on my health. It was quite emotional for me to eat grains after almost five years of complete avoidance, and I gotta say it’s liberating being outside of the dogma – especially when experiencing all these benefits.

So basically I wanted to say thank you for your blog, because it was one of the key things that made me do some more research out of the low carb realm that I thought to be the alpha and omega of nutrition. I think you’re on a great track with all of your research and you’re right on the spot with your decision to research into carb cycling/anabolic diet/refeeds? there’s definitely a lot to the whole body fat set point regulation and leptin and I believe this is the right way to go in to further research.

Keep up the good work

Improvements After Coming Off a Paleo Diet

Hello Matt Stone,

I just wanted to extend my gratitude towards you for all the wonderful and witty information you’ve provided to those confused souls seeking solace from the infinite number of restrictive diets floating around in this declining empire. Count me in as one of those confused souls. I was a vegetarian for 11 years (2 of those years were spent as a raw vegan). After my wife’s B12 levels were found to be dangerously low coupled with some insidious health issues made worse by chronic exercise, I decided to ditch vegetarianism and luckily my wife followed shortly thereafter. Did I say “luckily”? Actually, it took plenty of convincing, debate, and downright arguing before my wife embraced the carnivorous side of her being. As you know, there are some horrible consequences if one has extremely low B12 levels. You see, my wife and I became vegetarians for political and moral reasons. Health was also a concern, but it took a backseat to our ideology. Lierre Keith’s book “The Vegetarian Myth” was crucial in refuting our perception about vegetarianism being on the side of environmental sustainability. After 20 years of vegetarianism, my wife began eating fish after reading Lierre’s book and shortly thereafter she made the leap to chicken, red meat, lamb, etc.

Unfortunately, we decided to replace our former vegetarianism with the primal/paleo diet. We were riding high for the first 3 months- plenty of energy, increased muscle mass, increased strength, etc. Yes, primal/paleo felt like the holy grail of diets. But something happened in the past month which greatly disturbed me. I started to suffer bouts of insomnia culminating in a 2 week stretch of little to no sleep. Of course, my irritability increased. Before my bout with insomnia, acne began to surface on my face and food sensitivities appeared out of nowhere. My energy levels were up and down. In short, the honeymoon was over.

Now some might say, “You didn’t correctly apply the tenets of the primal/paleo diet.” Well, I always bought top quality grass-fed beef and pastured chicken from a local farmer, wild alaskan salmon, pastured pork, organ meats like liver, beef heart, and kidneys. All vegetables were organic and locally grown. I ate sweet potatoes every day to meet my carb needs and other starchy vegetables. I stayed away from grains and ate only good fats like coconut oil, beef tallow, pork lard. No processed food whatsoever. Strict prmal/paleo. My wife did the same. Incidentally, my wife also suffered from similar ailments, i.e.- sleep problems, acne, etc.

I suppose by default I had become “low-carb.” I bought into the misconceptions purported by the likes of Panu, Free the Animal, and Mark Sisson’s “insidious weight gain” label with regards to consuming more than 150 grams of carbohydrates. It’s hard to know exactly how many carbs I consumed in one day. I ate 1 1/2 to 2 sweet potatoes per day along with starchy vegetables at every meal + blueberries. Some days I would binge on 3 or 4 large sweet potatoes with tons of ghee after eating dinner.

It was only after I read your free e-book + your blog entries and the comments written by the 180 Degree Health online community documenting the pitfalls of low carb that I began to figure out what the hell was wrong. As a result, I have started a week long HED experiment to restore some sanity back into my life free from the shackles of nutritional dogma. So far so good. My sleep improved immediately, no more insomnia! My wife was spot on when she said to me over a heaping plate of quinoa + red lentils in curry sauce that you have liberated us from yet another dietary prison.

Of course, I will continue to eat the most nutritious food I can, but no longer will I demonize carbohydrates or meat or whatever the undeserving scapegoat is for the current diet trend. Your free E-book and tireless research has saved my life and wife’s life from a potential health hazard of burnt out adrenals and god knows what else. I would also like to thank your readers for their insights and their willingness to share their experiences. I’ve learned a lot from them as well. I’m going to buy all the 180 Degree Health e-books as a show of solidarity to you and your work, but also because your wit and insight are hidden treasures in the world of health and wellness.


Lifelong Constipation Gone in 2 Weeks/No Period Cramps/Decreased Autoimmune Joint Disease

Please help. I hit day 39 yesterday of RRARF and need advice. I’m looking at trying to get my blood sugars normalized (among other things). I have come from lowish carb GAPS for over 6 months and on RRARF have been eating high carb, lowish fat, not super low but less than I want. I have been eating red potatoes, quinoa, brown basmati rice and yams for my starches. I’ve cut all fruit, nuts, seeds, stevia and honey. My temps are great going from 96.4 up to 97.8 and even 98.0 on some days. During ovulation I was 98.5-98.7. My fasting glucose started in the low 100’s and has only dropped to a consistent 93, better but I still obviously need it lower. Then my 1 hour postprandial glucose reading jumps all over from 199 at first and then on different days 140’s or 150’s. It has been in the 110’s and low 120’s lately and I get excited it’s improving but then will jump up to the 140’s again.

So my question is if I should keep going or can I start eating to appetite? I want to fix the problem and not just put a band-aid on it but it’s getting really difficult to eat this much. What do I do?

(On a side note, here is what I have to report so far on RRARF. I sleep a million times better, have less joint pain from an autoimmune disease and didn’t have cramps during my period for the first time in years. I have gained 5 unwanted pounds but oh well. My husband has increased his temps from 95.9 to between 97.0 – 97.5 depending on the day and also sleeps a million times better. Poor thing really packed it on with a whopping .2 pound gain- not even a half a pound. His fasting glucose has stayed even at around 87. His postprandial glucose readings have gone from the 120’s and 130’s to a typical 103. We have nothing negative to say about our experience so far and are very thankful to you, Matt, and everyone here at the 180 blog.)

Oh, one more thing to report on rrarf so far. I hope poo talk is okay here, it’s applauded on the GAPS boards I’m used to so don’t read any more if you can’t stand toilet talk. For those that deal with constipation, I have been constipated my whole life and needed enemas just to go. I’ve done daily enemas for over 2 years now and by the 2nd week of rrarf I was going by myself once a day. Now for the last 2 weeks straight I not only didn’t need an enema but am consistently going 3x a day on my own. The pride I now have as I leave the bathroom-well formed, good consistency, a joy that can be truly appreciated by the constipated.


Improvements in Breast Milk

My breastfed baby went from pooping once every 4-7 days…to 2-3 times a day.


2 Degrees F Body Temperature Increase in 30 days

OK…. So one month after eating a lot, sleeping slot, and watching my temperatures, I hit 98 degrees today! Was averaging 96s and even high 95s when I started.


Panic Attacks/Adrenal Fatigue/Heart Palpitations/Brain Fog

I just thought I should let everyone know that I am officially over my adrenal fatigue! Just got back from a doctor’s visit to go over my saliva test results!

Every day I wake up effortlessly around 6am, sans alarm clock, and get sleepy right around 8pm. No more brain fog, lethargy, or mood swings. No more panic attacks, heart palpitations, etc. I am so happy, and feel oh-so vibrant. Everything just seems so much more clear, almost as if I’m experiencing life for the first time (sorry if that sounds corny, or cheesy… but it’s the truth!)

Thank you Matt Stone. Doubt I could’ve done it as effectively without you!


Stable Blood sugar/Great Mood/Increased Energy

Hi Matt,

I first emailed you about 2 months ago, wanting some advice on how to add carbs back to my diet. I wanted to give you an update on how things turned out for me. You originally advised me to do carb cycling, but I’ve never actually been great at following other people’s advice, so after trying carb cycling for a few weeks I just went for RRARF.

So in the past 2 months I’ve pretty much been eating HED or RRARF, whatever it is called now. It was rough at first but now it’s great. I gained weight but it seems to have stabilized. I only ended up gaining like 10 or 15lbs of fat, which is not that bad or even noticeable. I moved my belt out one notch. No big deal. But, here’s the really cool part: I’ve gained a lot of muscle too. I haven’t been working out. I’ve been sitting on my ass eating starch and meat for 2 months straight, and I’ve gained more muscle in those 2 months than I did in 4 months of eating zero carb and lifting weights. It’s not only water and glycogen either. I can tell when I move around that my legs have better power and explosiveness: it’s easier to jump. It’s AWESOME. Haha, does my excitement show?

Also, my energy is starting to come back. I worked 3rd shift all summer, and now I’m adjusting to being awake in the morning and afternoon for school, so things aren’t perfect. But my god, things are so much better. I get incredibly fidgety if I sit still for too long and the feeling that my limbs are made of lead and it can’t possibly be worthwhile to move them is gone. And my digestion! It’s better than it has ever been in my life. I literally didn’t know it could be this good.

Finally, my blood sugar control is better. A lot better! When I used to eat ice cream, I would immediately get the high blood sugar headache and thirst, and then the crash would come an hour later followed by the insane desire to eat more ice cream and anything else that gets in the way. I don’t get the headaches anymore! Nor does my blood sugar crash and nor do I feel the desire to go on some psychotic ice cream binge. I have no idea why eating starch would improve my blood sugar control like this, but it does. It could be elf magic or nanobots for all I care, it works!

So anyway, thank you so much for putting the word out there and taking the time to answer my emails when I first started. You rock. Keep being awesome!


Muscle Gain and Fat Loss with Less Effort

Yo Matt, since stumbling upon your blog a few months back I have really been able to take control of my health and live in a way that allows me to be healthy but not obsessed with the pursuit of weight loss and health. I have been able to keep my weight down and pack on muscle in a more efficient and less time and thought consuming way than ever before.


Decreased Grain Sensivity/Improved Severe Digestive Disorder

Everything Matt has said in the last few weeks is true. It doesn’t matter…I can eat 10 potatoes for dinner and my body still wants food, even though if I did eat I would probably throw up.

I honestly have seen such an accelerated rate of healing with the more food I eat, even if some of it is crap…it has completely fixed my bowels and I actually have the energy to deal with the stresses and situations of everyday life.

As for the grains, I gave them up completely and for a while I wasn’t even able to go back to them because I was so intolerant. It took a while, but now I can actually eat a sandwich without feeling awful.

I tried everything? I spent around 12,000 dollars on colonics, supplements, chiropractors, biofeedback, and other procedures. I had the mayo clinic tell me that my colon would most likely have to be removed…


1 degree C body temperature increase in 7 days

Hey bro.

How’s it going? My temperature went from 36 to 36.8 upon waking now. My regular temp is 37 to 37.1 which means my thyroid is working again good I think. It’s been only about a week.


Personal Trainer Loses fat Eating more and exercising less

Been an exercise freak my whole life. In fact, I worked out myself into stage 3 adrenal fatigue with a body temp of 97.0. On month 3 of focusing on health. Eating all the foods that I once thought were the devil (potatoes, brown rice etc.)

Results so far?avg basal temp 97.7 ? my all time high 98.1. Cravings completely gone. Lost a couple pounds but mostly inches. Clothes fit looser and the jiggle factor is reduced.

But most of all I feel great and I don’t have to peel myself out of bed in the morning. Also am really enjoying focusing on my health for a change instead of striving for that illusive six pack. Doing the same for my clients. Would like to be known as the Anti-DIET Health and Fitness guru instead of just another metabolism destroyer.


Type 2 Diabetes Reduced Glucose levels

When I started reading 180 Degree Health about a year ago my glucose was hovering dangerously in the 400-500 range. I was doing “low carb” at the time. After making adjustments in my diet to include starch in proportion to protein (with the fat intact )and eating to appetite my sugars are now in the 200s. Big difference. As I continue to heal I expect to overcome my Type II diabetes completely.


Flat Stomach With Ice cream and burgers and no?Situps

After reading your blog, I cut out all Omega-6. I eat burgers, lasagna, fruit, veggies, bread, butter, and ice cream. All sorts of evil saturated fat! Ha! I rest. I do some weight training. I take long walks. No excessive running. I quit drinking coffee to get my cortisol down.

I now have a flat stomach! And I don’t do anything! I don’t even know how to do sit ups properly!

I thought it wasn’t supposed to be this way. I thought I should get fatter. I thought my metabolism would’ve slowed (I’m in my mid-30s now). Not so.


Crohn’s Disease

Anyways, is been a little more than 3 month since I started your recommendations and my health keeps on improving every day. I am starting to feel normal again after 3 years of being super sick (if you have any clue of what that means). Man, it is pretty cool feeling normal again! I have gained a little over 30 lbs. I am at my normal weight before I got sick which was at 145 lbs. I look more muscular, have a butt!, increased libido, better sleep, better digestion, etc. I still have 3-5 b.m.’s a day. I sometimes see a little bit of blood in my stools too, but my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid symptoms have pretty much disappeared.


“Cured” from Dieting

I grew up and was never fat, we were actually really skinny kids, ate good nutritious homecooked meals and were always outside playing. About 9th grade, I started not being as skinny and then it all started after my mom said I couldn’t eat like a kid anymore (ie, anything, anytime etc). She wasn’t being mean just saying to watch it. Well this started the next 10 years of my life being obsessed with exercise, dieting, ups and downs, hating myself/body, constantly worried about what I was eating, when I was going to eat, how much fat and then bingeing and then hating myself bc I did. I tried all the diets out there -Atkins, WW, my own calorie counting. At one point I was obsessed with running and would run twice a day in high school. I was down to 112 lbs and am 5’6 and I remember a kid in my neighborhood saw me running and was like “why do you run so much?” I said “to lose weight”…he goes “FROM WHERE?”. But to me, I needed to stay slim or else I’d “be fat” and “ugly.”

And this was normal – I don’t remember a friend, (save one in college) that wasn’t obsessed and in bondage over food and body image.

So when I was 24, I was so fed up I remember crying and I said, I’m not dieting for the rest of my life – EVER. I don’t care how much I weigh, I don’t care how much I gain, I REFUSE to live like this anymore and REFUSE to ever pass this destructive behavior down to a daughter some day. I said, I am stopping this NOW because the mental and emotional pain of obsessing and hating is worse to live with than if I ever would become “fat” by not dieting.

Even though everyone thought I was crazy and it took a lot of discipline in the beginning, I literally ate whatever I wanted whenever my body wanted it. I have never once been on the scale since. I realized the more of anything I “allowed” myself to have the less I wanted it bc my body knew that if it needed it, I could have it and it would tell me.

Long story short, I am now healed from that destructive behavior and never eat unless I’m hungry, it’s just second nature now. The irony is that in the first two years after I started my “no diet for life” – I went down two sizes and have stayed that way no matter what I eat or how little I work out – I’ve consistently been a size 4 for the last 7 years, something I NEVER did prior – I would always balloon up to an 8 then diet and lose weight, balloon up to a 8 and go down – all over the place, my body was a mess. Also for a big chunk of that time, I had very sporadic periods until I was 21 bc of my crazy body and dieting mess.

Anyways, I’m telling you all this to say thanks for getting the word out. I have spent the last 7 years helping a bunch of my close friends rid themselves from all the food and body bondage just based on my own random personal experiences and it’s great to hear someone like you, that has the attention of many people, preach the truth! :)

I love all of your research and blogs, keep up the great work and let me tell you – I’m a living example that what you just wrote WORKS. I’ve by no means “arrived” at some health utopia but it’s a work in progress just as all life is and its cool to just learn how to be kind to your body and love yourself bc it’s the only body we’ve got!

Sorry that got kind of long, just wanted to share. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Regrown Hair/Stabilized Moods/Reduced Cravings

Oh and PS….best line in your blog was when it said you do more damage stressing out about what you eat than actually eating junk – I concur 100% this is true!

Matt’s Rehabilitative Rest and ReFeeding (RRARF)has helped me to stabilize my moods, calm my appetite, reduce cravings, lower my blood sugar, grow back some hair, heal my digestive tract and feel better overall.

-Lisa S.

Fat Loss/Muscle Gain/Lower Fasting Glucose

My BG is better though on RRARF. Yesterday my fasting BG was 68. My mobility is fine too. While admittedly I’m in no shape to run a marathon, I have no problem exercising on my exercise bike regularly and mowing my lawn etc (basically living my life). I rarely get sick. When everyone around me is coughing and spluttering, I don’t catch a thing.

The period of time where I put on the most weight was the period I was barely eating. I’m eating way more now and have lost a little weight and have gained more muscle. I know my doctors are consistently surprised I’m not circling the drain yet, but I have good genes. I’ve always been active and ate reasonably well, although I am eating much better on RRARF. You might assume many things about me but you would be wrong.


Heart Palpitations/Anxiety

I’m kind of new, I started taking your advice about two months ago and I really need to thank you for saving me. I had so many problems I don’t even know where to start. I was on the verge of dropping out of school and just calling it quits but my most severe problems like anorexic tendencies, anxiety, heart palpitations and the inability to digest anything cleared up. Thank you so much for doing this.


Return of Period with no Pain or PMS

Speaking of periods, I think mine have been regained by this diet. For about 5 years my periods were sporadic at best and the last year there was no period. Apparently if you don’t have a period for 12 months or more you are considered to be entering menopause. I’m only 38 at the moment so definitely not prepared for menopause. I tried taking hormones previously without any success. My sex hormones were very low where they were supposed to be higher. My growth hormone was virtually nonexistent. My endocrinologist had no answers for me other than I was getting older.

Within 30 days of starting this diet, I got a normal period without any PMS or pain! Normally I’d be crippled by the pain in my lower back and pelvis. First 3 periods were also normal. Then the next few were getting lighter and shorter and this month it was late. About a week ago I stopped my thyroid meds in preparation for a blood test. Well guess what? One week after stopping the meds my period came back totally normal! So it seems my thyroid dose had become too high. This could all be coincidence of course, but it’s looking pretty good for the RRARF way of life.


61 Pound Weight Loss

“I do RRARF without the rest… hubby away for months, full time job from home, 3 kids with me 24/7 (we homeschool) and very little support. My days are constant until 2am. But I have tried to reduce stress in other ways and hope that the extra sleep helps in the next stage. So far have lost 28kg / 61lbs and feeling awesome most days.”


2.8 Degree Body Temperature Increase

Matt….few months ago when I “met” you and took my body temp for the first time in a million years it was around 95.6 (sometimes lower…). Fast forward to today…the morning temps are at least 97 and evening 98 – 98.4! I am a happy woman needless to say. Also a few days ago I first made this dish called mashed potatoes (by you Americans) and just died and went to delicious heaven! I’ve lost a lot of my phobias about eating. I’ve again started losing weight after a long time. And oh yeah…now my temps don’t go down even if I’ve worked out strenuously or fasted which they used to previously! Magic?


125% Increase in Testosterone

‘this diet has made me a sex beast LOL. My testosterone is through the roof. One year ago, the total testosterone was 325 ! Up 400 ! I have more than doubled it!!! The doctor laughed and said “you’re a true boy as you can see”. No wonder my GF complains of a sore… LOL (kidding)?


Decreased Inflammation

I just wanted to let you know that I did loads of blood work and it came back so perfect the doctor had hardly ever seen such perfect blood work! One of the tests was for inflammation and I had a score of 1 where the normal healthy person ranges within 0-20 and many sick people reach almost 200. I just know you’d find that interesting since I follow much of your anti inflammatory guidelines. It definitely works. No question about that. lol.

-Lisa E.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Cured

Hi Matt,

Since thyroid activity is one of your main topics at 180, I thought you would be interested in my story:

Early 30’s female, diagnosed as hyperthyroid in late 20’s. Turned out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the endocrinologist had mis-treated me with anti-thyroid pills for two months! Fortunately, I moved away and switched doctors to a more astute GP. I puttered along the next three years, never really low enough on the thyroid levels to warrant Synthroid/Armour treatment. Gained 20 pounds. Then I was without insurance for 18 months and had no idea what my levels were.

I began tracking my basal temperatures last autumn which showed low normal-ish level, between 97.8 and 98.2, post-ovulation. Began ETF in January (though I had been using “good fats” for quite a while), by cutting out peanuts/nuts and eating more tateys and rice in place of breads. Temps rose to 98.2 to 98.4.

I had a physical and blood work done last week. The message my Dr. just left on my cell was PRICELESS:

“Well, your liver function, kidneys, blood counts were in good ranges. Your…thyroid…and antibodies….are…uummm…NORMAL. Well, I guess you don’t need meds. Your cholesterol is a little high at 207. Eat good, exercise and I will see you in 6 months.”

You could hear her head rotate in pug like fashion and the tone of voice said, “Really?? Really?”

BTW, my cholesterol has never been that high. Always low, at 145-150, which makes the hormone panels pathetic. I am actually proud to have that 207!

99% of women with Hashimoto’s are Synthroid dependent at this point in the autoimmune maelstrom.

I feel like I have the green light to start in on MAXercize to shed the flub.

Thank you for your continued work. Long live the 180 tatey!


Insulin Resistance Completely Eradicated

Just thought I’d update you on my progress, because few people will understand how excited I am. I have had a fasting BG in the 90s for years. The best BG I ever got on a blood test since 2005 (when I first began to get regular bloods) was an 88. Well this week I have woken up to fasting blood sugars of 75, 77 and 79! The highest my fasting blood sugar ever goes now is 94 and that seems to only happen randomly now and then – like a blip, before going back to the 70s or 80s the next day. I am excited. Because of my PCOS I was so afraid I would end up diabetic one day and LC didn’t seem to be helping me. I am getting some bloods soon and will report back with insulin and glucose levels. I am thrilled.

I am certainly NOT having the reactive hypo symptoms that I had before. Anytime I had a BG of 75 before I would be shaking and feeling very anxious. It’s not like that at all now.

You can read about Lynn’s actual unheard of drop in fasting insulin levels, fasting glucose, and?HOMA-IR – an assessment of insulin resistance and beta cell function here… ?


Decreased Thyroid Cyst/No more Menstrual Cramps

I was alternately vegan and vegetarian for years, had an interim period of (still mainly-vegetarian) SAD omnivory, and then discovered paleo after a crippling six month bout of IBS/chronic diarrhea. Prior to paleo I also had: a multi-nodular thyroid adenoma appear that would occasionally blow up to the size of a ping-pong ball, severe amenorrhea (maybe two menstrual periods a year), severe depression, reactive hypoglycemia, arthritis, anemia, non-stop respiratory and sinus infections, seasonal allergies, lethargy, memory problems and brain fog and probably some other stuff I am forgetting. Most of this stuff cleared up after going paleo, luckily. However, after the honeymoon period of like “Holy shit! I can run around and do stuff now and feel good! AAAHHHH! This is the best diet in the world!” (about 9 months), I found many of the health problems creeping back into my life. The biggies were: my hair became so brittle that I eventually had to chop it off because it was breaking off every time I touched it, my daily diarrhea came back, my thyroid cyst started to increase in size again, I became fatigued as hell, my now regular period became plagued with cramps, my blood pressure was super low, and the original mental clarity I got started to fade. Total fast track to bummer town–I wasn’t sure where to go from there.

Then I found your site. I had been aware of it, of course, but hadn’t really checked it out until recently due to the whole “Matt Stone is a douche” thing that seems to have a life of its own in the paleosphere subconsciously steering me clear. Then, two weeks ago, Chris Masterjohn linked your “Protein–A Closer Look” article and it was one of those really formative light switch moments. I empathized with your diet history because it paralleled mine in many ways?initial good experiences with mostly fruit going downhill, initial good experiences on LC going downhill, etc. I read the whole thing closely, went on to read other entries, watched some of Josh Rubin’s videos, downloaded your free e-book, and looked up everything I could find about Ray Peat. Holy fucking shit! Between all of them it was like the smack I needed to try something new and it all made so much sense intuitively. I found a summary of Peat’s dietary guidelines that someone made on the internet (noting that he emphasizes a lot of the things that I love to eat and crave often and that paleo dictum advises to limit, like dairy products and fruit, and deemphasizes a lot of the things that paleo folks fetishize but that I have to force myself to choke down, like tons of red meat.) I combined these guidelines with your HED ones and modified my current diet thusly:

–less muscle meat

–more bone broths and supplemental gelatin

–more coconut oil, less bacon grease for cooking

–addition of some daily fruit

–less oily fish and more white fish and mollusks

–more dairy products

–addition of white rice

–upping veggies and starches (was never VLC or anything, but eliminated the guilt of taking more veggies than meat on my plate)

–having a little homemade sweetened tapioca pudding every couple days

Small changes in the grand scheme of things, but evidently a big friggin’ deal to my body. Within a single WEEK my temperature went from the high 95s/low 96s (where it has consistently been for most of my adult life) to staying somewhere between 98.5 and 99.3. In fact, the heating system broke at my work three days ago and I didn’t even notice–normally I would have been bundled up and shivering. The white coating on my tongue that has been there for the past six months is gone (so the whole discussion of reversing thinking on candida diets in that interview you did with the Rubins made me high five the air!). I have tons of energy, am sleeping much better, my breath and body odor is noticeably better smelling, my brain is working again, my thyroid cyst is noticeably smaller, my bowel movements are solid once more, my libido is coming back and no menstrual cramps this month. How much of this is the diet, how much the return of spring and sun, and how much is joy about throwing old attitudes out the window I do not know, but whatever the percentage, thanks, dude–I feel better than I have in many many months. Keep on researching and blogging and adapting–you are totally helping people.


Weight Loss After Initial Recovery Period

My 24 year old daughter did RRARF a couple months ago and gained about 6 pounds, then started dropping weight like crazy. It is truly amazing how lovely she looks and is wonderful to see her so slim and happy. So thank you very much to Matt Stone.


Increased Metabolism/Soft Skin

Here’s a long-ish update, but to add to your collection of testimonials…

I started taking Raw Thyroid, Raw Adrenal, and Raw Liver twice a day, and that helped my between-meal fatigue and hand/foot temperature. I can’t really remember time frame with that, as I had a major amount of stress surrounding filing our income taxes (we are self-employed). Anyway, I went to Las Vegas right afterward with my husband for a trade show (it was basically a vacation for me).

I decided to treat that vacation as time to really focus on RRARFing. I did try to somewhat avoid PUFAs, but that can be kind of hard in restaurants.

Every morning I went and had a big breakfast with the hubby, then we would part and I would lay in the sun by the pool until I got too hot (no sunblock), and then I would go back to my room and take a nap, until he called me for lunch. I would go and eat a big lunch. Then, I would walk around in the afternoon until dinner time, and then have a big dinner. I had lots of sugar, including something which is my new favorite thing — a chocolate shake with whiskey in it. :)

Anyway, my temp totally shot up in Vegas — now it is regularly around 98.5/98.6. So, I’m not sure if I should try discontinuing the thyroid and then maybe the adrenal.

Upon returning, I picked up my kids from my parents’ house and they were both visibly larger. Taller, yes, but also chunkier. By coincidence, this week was my son’s 10th birthday, so I took him in for a well child check. His temp was 98.9. I took both the kids’ temps back in February, and they were in the high 96’s, which left me feeling very discouraged because I didn’t know how I would get them to warm up without giving them thyroid. I did give them adrenal, but during my tax prep week, I forgot.

I bought a shit-ton of Easter candy (chocolate) for an egg hunt we did on Tuesday. I’ve left the candy out and we have all been pigging out on it this week. Both the kids have slimmed down. They also seem to have more energy.

My skin, which had gotten really dry on Atkins, is now really soft like it had been for most of my life. I had always had soft skin like a baby, and it had gone away. I don’t need lotion or anything (I didn’t before Atkins, either). I’m not drinking any more water than I used to, either.

Oh, and before tax week, I was still taking care to have several decaf breves with coconut oil in them to keep my temp up, but I was so busy and stressed out during tax week, I didn’t. I was thinking my temp would probably fall in Vegas without coconut oil, but as I mentioned, it didn’t. I do think the excess stress (my stomach was actually upset because I was so stressed out during tax week) postponed my ovulation and lengthened this month cycle.

I had caffeinated coffee this afternoon as kind of a test (espresso, actually), and I had been very intolerant to it — it would make my heart race and then I would crash. I haven’t crashed yet, but we’ll see if I am tired, tomorrow.

Oh, and here is the really huge thing. Both my kids and I are tolerating gluten just fine. We have had large amounts every day this week since I got back from Vegas. Last summer, this would have made my daughter vomit. My son would get a runny nose. I would be extremely tired. I was a little tired yesterday, but rather than have white sourdough bread the day before, I decided to try giving us all some Food For Life Sprouted Bread. It probably has a lot more PUFA in it than the white bread.

So, you’re not concerned about the dry milk powder (oxidized cholesterol?) in a Frosty, huh? ‘Cuz I’m about to go get some for my family.

So, thank you!! I feel like we have such increased freedom now! Food is not our prison any longer!


Enhanced Fertility

My wife is pregnant. By the way when I started eating high calorie with higher carbs and a can of coconut milk a day and maybe 10 eggs it was easy. No luck for almost two years then switched to the diet and she got pregnant fast.


Increased Strength and Stamina

Hi Matt. I’ve been intrigued by your research to say the least and have been following for only a few months now. My results have been uncanny and very impressive. I am just shy of 54 years young and am amazed at the strength and stamina that have returned to me since I’ve followed your suggestions. After teaching dance and fitness until my health declined a few years ago, it has felt really good to have some zest again with the bonus of having some ‘smarts? too!


Balanced Blood Sugar

I am super grateful to your help cause my blood sugar and body heat and other things are back to more normal than they ever were!!!! Plus I have a dietary life now…lol


Overcoming Low-Carb Eating Disorder

Matt, thank you for saving me from my low carb nightmare. I was eating roughly 20-50 grams of carbs per day for an entire year and GAINED 20 pounds before finding 180D.

Thanks to you and your work I now eat fruit, wheat, corn, rice, and other carbohydrates I was previously avoiding. I feel great, no longer obsess about my diet, and have finally started to lose weight.

Avoiding wheat and carbohydrates is a sad, ill-advised, and harmful way to live. I’m so glad for your voice of reason among all the low carb insanity out there.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Overcoming L0w-Carb Eating Disorder

I have lost weight, lost fat, gained muscle after eating them but it isn’t just that, I don’t simply count, stressed and think about food except when I am hungry. I truly believe that obsession with food unless you are a cook is unhealthy. So nutrition is new born demi science and intolerance is typical for zealots. I took the train to LC and Diet city, they are sad little places, skip them. Matt, you are doing well. Open mind and logic plus good intuition and humor can bring you far. Thanks for making my life complete again.


50 Pound Weight Loss

Using RRARF I’ve gone from over 300lbs to around 250lbs (currently). RRARF helped me tremendously.


Type 2 Diabetes/Goiter/Sleep Disorder

Following Peat’s recommendations, if I avoided starches (except potatoes), my blood sugar was quite stable. But if I would cheat once in a while, and have a good size serving of pasta or some other starch, I would pay a price. Shortly after the meal, I would feel extremely chilled and my muscles would get extremely tight and sore, as my blood sugar dropped which I assumed was due to a large release of insulin, and then a short time later, I would feel extremely hot and my face would be flushed and I would get a bad headache and my scalp would be burning and my blood sugar would be in the 200’s. I had learned from Peat that this was due to the cortisol responding to the big ?hit? of insulin.

Since starting RBTI seven weeks ago, I haven’t checked my blood sugar and I don’t plan to, either. I am enjoying the food and the vastly improved sleep schedule and don’t want to take a chance on getting ?bad news? with my meter. (Did I mention that RBTI cured my lifelong sleep disorder in just 24 hours?) When I started eating the carby breakfasts, the mega lunches, and the dinners, which often involve Deboles pasta, I expected to have these constant blood sugar roller coaster rides, starting with the chills/muscle aches leading to feeling hot, flushed, with a bad headache. But it’s not happening! WHY, when I am eating a LOT more starch?

Does it have to do with the time of the day, because cortisol normally drops during the day and rises at night? (And I used to be up ALL night, until 6 A.M., and ate ?dinner? at midnight.) Am I getting less insulin resistant? Are my cells more able to take up the sugar?

Now I am responding as you said, feeling warm and energized after eating meals with all this starch. Blows my mind. Just can’t stop wondering WHY!
Any theories, Matt?

I found that the MORE lunch I ate, the bigger the meal, the better I felt throughout the evening and the better I slept and the more likely I was to lose weight. And I found that I needed to eat a fairly substantial dinner in order to get to sleep and sleep soundly at night BUT that it was very important to eat this meal and be finished by 7:00 P.M. Any later than that and I would toss and turn all night and not lose weight and sometimes even gain. I also learned that I tended to do better eating highly digestible foods, a lot of white flour based foods, and that whole grains tended to cause more problems with digestion and elimination, skin problems, and insomnia.

I also? noticed that drinking Sierra Mist when that really dry mouth, intense thirst kicks, seemed to be the best thing for it. That went on for a few weeks, and now I don’t get as many incidents of the dry mouth/intense thirst thing. Now I have a strong sense of thirst throughout the day, which I have NEVER had. It is not the dry mouth thirst, just a healthy desire for a nice glass of OJ or a glass of low fat milk or water or lemonade or whatever. My body is enjoying being hydrated for the first time in my life! (I am 59 years old.)

I have had a large thyroid goiter for many years that pressed on my windpipe and was uncomfortable, especially when lying down. That has shrunk down considerably, to wear I can’t see it or feel it, even when I am lying down. My body temp and pulse is in the normal range. My skin, which was breaking down due to diabetes, is healing. So there seems to be a lot of healing going on here.

For the first time ever, thanks to you, I seem to have found a way of eating that makes both my mind and body perfectly content while enabling me to lose weight slowly but steadily!



Parasites are caused by constipation, not the other way around. If you get your constipation fixed, any parasites that you may have will have nothing left to feed on and will die. Parasites are there to clean up the garbage that is just sitting around if our bodies are not able to get rid of it. If you get rid of the garbage the parasites will go away. I tried dozens of parasite cleanses to try to fix my severe constipation issue with zero success. It wasnt until I started ?eating the food? that my constipation went away.


Low Platelets/Nosebleeds/Brusing

I’ve been feeding [him] as much as we can get into him even bribing him with payment if he eats everything I send him for lunch and snack at school. The 1 day he didn’t want to eat and we couldn’t make him, he had a nose bleed that night, so he knows what he has to do. He’s been having ice cream for breakfast, lunch and supper. I send ice cream to school in a thermos frozen overnight. He loves it! [He] has gained some weight over the past week at least a couple of pounds, and his energy is wayyyyyyyyyyy better. More than I’ve ever really seen him with, he is even pushing his limits more the little buggar.

Cheers to ice cream!

4 days later…

He hasn’t had any more nosebleeds, energy levels are great. I haven’t taken him in for his monthly blood test to see where his platelets are at, since I don’t want to play any number games right now. We see he’s feeling better and that’s what we want to focus on, maybe in a few more weeks we’ll check the blood. We all went out for buffet on the weekend, loving that since I’ve been making several meals depending on what the little guys will eat.[He] really wacked his head on the corner of a kitchen drawer right above his eyebrow, we iced it a for bit and put arnica on it, and he got only got a tiny normal bruise you would expect.He now tells his Daddy to eat more, lmao.

3 weeks later…

CHICKA CHICKA BOW OW! I’m doing my million dollar happy dance! [His]?platelets are up to 76 from 16 only in 4 weeks! He’s so happy now and he is a lot calmer emotionally. We’ve just been making sure his sugar stays high enough and keep feeding him ice cream. And anyone that second guesses the ice cream can cash that!

Thanks so much.


Depression, Bad Gas, Emotional Issues

I’ve turned a few people on to your site, and they’ve had amazing results. One friend did RRARF and said she felt way better on that than she had during her two year stint on anti-depressants, one friend is sleeping much better on RBTI, and my husbands’s uncle? bought all your e-books and has stopped farting so much (I guess it was really awful).. The refractometer helped my husband recognize his blood sugar issues, and how much they’ve been wreaking havoc with his psyche for most of his adult life. I read somewhere that most divorces are caused by hypoglycemia. I have come to realize that most of our family clashes and difficulties are twisted up in blood sugar issues. We even tested our sugars after we’d had a resolution to a fight and we were both at a 2. So, I’ve come to realize that emotions can affect your blood sugar, too. That’s important to know when you’ve got two in the under five set.


Constipation Gone in 2 Weeks

I have been doing rarrfing seriously for 2 weeks now and have been pooping like a champion! 2 huge poops a day! I just pooped a 14 in. smooth cylinder, yay! Another one will come in 2 hours :) I had serious constipation issues before.

To the person who just cringed- hehe there is never ‘tmi? I like to hear about others? poo too!


Warmer Hands and Feet

I have been eating more- lots more than I have ever eaten in my life! I do notice that I am dealing much better with carbs, but not sugar as much. I can handle sugar at night, but not in the morning or afternoon. AND, I’ve gotten my body temps up one whole degree in two weeks from the low 96’s to the mid 97’s- WOOOOO!! It feels so good to not have ice cold hands and feet (and nose??) as much as I used to. You rock!


Migraines, Vertigo, Nausea, Joint Pain

True story. I was an avid follower of the ‘water cure’ ( and became more thirsty as time went on. I would only consume that much water for one month but got so used to drinking that much plus other liquids, that I eventually had every symptom Matt Stone mentions, minus seizures but was two seconds from being diagnosed with them due to what was happening to my body! I actually consulted Matt and since I have put his suggestions into practice, I no longer have migraines, vertigo and vertigo induced nausea (lasting 4 hours at a time), hypoglycemic ups and downs or some of the joint pain I was having in my hips and shoulders. I thought I was going to be raging thirsty by cutting down on plain water intake but I’m not. I was constantly flushing the electrolytes out of my body. It’s been the quickest turn-around with my health that I have ever experienced. I have been migraine-free for almost 2 months now and was getting them three times a week.


Improved Mood, Better Singing Voice, No?More Dry Skin

So, it has been just over 4 weeks since I started drinking less plain water (and tea) and making sure my urine is NOT clear in the toilet bowl (but not too dark yellow, either). When I do drink a significant amount of plain water, I try to do it only with meals that are relatively low in water content (i.e. not a bowl of breakfast cereal or green salad).

Also, when I am at work breaking a sweat and moving around a lot, I take water to which a pinch of salt and sugar has been added. I also sometimes drink coconut water- especially at the end of my work week – to further replenish lost electrolytes.

These are the changes I have noticed thus far. Most of these happened within just 1 week:

  • ”- I sleep *straight* through the night (i.e. NO potty break)!!!
  • – Energy levels are noticeably higher and more even throughout the day/week
  • – My appetite and general interest in food has decreased
  • – My body temperature is more consistently in the 98s (I saw 98.9 twice recently (oral). Woohoo!)
  • – My singing voice often seems more resonant (I mostly noticed this in the first week, so it may be unrelated)
  • – I’m generally a positive and cheerful person, but I’ve had MANY giggling fits lately and feel happier than usual.
  • – My skin is less dry! Especially the backs of my hands, which usually need at least one application of lotion per day. (And need I remind you that I live in West Texas?)

Pretty cool stuff, I’d say!

Also, I have always had issues with sleep after drinking alcohol at night (due to it’s hypoglycemic effect). I’ve found that as long as I eat something like crackers, cheese, chips, cookies, etc. (dry sources of salt and glucose) and don’t drink any water during or after having alcohol, I can sleep through the night normally. And again, no potty breaks!

Where on Earth did I hear about this, you ask? Why, from my favorite blogger, Matt Stone!


Migraines, Eyelid Twitching

Since RRARFing, I have gained some weight, but…I am feeling much better! Menstral cycle is more regular, I didn’t get my typical three-day pre-period migraine this month (or any of the other migraines I get), my eyelids stopped twitching…, my body is metabolizing food much more quickly, I have more energy, I am warmer (no more wearing socks to bed), and I am more actively doing things.
-Elizabeth S.
Improved Menstrual Cycle, Increased Sex Drive
I’m a little puffed up right now from RRARFing — my clothes are all too tight. But DANG, my temps are up to 98.3-98.4 during the day, those red spots on my skin are starting to fade to pink, my period has totally regulated and I have no more pain or cramps or spotting, and my sex drive is starting to come back. Say what you want about carbs and grains, but they are working for me. Puffiness be damned.

30 Food Sensitivities Gone

I had over 30 sensitivities to all kinds of foods and other elements which have gone away by raising metabolism. I used to be knocked out for a day if ever I ate gluten, so depressed exhausted emotional and my face would puff up and look totally different. I thought that was just something I had to avoid forever, but now I eat it and I am fine no symptoms! I am so happy to be able to eat without fear…


?15 Year Acne Problem Resolved in 2 Weeks

Well, as a recovering nutrition nutjob….for the past 15 or so years…have to report my findings. Temps started in the 96s, in 2 weeks, they are in the low 98s (still going up), energy that I haven’t had in forever, no acne for the first time in 15 YEARS and I have been gorging myself, really truly gorging myself on pancakes, waffles, toast, mac and cheese, hot dogs, ice cream and nutty sundae bars. And, my husband says I’m in a much better mood:)? Not sure how long this is going to last but not stopping anytime soon, as long as it sounds good, I’m there, woooooooo hoooooooooo!!


Increased Food Freedom

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to let you know feel better than I have in years! Hit 98.6 for the first time! My name is Jill and I found your blog through Cheeseslave. I just want to thank you so much for your research and for liberating me from a WAPF/Cure tooth decay straightjacket. I was eating very low carb, had low energy and some brain fog. I did no carb from Thanksgiving to Christmas of last year a la Cure Tooth Decay and became very ill with food poisoning, possibly from raw milk I drank in Texas, over New Years. I just didn’t bounce back and got a cold on top of it, leaving me sick for the entire month of January. I have rarely ever been sick in my life so this was a huge sign that my immune system was compromised. I was also a little obsessed about reading about health and diet continuously, just ask my husband, becoming a bit of a hypochondriac at times. It was taking too much of my time! And I was thinking I couldn’t travel or spend significant amounts of time abroad. Ugh!!

Your ideas make so much sense the results are so amazing! I am FREE! I can once again participate fully in society and with my family! And eat gummy bears!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I hope to meet you one day to thank you personally.

Off to do some sunbathing, thank you again!

– Jill

Another change after eating the food was having my balls grow about 20-30% larger.

All food intolerances and allergies went away completely. Pollen and dust don’t bother me at all. Psoriasis went away, hands are moist instead of dry and cracking. The sweating is a pretty good trade-off I think! I wouldn’t consider the sweating to be some negative detox, rather that the natural detox mechanisms, such as sweating, are working more efficiently.

I haven’t been losing ?weight?, but I have been losing fat and building muscle pretty easily working out like once a week.


Larger Breast and Buttocks and Much More

Hi Matt,

I just thought I would update you on my progress. I have been eating 2,000- 2,500 calories a day for about 3 months now. Before that I had absolutely no appetite, I was completely listless and fatigued all the time, generally miserable etc.
The first few weeks were pretty hard, as I still had no appetite, so I really had to force myself to eat that much, which was uncomfortable. I immediately put on weight in a rather unattractive way around my middle and my digestion was sort of horrific. I had a lot of gas and bloating, and general water retention and my moods actually seemed to worsen. Also, I was completely exhausted out of my mind. So it took a lot of willpower to keep going, but I did. I started going to restaurants and eating pasta and waffles and Thai food and whatever else seemed appealing even though it went against years of my “clean” eating philosophy.
I couldn’t fit in my pants anymore, which was not easy to deal with, so I figured out the solution: don’t try to wear clothes that will freak me out about that! It is easier not to feel fat when your clothes aren’t tight.
Anyway, my weight peaked at 20 pounds heavier than my lowest weight, but it has started to come down now. It has definitely mostly gone to my boobs and my butt, and for the most part and the tummy bloat is totally gone. My digestion is awesome! I have been constipated for so long that I don’t think I even thought it was weird. I just thought that is how it was. I now have about 2 good bowel movements a day. I think I’ll do the rest as a list to reduce reading strain:
-my periods are exactly 28 days apart, and are much lighter than before
-the dark circles under my eyes have mostly disappeared
-I had facial asymmetry before where one eyelid drooped, and that is gone now
– I used to have random bruises that were always a mystery to me, which don’t happen anymore
– my dandruff is gone
– my temperature is consistently between 98 and 98.6 degrees
– my toenails look better, with less vertical ridging
– I have had many comments that my skin looks radiant
– less acne
– my teeth are less sensitive to hot and cold
– my pms is now 7 days instead of 10 (and I hope it continues to reduce)
– subtle things like I feel generally more centered, I have emotional reactions to smells which I hadn’t had for a long time- I don’t think I realized it was gone until it came back
– I still have depression and ocd (I think the depression is a result of the ocd), but I have found that I am able to do things which matter to me despite that, which was something I was unable to do before. It’s like I now have a little more internal stability which is enabling me to confront the anxiety and depression from the outside.
– my memory has improved a little
– I had the first real urge to masturbate in years
– despite the weight gain, my hip to waist ratio is .7
– my sleep has generally improved
just some numbers:
I am 5′ 6″
26 years old
At my lowest weight I was 120 lb, waist: 26″, hips: 37″
At my highest weight I was 139 lb, waist: 28″, hips: 40″
So who knows where that 20lbs went! boobs? As I said before, my weight has started to drop and I am now 135 lb eating the same caloric intake. I have only done some walking and some light yoga 2x a week.
I really look forward to seeing what the next few months bring and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for all of your work on this and for your help!

Increased Strength, Increased Sex Drive

Hey since your busy and I’m in full understanding of what I need to do I will just tell you what I’m doing and how I’m doing in this email so you can focus on others. After I got off the phone with you I weighed myself and took my temperature, I was at 145.3 lbs and my temp was 96.8?F … hahaha that night I ate 2400 calories of gelato or however you spell that fancy ice cream stuff, then went to red robin! OK so I’m eating about 6 thousand calories a day give or take ( until I get to my optimal level of awesomeness) then I will just eat when I’m hungry to maintain my ideal mass. So as of this morning before I consumed anything I weighed in at 164.6 lbs and my temp was 98.3?F? ( I can’t sleep with covers anymore cause i wake up in a pool of sweat haha) my sex drive has developed into a whole new monster.. a monster that would easily squash the one that was present in my extra horny teen years. My numbers in the gym are climbing like mad.. by next month I’m sure to resemble the hulks younger, smaller, less green, but more attractive cousin. Oh and I’m getting my calories mostly from rice, oatmeal, clean ice cream, coconut oil and burgers, burritos, spaghetti, all sorts of stuff, but no insanely processed desserts or pop etc… I also eat A LOT of raw fruits and veggies but don’t count those calories, if I did i would average 1500 to 2000 calories from them on top of my 6k from the cooked food.. bananas, oranges, dates, carrots, spinach etc.. I’m doing great and my acne never came back, I think the monster bowls of spinach, carrots and blue green algae are the reason for my skin staying good.. haha alright, now you know what’s up with me and I’m confident that after our talk I can keep myself headed in the right direction to optimal health! Thanks Matt! And no Homo but I Love you man! I can’t thank you enough!

P.S I have gained some body fat, from 6% the night we talked to 11% as of yesterday, butttttttt!!! I’m still very happy with my physique, I attribute my weightlifting to why most of the weight went into my muscles not my belly.. and I make sure to walk for 30 min a day.. no long distance jogging crap!!


Allergies and Diaper Rash Gone

This is fascinating. I recently started eating for heat and I give my 2 year old a piece of salted buttered toast any time his feet get cold or if its in between meal time. His “allergies” have disappeared in a few days. No more belly or butt rash, and he’s barely nursing at night anymore even though we cosleep.


Heart Palpitations Gone in a Week, Hair regrowth

I know I keep busting your chops but I have to update you! It’s been 4 months since I started using your advice. I was having extreme heart palpitations – 5 or more a day – I had so many of your potential symptoms I can’t list them all. I put on about 10kgs and was starting to get a bit concerned – but it is coming off daily now. My hairdresser even said my hair had changed – was so strong it didn’t take any of 4 permanent dyes in the two inches growth since I’d seen her, and she said I have loads of new hair growth around my hair line. She was really spun out. So was I.
Thank you again. At 39, and with a family history of dropping dead with heart problems, I’m pretty relieved they went away (within a week of starting to use your advice). And the rest of course!


Hair Regrowth, Energy up, Stress Levels Down while Breastfeeding

I thought it would be worth contacting you since we have been in touch already to let you know that following this general advice that my health has seen a significant improvement. These improvements have been almost imperceptible, and are actually accompanied by a weight gain of about half a stone (7 pounds I think). However , my basal body temp is up significantly and never goes below 36 on an oral reading. Plus, I have sprouted new hair along my hairline! (So I have a ring of short hair around my face now and will soon have a fringe :)). My skin and hair are in great nick whereas before the hair was coarse and impossible to manage (literally dreadlocks after each day) and skin was dry and flaky. My energy is well up and stress levels are practically nil (even though I have an 8 month baby and have to submit my phd is about 8 weeks). And, after only a month eating an extra meal a day, drinking milk over water and scoffing the odd cheesecake here and there my period came back!

I’m sure the weight gain will even out once `i wean my son, but even so, I am really pleased with my overall health and all these extra signs point to good health in spite of any weight gain. I am confident that I have a head start on avoiding the thyroid issues that plague my family, and I would (and have) recommend(ed) this approach to any breastfeeding mum.


Eliminate Gluten Intolerance

I had a consult with you Matt a few weeks back and I’m so glad that I did. Your strategies have helped me overcome food sensitivities and gluten intolerance. Before if I ate the slightest amount of gluten my body would overreact, I would start breaking out, itching, headaches, etc.
Now I can eat whatever I want with no reaction. I am forever grateful to you!!!

Losing Weight, Gaining Strength and Feasting on French Toast

Just had to tell you some more good news. Remember I told you that I was hovering around 115-120 pounds at 5″2, and while feeling really good with being over my eating disorders, I kind of wished I could lose a little?? You said I should just keep doing what I was doing and maybe I’d lose eventually. .. Well I just weighed myself this morning because I wanted to weigh my baby and I don’t have a baby scale (and I don’t take her for checkups because I don’t trust doctors) and I’m now 109! And I had french toast drowning in butter and maple syrup a couple hours before? And lest you think I must be a scrawny little thing, I’ll have you know that I’m squatting 70 kilo, bench pressing 42 kilo, and can do 6 proper pullups (good for a girl I think). :D
In case I haven’t said it enough, thank you! I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.


Personality improvements, and feeling good, not just “not bad”

Matt Stone’s advice on improving my metabolic rate has paid off in the long run, in spite of some circumstantial bumps in the road. Regardless of all of the difficulties, my mood was greatly moderated throughout by listening to my body and eating whatever I felt like, whenever I wanted, and then some. I also stopped working unless I felt really up to it and drastically cut my consumption of liquids, especially the holy elixir of eternal youth, plain water. Over the last couple months I’ve lost fat and gained muscle while continuing to follow that basic approach and adding a very small amount of body weight exercise.. I still have some way to go to be really high functioning, but I have a pretty normal body temperature for the first time in ages, and I feel good with increasing frequency, not just not bad, but actually good, always a great rarity for me and valuable beyond words. On new years eve I wore a t-shirt outside until about 11:00 pm because my metabolism was so jacked up that it felt like I was pushing the cold air away by radiating heat. My personality has definitely changed for the better, and I’m more convinced than ever that the severity of peoples emotional and phychological issues is often, if not usually, rooted in physiological dysfunction. A resilient physiology makes for a resilient person.

Other things have helped me along the way, but this is the ONLY approach that has ever felt like it’s given me a real foundation on which to potentially build back true health after 15 years of lyme related issues, as well as being kind of messed up for most of the rest of my adult life. Throwing supplements, exercises, superfoods or whatever at health problems is largely a waste of time if the baseline of the organism, the production of cellular energy, is compromised and replaced (as it always is when compromised) by a stress response chemistry. Metabolism is where it’s at folks. Low body temperature = an unhappy body.

At this point, I’m pretty much letting my body do the driving, doing my best to make it feel safe, well nourished and well rested, and trusting it to sort out what to do with the resources I give it. I’m pretty sure now that it’s smarter than me. I’m hoping that I will continue to improve so I can more fully realize my potential to kick some serious experimental/educational butt in 2014, but everything will take a back seat to gaining and retaining a healthy state, whether I get there or not.

Steven E.

Eating Disorder Recovery, Taken to Completion

I just wanted to chime in and let you know that I now believe that I’ve really come full circle. I found your work in 2011, and have to say that it has evolved quite a bit since then, only to make more and more sense. My only regret is that I went very hard-core with’the ‘over-feeding’ and gained around 60 lbs in a very short time. It was quite tough though it did give me a lot of perspective on the perception of the body and societal norms. However, I know that since then, you’ve been encouraging a more ‘don’t force anything’ approach and I think it’s spot on. Most importantly however, your speculation about healthy metabolism and weight regulation was proven right, as in the past year, I have lost 50 of those 60 pounds, and when people ask me how I did it, I tell them in all honesty that I didn’t do anything special. I’ve had 2-3 relapses of a few weeks each during this time, but they did not affect my weight loss much, simply set me back a little with regards to my energy-warmth. The excess weight simply sort of melted off, and what was underneath was quite surprising. My body is strong and muscular, though I exercised quite sporadically. The exercise I did was some body-weight stuff, and occasional sprints on my bike while I was getting around. I don’t know what did it precisely for the weight loss, but the one thing that is true, is that trough this entire ordeal, I have found an unshakable appreciation for the bodily form that carries me through life. I also feel fantastic most of the time. I’ve have regular periods for 1.5 years now, my hair has grown long and strong, I’m never sick and even my digestion is pain-less most of the time.

So, all in all, I just wanted to say thank you! And that your research is actually making a huge difference. Keep it up!”


Chef Loses 70lbs and Gets off the Diet Treadmill

(From HERE)

On an otherwise routine day in May, Bill Overdyk decided to make a change. The chef de cuisine at Gateway Market says he wasn’t liking much about his life at the time. He was overweight, didn’t feel well, and knew things weren’t likely to magically improve.

?It was time to make a wholesale change in my life,? Overdyk, 35, said. I was fat. I was stressed and tired all the time. I looked at my weight, my financial situation and my relationship, and I decided to make a change from the top down. I wasn’t in a place where I was feeling productive or creative.

He knew the weight was something he could tackle immediately, so he began eating more healthfully and exercising; he stopped skipping meals, made sure to eat a good breakfast each morning, and ?did all the things you read that you’re supposed to do ? low carbs. Low fat. Low calorie. A lot of water.

He was comforted by the knowledge that he was improving his health, and the commitment itself was comforting to him.

I had been executive chef at Centro and Django for four or five years, and it was really rewarding but also incredibly stressful,? Overdyk said. ?Being so busy played a role in where my weight ended up. It was a combination of the stress of the job and not eating right.

?So when I started losing weight, I was really pleased with that; it was great to see results and that I was moving in the right direction.

There was only one problem: Overdyk still didn’t feel well. The weight was coming off quickly, but he felt tired and thought he looked haggard. He often felt dizzy, and he was always cold.

I was really restricting my calories and drinking a ton of water, so I decided to do some research to figure out what could be wrong,? Overdyk said. I ended up finding out that I was making my metabolism worse.

?The fact that I was losing weight was good, because I really needed to. But I didn’t want to hurt my body, obviously, and the way I was going about it wasn’t good.

So Overdyk changed his approach. He wanted to lose more weight, but he decided to accomplish that in a way that felt healthier to him. Bolstered by information from writer Matt Stone, author of ?Diet Recovery? and ?12 Paleo Myths,? Overdyk set about resetting his metabolism.

?(Stone) has some radical ideas, but his concepts really helped,? Overdyk said. ?The biggest change I made right away was that I started eating more calories, and eating whole-fat dairy products. That flies in the face of a lot of what we hear with regard to diets, but it gives you much more energy. I immediately felt better.

After an initial gain of a few pounds, Overdyk settled into his new weight-loss routine ? and started losing again. He’s now down 70 pounds from May, and said he feels better than ever.

?This is a way of eating that I can live with,? he said. ?Even as a chef, although I’m around food all the time, I’m not tempt?ed to eat in a way that will cause problems with my metabolism again. I’m constantly thinking of the best way to fuel my body with what I’m eating, but I’m not obsessed with restricting myself.

-Bill Overdyk, via The?Des Moines Register

It Worked



I just wanted to let you know that it worked. ?In November of 2012 my sister noticed that I was not eating. She told me to start eating. ?At the time I already knew about your protocol but had not tried it myself. ?At first I tried to eat what I normally would eat, but couldn’t. ?Through reading your stuff I tried eating pancakes, waffles, rice pudding and that really helped my appetite get going. ?Prior to doing that all the food made me feel nauseous and I even hated the smell of food. ?Once I ate waffles every morning for a while I eventually got my appetite back. I also started drinking soda again and made lots of batches of lemonade. ?They just seemed to help me be able to eat. ?Otherwise food was not that appetizing to me. I gained a lot of weight. ?My clothes quickly stopped fitting me and my face became swollen. I knew most of the weight gain was water retention. I just listened to my body the whole time. ?At first since I was “starving” I ate a lot more but as time went on eating regularized itself. ?The big thing was consistency. I consistently ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with snacks in between every single day and still do. I also sleep really well and consistently workout. ?At some point I realized I wasn’t gaining more weight. ?Then a few months later I started losing the weight. ?It feels like the losing part happened spontaneously and quicker than I expected, but at the same time I am not sure as I really did not pay attention. I was content with my job and everything else in my life that it is not until recently that I realized that when once again my sister came over and this time let me know I was wearing way too baggy clothes. ?It turns out they were two sizes too big.

Other than that it is winter and it was an incredibly cold winter and while my colleagues would be outside freezing I felt completely fine. ?At the beginning of winter I could even go outside without a coat and was not shivering while my co workers were outside with their sweaters and coats and still shivering. ?My hair looks shiny and fuller! ?My nails grow at a ridiculous rate.

As a side note–I do think my distaste for food began some time after eating WAPF style. ?Not at first, but some time after when I no longer wanted to eat whole grains everything.

I forgot to mention I just wanted to tell you that story because if I had not found your information I would have not been able to go on the journey of EATING THE FOOD and have energy and do everything that I can do again. I might add I am only 27 and I was feeling old. I did not have any energy and when this journey began I was 25 and feeling old. I am sure I would have damaged my thyroid and who knows what else if I had stayed on the path I was going.

Thank you for making us all aware how easy it is to not eat enough calories.


Thanks from a Less Stressed Mom

Your blog has changed my life.

Before I found you, I was the obsessed “health food” eater. ? I became so sick 2 1/2 years that as a 34 year old woman I unintentionally got down to 98 pounds, my nervous system went hay wire and I had to take a 4 month sabbatical from my part job as a counselor and as a mom of 3 children. I couldn’t function. ?The anxiety I had to even go to my kitchen because I attempted to be health food “perfectionist” made food prep so unbearable.

I can’t believe how my thinking got to be so extreme. ? I realized I was using diet to control the stress of life instead of dealing with the stress.

I thank you matt for myself, my husband and my 3 little precious ones who have a more balanced mom. I am forever grateful for the quality of life you have helped me to find! ? Long live gluteny, sugar filled, starchy goodness:)


I gained about 20 pounds but actually look much better!

I should also take this time to tell you that a Diet Recovery 2 and Eat for Heat saved my life. I have suffered from every kind of eating disorder you can name (even you, I bet). This includes even the ones the DSM does not recognize (paleo). ?Your books showed me that bread and potatoes are my best friends. My horrible symptoms have disappeared. I gained about 20 pounds but actually look much better! I cannot believe the healing power of carbs. Thank you for your work. It is truly a gift and a blessing.

Keep it up!


I now have yellow pee and am forever grateful!

Hi Matt,

I just want to thank you sooo much, as I read your books on hypoglycemia and eat for heat and it really has helped me feel better and go longer between meals! ?Now I know why in past crashes, sugars wouldn’t pull me out, it was the salt in proteins that worked along with the sugar, had no idea about the salt needs. I now have yellow pee and am forever grateful!



Relieved to Not Obsess Over Food Anymore

This is a great interview, thank you. I started refeeding in December 2012 and did refeeding until March 2013 and then just started eating to appetite and what I felt like eating. ?It’s been amazing in many ways – a lot of troublesome symptoms have gone away and I feel so much better and happier. I sleep much better, I’m calmer, I don’t have to pee every 20 minutes, my hands and feet are warm, my body temperature is close to 37 C every day, I have good energy. ?AND I gained 25 pounds and am just now starting to see a bit of weight loss – or at least my clothing is looser, I haven’t weighed myself in a long time. ?Everything that Matt talks about in this interview is exactly what happened for me. ?This hasn’t been an easy process – I weigh as much as I did when I was nine months pregnant. I did want to go do so some quick diet or some ‘supplement’ or something to make that fat go away. ?But, I did feel so much better and I’d go read a blog or something would come in from Matt on facebook and I’d snap out of it. I am female and 54 years old, so this process is taking the time Matt said it would and because everything else has been so bang on with Matt, I am hanging in with this for good. ?And I am really grateful and actually relieved every single day to not be obsessing about every single bite of food that I put in my mouth and reading ?all the new research on the latest best super food or the research that says that research from a year ago is wrong and now experts say stop doing that and do this instead ETC. ?Eat the food you want to eat when you’re hungry, eat til you’re full, repeat. ?Pretty damn simple.


Age 70 and no longer feeling like an “old fart”

I just have to tell you that my health has improved tremendously since I gave up “dieting” and decided to eat like a child again. I didn’t have any problems with lack of energy, sleeplessness, or excess weight as a child. Your books came along just in time to keep me out of an “old folks’ home”! I’ll be 70 on my birthday and I have spent 45 of those years yo-yo dieting on every new diet that came along. Never have lost the excess weight permanently and now I don’t even care. I just want to feel better. Since “Eat for Heat” no more waking up 3 or 4 times to make trips to the bathroom. And normal bowel movement trips are now 2 to 3 a day instead of 1 a day and that one with help from little pills! For some reason I gained a few pounds but yet my jeans are fitting looser. Can’t figure that one out, but my old bod seems firmer. I was having trouble with my knees. All my friends said I would need MRI and probably knee replacement. My doctor said I may have some arthritis and sent me to a physical therapist (did not do MRI) who gave me some stretching exercises to do. My knees are now incredibly pain free. I had been walking like an old fart and feeling pretty depressed about my twilight years. Not anymore! OK enough. Just want to say thank you and I enjoy your humor! I look forward to you emails.

– Louise

I Stopped Drinking So Much Water

Just wanted to say that 2014 was the year I stopped drinking so much water (previously trying for the 7 glasses a day), and started drinking to thirst. It has been the best and most dramatic health decision I have made – bowel movements are now easy and regular, and piles have completely disappeared, I cannot believe that the received wisdom is so wrong. Thank you so much Matt for getting your message out there. Sincerely,